Carrier Launch Event World of Warships: Legends

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Carrier Launch Event first look we might have a cheek gander at the Siegfried as well


  1. good video, nice information

  2. Looks like the planes and carriers operate like the WOW Blitz on mobile devices.

  3. How do u get steel?

  4. i’ll have back up lol

  5. @TheHive_Hound I could be one of them, who knows

  6. Has anyone actually managed to kill anything with a carrier yet lol, the bombs never hit and the torps do less damage than a DDs guns.

  7. Is it just me or do these carriers seem underpowered?

  8. Well seigfred and albemarle already have issues seig armor bow and stern worse than alaska and even azuma despite being bigger. Alb literally has Cheshire hull from t6 at t7 which also means no armor only better than mogami and no 234 guns.(seig accuracy also isn’t like on PC)

    • @TheHive_Hound Yea it’s not azuma but I mean on PC it is very consistent. I also just can’t get over how it’s got worse armor than Alaska and azuma and even its PC variant it just bugs me. (That’s just me though I just don’t like a very big ship that has the vulnerabilities it has)

    • @bulldog 1990 it’s the great equaliser the damage it can out put with its accuracy and it was designed to run from bbs not tank them so it feel right, but when a witchita can tank bigger shells it seams a bit odd

    • @TheHive_Hound That’s what im trying to say a Wichita, Baltimore and azuma and even Edinburgh are tougher is just weird to me

    • @bulldog 1990 the side armour is better its actually stronger angled than bow in, I think its going to take a little while to get the hang of being such a powerful ship with bad bow and stern armour

    • @TheHive_Hound Yea we shall see if it has bad turtleback or eats nothing but full pens even when angled well let’s just say then it will start to accumulate dust. Then I’ll just play gneisenau instead if I want a super cruiser that can bow and side tank cause it has icebreaker on bow and good enough side plating.

  9. Imo i think they are a little weak but I am enjoying them especially Hosho but to make them better add rocket planes and the torps should do 5k every torp and 9k on critical hits, bombs (depending on how far you drop them and what type they are) should do 10k to 15k especially if they add AP bombs.

    • they are t3 going against mostly t4 ships so low performance is kinda expected they so seam to be a little lacking

    • @TheHive_Hound understandable, Also do you know when the CV’s release fully i would like to grind the Japanese tree As soon as I can

  10. That was amazing

  11. Did you get the Japanese one too or just the American one

  12. Hahahahahahahga loved the salt hive carriers are probably gonna be my most favourite class and ship

  13. Cali has the best AA for tier 5 and Texas for tier 3 carriers

  14. Awesome stream man! Looky there, almost 5400 views at the moment and 274 likes….NICE!

    • long gone are the days of 20-30 of us in there chatting away lol part of me loves the content going far and wide and another misses how personal and close we all used to get we always have discord though

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