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Discussing all the reworked skills, modules, signals, and more for the CV rework. Seems WG is trying to offer more choices but I have some concerns over power. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time! – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. The gameplay I have saw for the new CVs is absolute garbage. Removing fighters and making them a consumable? Yea. That’ll work well. No, they are ruining CVs, plain and simple. Im not a CV player myself (havent gotten past tier 4 – tier 7 in Beta), but they already ruined American carriers and made them basically useless, now they are making CVs useless all around. Well played WG, well played. Its fail.

    • Just because its in testing doesn’t mean its going live

    • Unless your team was total potato and had 0 point captains, the destroyers are what dictated the battle. Even if the friendly cv was sniped

    • +Mtume Umrani if dd decides the game then why have dd been doing nothing but complaing for 2 years!
      We are losing cv necause of the constaint complaning about cv and now your saying its dd!

    • +Sarp Kaplan just watch their last waterline videos. They clearly state the CV rework is for sure…

    • +Mtume Umrani thats very tire but I think its done and I question why.
      I had a post on the main forum about how WG is going down the Blizzard EA road. No language or anything like that but they shut it down.
      So I think they are doing this to flush there current customers for a mythical player base somewere else.
      All entertainment is doing it. Trash the current people to grab a larger group somwere else.

  2. So what is going to happen to the premium t7 carriers?

  3. Agree 100% on the commander skills reset for all. Perhaps they can phase in skills reset so that CV commander skills are reset first, then all the other commanders after that.

  4. Pls tell the wg to improve the anti-bot system too many bot in asia server and a lot of bot is dd

  5. I’m a premium time customer who also buys the occasional extras be it a premium ship, flags, or what have you. I’ve taken a break from wows in the past couple of years due to boredom or frustration with the +2 match making. If I have to pay up to 500 doubloons to respec each captain due to the carrier rework I’ll be taking another break until they fix what they broke. I have no issue with the “free to play” pay to play model as long as they aren’t implementing “fixes” as a cash grab. Making everyone who isn’t a cv player pay to respec their captain qualifies as a cash crab to me.

    • Steve Haney did you even bother to read the text? They stated that all the carrier commanders skills will be reset. (Under general rules for all aircraft carriers on the official WoWs page 5th bullet point)

    • +rpbautis2000 “everyone who isn’t a cv player pay to respec” 22:17

    • Big B What’s the point of respecing nonaircraft carrier when it really doesn’t effect them. Everyone’s aa build and skills on nonaircraft carrier ships will remain feasable.

      AA skills for nonaircraft carrier ships have not changed and don’t need to be repeced

      Aircraft carrier commanders will have their skills reset to be repeced for a different class as many may no longer like how tv’s will turnout to be, or they can repec for aircraft carriers if they please to do so.

    • +Narcoleptic Why would I want to use elite commander xp to respec my captains? That’s for leveling new ones and it’d be an even bigger slap in the face forcing people to use it for this than doubloons. Your argument is nonsensical.

    • +rpbautis2000 Actually he clearly states they haven’t committed to a global reset. Just the CVs.

  6. In my opinion, the battlestations pacific aircraft carrier style would be the best.

  7. Only at the Ranger for the moment, but I hope I’ll be able to get to and play the Midway quite a bit before they change a system. Newish player but love CVs despite the less than modern RTS interface and perspectives. I’d really like to try at least 1 t10 CV before this change goes live as they seem to neither listen to the feedback nor are they willing to make significant changes from the test versions it seems. Even re-adding the missing CVs later is so full of conditionals and maybes that it may well never happen, and they don’t seem interested in serious feedback for improvements to the current system which leaves it feeling boring and unsatisfying to me.

    Also hoping I can fulfill the aircraft components of the campaigns before its too late since I certainly won’t be getting a t8 CV again if they continue on the present course without alterations.

    • I’d like to, also, and only now have gotten into five-digit-XP in the Lexington. Guess I better start playing more and convert more free XP.

  8. Admiral Elo J Fudpucker

    Interesting… it looks to me like they are creating the same setup with CV as other ships.. IE allowing a choice of spec’ing the ship for various purposes, like we do with all other ships… I have not been a CV player because I disliked the interface. I am competent at the other 3 classes. .. .and I wish I had an invite to the CV tests so I can see what it will be like fighting the new CV style…

  9. Compensation needs to give ALL XP spent on carrier research back as FREE XP and let the player choose if they wanna research them again. Ridiculous they change something and only give you a small amount back.

    • +rafael gutierrez if you dont want the new carrier you’ll be able to get the cost of that carrier back in fxp

    • +rafael gutierrez
      yes they do that, but i think they also keep an option to remove the remaining carriers and give u credits and fxp back, as well as “gold” for premiums.
      ill do that and IF i like the CVs ill grind them regularly…i can always respend my fxp on them to restore them.
      also they wont let u refund low tier CVs while keeping high tiers. if u give up on lex u have to give up on midway too.

    • i think spare exp will be transfered to the first ship on branch or nation so they still can be converted to free exp just like before rework

    • honestly, i think the easiest way is for the CV to sell for 100% credits plus cost in xp

    • +bladeclanhalo3
      u mean convert used xp into fxp?
      thats what i think they r doing.
      extra xp not spent is moved to nation starting ship so u can still use it the same way u could before…convert into fxp.

  10. I’m sorry but the tech tree alone proves their rework has already failed. The entire point of this garbage gameplay was to spark more interest in having them played. If they were going to have more players playing them, they wouldn’t need to focus players into certain tiers. My MM in a CV is fine, other than the occasional 90 second wait at tier 10 when I play at way off hours when most of the east coast and even west is asleep. And half of why CV’s are “redundant” that it does better to remove those – is this idiotic rework. The first 3 tiers yes are 1,1,1 setups because they took away options, but we’ve said for a time Ranger and Hiryu should drop to tier 6 because Inde and Ryujo can’t hang in tier 8 battles and really Ranger/Hiryu can’t much in 9. At which point the “Starter” tiers are 3 squadrons, tiers 6 and 7, maybe 8 are 4 groups, where 8 changes up to 1000 pound bombs and other options, but maybe 8 is where USN goes to 5 groups, as well as 9, and then 10 is 6 groups. Change isn’t THAT radical. And both IJN and USN can field second tech trees with real ships and designs, as can UK, the only ones that would benefit at all as some would say, of having this is Germany, Italy, Russia and France and even then, other than maybe 1 or 2 ships they can all field 1 full line and I’d rather have a full line than this crap.

    This rework is absolute trash, and even the non-CV players are starting to realize it and turn. If anyone at Wargaming has half a brain they’ll just kill this rework and fix the things the right damn way.

    • The Rework is going to happen I guarantee that. The Rework is not garbage the RTS was garbage that’s why the population is so low. The CV play is more seamless and flowing with the rest of the game. Nothing is wrong with the tech tree you are being intellectually dishonest about that and the wait times.

    • +play030 The population was low for starters because of various issues that weren’t addressed – far more started out but gave up because there was no training room or tutorial, and strafing broken as it was and is, allowed pro’s with 19 point captains to obliterate newbies who were learning with ease, combined with balance issues and those who considered it being told “wait till they fix things” which wargaming promised to do for years and didn’t. Beyond that, not everyone wanted to play CV’s anyway, and not everyone cared for RTS, so, no, it’s not that RTS was garbage, just broken.

      The rework being seamless is a joke. The aim points are off, you have to manually go select another squadron you can’t just select it once your out of attack runs that itself are clunky, half the time your doing nothing, have no ability to control the ship that has led to multiple types of CV sniping, that they have not even ATTEMPTED to address, made AA even more problematic than on the live servers, and a host of other issues and stupid nonsense that is FAR from seamless and flowing.

      Nothing wrong with a 4 ship tech tree? Yeah, okay, lets Remove Iowa, Colorado and New York, lets remove ALL tier 5, 7, and 9 ships. I’m not going to miss Inde or Bogue if they move Inde down, but the tech tree STILL lacks Yorktown – the CV that would be the basis for all future CV’s during the period of the USN and Essex – which perfected the design, while on the other side Taiho, IJN’s last fleet CV is missing as is Hiryu. An IJN light carrier is paired against what amounts to a fleet carrier of the USN, and this is considered totally fair because a CV with double the air power has been made to not matter. They are moving Kaga, to tier 8, with tier 6 planes against tier freaking 10 ships. And to change the planes at all is to throe the history right out the window that they have clung to and justified things like Saipan with. That is the basis of every premium to be the historical ship. Forgoing the nonsense that is A6M2 zeroes armed with rockets. Nothing wrong with the tech tree and being dishonest, no, I actually know history, know that several ships are missing, their history and that they are way more important than ones Wargaming is keeping, know the various projects and proposals that allow for branches/lines without removing ships and am not as ill informed as you clearly are.

      And go read my comment again, and take time to understand my words on MM – MY wait time. My personal experience with it. I play CV’s it is rare I have to wait and it is typically that super late/early time if I try playing a tier 10 CV. Your mileage may vary, if you even play CV’s.

      You think RTS is unpopular and led to low numbers, news flash, I played both tests and while I didn’t get nearly as much done on the second one as I’d like, there were way more bots and single CV matches than last time meaning between the two tests, they lost interest. Even the non-CV players are lashing out against it in various places. Wanna know a constant complaint there was – it’s boring and repetitive, and so far, no changes to make it more interesting beyond wait for planes to get to spot, circle a couple times, wash, rinse, repeat pretty much everyone that tried them said it’s boring after 5 matches, and it damn well is. People talk about BB’s being the easiest, least brain power class in game this requires even less. It does more damage, causes more problems, than it fixes and if Wargaming is dumb enough to force this out with straight up inadequate testing than I hope the company goes bankrupt.

    • +Anthony Murray he has a point, the RTS style has no connection to the rest of the game, not garbage but it really doesn’t fit. Population is low because of this. I tried CV and quickly went back to the more action oriented game play of ships. It sucks for the guys who liked the top down RTS and I can understand that. But for the health of the game and it’s longevity, I really think they are making the right move. But only time will tell I guess.

  11. i wish the second branch of CV retains RTS style of gameplay

    just improve the usability of the HUD, dont scrap it

  12. Well it looks to me like there’s a CV rework in the future. Again.

  13. I have the fear of the MM thanks to the only Tier 4-6-8-10 CVs. Because you will feel that you need to play your Ranger-Indie twice as much and usually against Tier VIII.
    Which was one of the reasons why I had almost no fun playing the Independence/Ryujo. Now imagine that with a bigger gap of exp between them to compensate the jump of 2 tiers. I don’t think that will feel good for a new player which is the audience for the rework.

  14. we have had non stop complaining about carriers since closed alpha. Players refuse the idea that carriers win wars, and caused the extinction of battleships. They are absolutely trashing CVs in a garbage attempt to ‘fix’ a problem that they dont need to fix. Reworking the gameplay and causing more skill based decision making in when to drop and how to drop is awesome, and if that is the fix that causes players to stop whining about ‘no skill CV players’, then fine, but dont shaft an entire group of your player base just because little johnny is mad that his battleship cant steam roll an entire fleet because the torpedo planes keep punishing him for being out in open water.

    • The whole point of the rework is to balance CV’s to the other ships. For this game they are not supposed to be the strongest ship in the game , they have to be balanced .. It is a game not real life…

    • It won’t, because the “no skill CV players” aren’t the ones relying on auto drop, luck, etc, they are the ones getting wrecked by the skill gap created by manual drops and strafing to a point the CV may as well be AFK. This is only going to add to the rage when teams get the CV that’s worse at damage farm simulator 2019 because that’s all this gameplay is.

    • Of course its also unfair to shaft the other 90% of the player base because little Jimmy wants his CV to be the only ship capable of steamrolling an entire fleet

  15. This whole rework just seems like a waste of development time and resources… the feedback I’ve heard (and given myself, having participated in the 2nd round of testing) has been overwhelmingly negative, and these skill and module changes are not very promising. The new carriers, in my opinion, are not fun from the perspective of someone who has never played them on the live server. It’s just… boring.

  16. If I had a dollar for every comment on this video that contained the word “garbage,” I’d be a rich man

  17. Radio Location could be exploited like this: Send in your CV aircraft, following their track is your best torp DD. Even as the DD gets stupid close, the other side’s RLF won’t pick it up due to the aircraft. Could be a huge game changer in competitive.

  18. This is crap. Nobody asked for this. Fix spotting/economy/UI, give TUTORIALS. No this is what we get.

  19. the more we talk about new CVs the more I feel i will stop playing this game..

    • I have slowed down playing. In part because they are taking my cv away. Every prem is over 50 so I cant buy one. All the really cool ships are Coal and steel that you get so slowly and they are creating an elite class that I can never become apart of.

    • I am already preparing to close my account and think that’s what they really want to get rid of a small group of player and gain a bigger dumber fan base

    • +Jerry Glaze trust me that elite class are not so elite mostly pay to win players like players buying a Saipan when they have never played any other Cv.

  20. Almost everything is a buff or in favor of dd’s

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