Can we make it harder MINSK – World of Warships

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So Trenlass said he needed to play Minsk and since mama raised no pussy, I joined him with another Minsk.

Again it took us 1 match to warm up and here is the very next match.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Minsk is one of my favourite ships to taunt my clanmates with: It is so good, lmao

  2. Well done

  3. Molten Bramley Apple

    Trenlass got CARRIED 😀

  4. when dud this gamemode get released it looksreal fyb

  5. MyopicAutisticMetal

    So, you’re going to force me to watch Trenlass.

  6. Tolo rushed Zinop and fhen wants to have more HP left after that

  7. Flambas and Trenlas OP. Confirmed

  8. Like a BOSS!!!

  9. Soo smooth… 🙂

  10. Greece the people are cool, but that map is messed up in WoWS. I hate that map. When will it be balanced?

  11. Oh Minsk, how I hate thee. (I gave Trenlass the idea, true story)

  12. You two are my favourite youtubers for ships, love these little collabs.

  13. Is Ranked 2v2 this season?

  14. @Flambass out freaking standing! Now this was a true asymmetric battle! Giving yourself all the disadvantages and still kicking ass! That was both entertaining and educational! If they had come with a pair of Atlantas or an Atlanta and a Flint that could have gotten a little sporty.

  15. 8:09 is me every match in Shima

  16. The two v two is excellent, keep them coming.

  17. Nice to see you guys collaborate.

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