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Captain Marley on ! Watch as I control the seas and captain my team to multiple victories on . This​ ​video​ ​was​ ​made​ ​in​ ​association​ ​with​ ​,​ ​the​ ​publishers​ ​of​ ​World​ ​of​ ​Warcraft. Leave a like and let me know if you play this game and if you’ve never played before, new players can use this link and invite code CITADEL to get a head start! You’ll get the British premium ship Campbeltown, 7 premium days and 500 doubloons!

Enjoy the video?

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Enjoy the video?

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  1. Marley do another comedy night video.. I was in tears my man

  2. Im a top fuckin marksman when it comes to world of warships yet i dont play too much, fancy a game sometime lad?

  3. I love all the sounds you edited in. xD

  4. As a World of Warships player that was very painful but your commentary made it bearable XD

  5. i wanna play black flag now

  6. Hey Marley, Wargaming is not the publisher of World of Warcraft, they made World of Tanks, I think that’s what you meant to say in the description of this video

  7. Been playing World of Warships for a couple months now. Did you check to make sure the people you were playing against weren’t bots? Sometimes the entire enemy team is a team of bots, and it really kind of ruins the moment if you did really good that game.

  8. marley try out league of legends

  9. The code was a mass effect refrence? Lol

  10. I always watch every video, but I am now officially part of the Notification Squad! Don’t be a dafty, get those alerts turned on!

  11. Moby’s dick will be the name of my ship

  12. If you do another video on Warships, you should try out the destroyers and cruisers, try and change things up a bit. Plus they’re much faster paced

  13. This name is unorginal

    My ship would be called The Depressed / H.M.S Depressed

  14. YEAH marelys playing WoWs love it. He should play and uplaod more WoWs videos.

  15. Just wanted to say that I’m fine with the sponsored video. If it means you get to show us awesome games and you get to make a living out of it, it’s fine by me!

  16. love the video funny to watch, pity the code doesn’t work on the asia server

  17. Do a World of Tanks video Marley!
    Me, you platoon. Banter.

  18. I’ve never seen anyone ask you, but I would to see you make videos of playing destiny, and destiny 2. Big fan❤️

  19. I’d name my ship the ‘HMS Sellout Whore’

  20. ‘least if the ship gets sunk he can use those eyebrows as lifeboats

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