Captain Balansov in Ranked

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Bias is free.

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  1. gold moment ‘3 gk?’

  2. Pepega Ch. / ペペガ

    Ggwp, danny. Nakhi is definitely the most overpowered superCV for ranked. I had 253k dmg with 4 kills in her yesterday but unfortunately it was a loss because it was a 2vs10 battle anyway

  3. Роман Шундрик

    when is this shit going to be nerfed? richthofen was quickly nerfed to the trash, but they don’t touch this creature, let it pump

  4. Prisoner of the Highway

    Ranked used to be my escape but it’s almost as bad as randoms anymore lol.

    • Daniel Rusev 2.0

      I still use it to escape randoms because my stats are not that badly affected and I do expect the inevitable bad creature teams xD

  5. Russian bias? Never heard of it…

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