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Sharing thoughts on Carriers and areas that could stand to be improved. Fighter consumable, Spotting, and reduction are all discussed. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

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  1. Let’s put every consumable on auto like Cv are. See how you like popping smoke or Radar for no reason and use dcp after one fire as a bb and then flood out for some random dd torp hit

    • i played cvs for quite a bit and autoconsumable usage was perfect every time.
      i wouldnt be able to do it better myself even if i tried.

      Your ship automatically shoots planes (you dont gun them down)
      Your fires and floodings automatically get repairedwhen you hit “R” button, you dont have to go on deck and tell a crew where repair shouldbe done
      your gunners load the gunns while they are pointing at a terget isntead of comming to neutral bearing.

      these are few things that are autoamted or ignored to make the focus more on the “fun” part instead of “chores” part

      also smoke and radar are offensive consumables not damage countering consumables.
      and CV Repair lasts for almost a minute isntead of few seconds. so it would be a huge waste of time to actually wait for a DCP to run out to flood him.

    • +Niwa Nagahide at least, give us the option to turn it on or off,, because that thing is so painfull for some CV player…

    • +Reed Dragon if you followed your team and made sure you keep the distance, there is no need to use DCP in the first place.
      so if you are not on a lvl where you can pay enough attention to keep distance, what makes you think you would have enough attention to also think about your cv while dodging aa bubbles and lining up the attack, paying attention to course, speed and making sure you leave enough distance for things to arm ?

      i was also against this autoamted consumable thing, but after few timesi was under attack without noticing i was gratefull this was a thing as iwouldve sure been dead.
      and from 60ish games there was one game where i wouldve liked having a DCP, however its not like it mattered because i was spammed by DM an a worchester so …

  2. old carriers used to torp strike dd in caps? really? never happened to me in a dd before…If you got alpha striked by torp planes by old cvs, your doing it wrong…These new cvs are way, way more effective toward dds.

    • you were just against shit cv’s then

    • Ye in the RTS Tier 10 games I would rush up with my torp squads and dev strike a dd 80 percent of the time in 3 mins

    • Haku with 3 torps squads 3×4 or Midway 6×2…. crossdrops were evil. People just forgot them cause for a year or so there was so little skilled cv players. Overall there was much less cv than in the past when I starter to play in 2016.

    • +SebaX I nearly never cross dropped unless it was a khaba or tashkent its more effective to clump all of your torpedo bombers in the same spot and drop them at their side, for hak all i needed to hit was one torp because three were clumped so close to each other to dev strike every dd accept for the haragumo. For the american cv i needed to hit two clumped torps but that was not as hard because the torps were closer together than the hak.

    • Raftking in EU everyone crossdropped DD. You put all torps in one place just against BB and blap him. DD could maneuver into torps so they won’t arm. That why you did cross drop, so if one torps didn’t arm the second side will arm and he won’t be able to get away. Mostly 2 torps and DD was dead / almost dead.

  3. Automated consumables? Stay away from Farazalleth then ? he’s losing his shit about this stiff at the moment.

    • Auto catapult fighter is damn useless, they will reveal your CV location if you hiding behind island, even if you turn off your AA gun

    • +Reed Dragon It is certainly useful quite often when your CV is under attack from another CV. But i agree that it should activate from 10km max.

    • +CloneD Anon nah, IJN Fighter is so slow, I always need to put another summoned fighter to counter enemy squadron,, and yes,, the auto fighter can get triggered even if you detected by enemy surface ship and it’s so annoying,, it’s ok if the fighter can reveal what the surface ship who detect us but the real is different..

    • +Reed Dragon Both the IJN and USN manual fighters are slow to “lock on” to the enemy. WG could reduce the activation range of the auto fighter to 10km and make the manual fighter unable to spot surface ships and lock on faster or that enemy could not see the “red circle” manual fighter patrol area so clearly, only the fighter group would be visible and not on the minimap until it would lock on.

    • Manual consumables please. I’m with Fara on this and I am having that slow descend to despair in the game

  4. You mentioned you can’t change sector without turning your AA on – there is a check box in Settings > Controls – ‘Enable AA & secondary guns if priority target set’. Deselect that and it solves this issue.

  5. In the RTS a CV could have up to 8 squadrons so don’t act like spotting has gotten worse. You’re being intellectually dishonest. We have one squadron and you can’t deal with it.

    They have already nerfed CVs to the ground with AA and I think WG knows this. They better change that or figure out a way to balance it because now it has forced us taminga you spotting damage and now you want them to nerf that.

    With that said I am still committed and enjoying the CV rework.

  6. 14 minutes on spotting and fighters consumables and NOTHING on the pathetic damage output of CV’s now? The Ranger and Ryujo are absolute garbage now and provide no incentive to continue up the CV lines at all.

    • Well that is awesome. You don’t need incentive to play a cheating class. Means less cv’s in queue and less toxicity, more fun gameplay for actual real ships that play fair. I’d love to see cv’s be able to be played only in pve. Sorry but if i wanted to play planes i’d play plane games not ships.

    • +Asthaven God yes!

    • Don’t forget that if you mess up even ONCE and loose a squadron you’re done for the ENTIRE game because it literally takes 15 minutes to replace one squadron, oh and bonus points they can be killed by AA after being ordered back and when completely out of your control!

      They fucked ruined the entire class, just like we knew they would when we heard this dumb as fuck concept from the start. Once again WG just proves they don’t even understand there own fucking game. The CV population is already plummeting again and it’s going to go even LOWER then it was. WG is fucking stupid, they completely destroyed an entire unique ship type and alienated it’s entire player base just to fucking dumb this shit down in a futile fucking attempt to appeal to console and mobile kiddies that have never been interested in games of this genre.

    • +Tk3997 I love to see CV pop plummet. Its a cheat. Get over it. Cheating is denied. Horrible to have boats vs boats instead of boats again CV whiteliners (im ironic ofc. ) . U get what u deserve for playing this class. Mwhaahahahah

    • +CrisURace then i guess you would just shit your pants if subs were bought in being that not only did CV have a impact in the history of ship so did subs . i used to think the same way but the CV have a legit bitch they do more for less and the reward isn’t worth the time .The over powered AA’s are nothing but free points for your ship .

  7. How can you even play cv’s with the aa buffs they have been made obsolete

    • I’ve stopped playing now cuz AA is just stupidly broken. Has taken the fun out of the game for me and a lot of others I know.

    • +TheAcePanzer from what I’ve learned by tossing my planes to the grinder in kaga. Break off from the AA if possible. Then make a second pass. Staying in the AA Bubble is a death sentence for planes. Learn what ships have no medium AA (it helps a lot) and make shot calls when you’re targeting a cruiser, if your lucky your BBs will help and the cruiser will be too panicked to use defensive AA. You’re not a one ship armada anymore. You’re a team ship more then ever. A pseudo admiral even

    • and cv’s being obsolete is awesome. I want to play ships vs ships not ships vs sky cancer.

    • +CrisURace personally as a bb player first before a CV one. I can say HE spam can go die in the deepest pits of hell before I want cvs to disappear

    • +Neko Cantus well that easy to fix just make fires last less or do less dmg. But we know they won’t do that, because happy players don’t buy stuff = no money for greedy wg. So ppl need to be frustrated trough shit like cv’s and too many they can vent with buying stuff with real money. Same with wot also. But this game is much better than wot… it’s less popular so they can’t piss on players that much as they do in wot (the game has PREMIUM ammo lol)

  8. yes plz dont cater to notsers views plz. Hes a known DD captain that favors DDs over the actual health of the game. Be a good captain in a dd and you will do fine. Being a solo ninja torp boat that keeps entire flanks spotted while torping them from stealth is what he wants.

  9. “Spotting more beneficial than actually attacking.”

    Because continuous DPS of a majority of ships causes attacks to be simply pointless early on as you’ll lose most of your aircraft in the attack. Why would I waste an entire wave of Dive Bombers or Torpedo Bombers for a paltry 3-8k damage and have to wait for that wave to replenish (upwards of 10 minutes depending on plane amount in the wave and tier of the planes) as opposed to spotting for my team, and letting them nuke the “dangerous” ships and instead focus on isolated ships (DDs). Once the cruisers and US BBs are gone or heavily damaged I can then actually play the carrier and rack up kills by kill securing low health CAs and CLs, bullying DDs, and wracking up damage by setting DOTs on the BBs that now are either out of position or alone.

    The biggest detriment to this in my opinion is the F spam “nerf”. Yes initially it was cancer and deserved to be hit. However having empty planes also be affected by it has caused a rolling effect of basically stopping the carrier’s effectiveness early on as a damage dealer and instead relegated it to spotting. The main issue with the carrier F spam initially was the Haku. Every other carrier was affected by the nerf. Even those already underperforming. This is why spotting is more beneficial than actually attacking now.

    This is what was asked for.

    At some point surface ship players are going to have to realize that CVs will be in the game, and no amount of crying on reddit will remove them from the game. So instead of crying for hamfisted nerfs that do nothing but stretch the gap between good and average CVs (like pre-nerf) there needs to be more open dialogue. Simply saying “Yeah nah fuck aircancer you don’t deserve to enjoy the game.” like is seen on forums isn’t going to be helpful because the unintended consequences of those nerfs will be overall detrimental to the game. There has to be give and take. You want to remove how effective the carrier is at spotting? Cool, give the carrier some teeth back. You want to remove the effectiveness of the carrier at applying damage? Cool, enjoy being permaspotted.

    • +James M Just because you don’t play them (I don’t either, btw) doesn’t mean the non-CV playing players don’t want them. I *like* having the challenge of planes and taking them out of the game will reduce my enjoyment of it even if I never play one.

    • BlitzTaifun / DragonScales

      CVs will never be balanced without upsetting either side. Either CVs or the rest of the game will die or get removed by 2022. This will not stand at all, betting CVs will get removed too late to solve the game’s slowly declining playerbase.

    • woah you can make 8k in a single run? Impressive, or maybe that’s just a higher damage roll on tier X’s not sure since I don’t have any. I usually make 1k-3k max on attack runs since I never hit all with all my torps or DB’s and even then I get at most 5k.

    • Also I’m a BB main who spends money on this game premiums and yes, I too want CV’s in game. I want them to be effective but I also don’t want them to be untouchable.

    • F-spam was not a problem with the Haku, the long range torps were as Haku would anyway drop all waves before even reaching AA range mostly … so it did NOT need to F-spam in that configuration … It was as problem with all the othe carriers that were just regurgitating aircraft. F key recall should always have been an emergency measure to return to your hull in case of danger. However in typical WG style they f…ed up even the most simple concepts ….

  10. After 2 weeks with the new cv mechanics, I’ve sold all of my carriers except Saipan and Enterprise, and those only because they are premiums and WG isn’t going to give me my money back.

    • Robert Nolan -actually if you go into your inventory-you can sell them back for doubloons…I think you have 30 days left to do that

    • +Edward Benson Well, he obviously want his money back, not doubloons…

    • I can at least make money with my enterprise and I enjoy the AP DB’s just wish I did some actual citadel damage when I citadel someone with them. An AP bomb citadel on a CA only nets like a low to med roll damage 1-2 shell hit from a BB, it’s annoying considering how much work that takes. That all said my best game in enterprise and new CV’s in general has only been 70k damage, and even then I couldn’t sink a lone Ibuki hounding me across the map in a late game scenario.

    • I too want to sell mine back for cash, but alas this is not an option. Only for useless dubloons 🙁

  11. WG has the numbers. They know that CVs aren’t being played any more than they were before. Also, they have to know that overall player numbers are down. But they’ll double down on stupidity.

    • Really? Show me your source for that statement.

    • Mine are just observations since the rework.  There is a progressively less amount of CV players and games with CV players in them now.  The levels of CV games are slightly higher than before the rework, however they’ve greatly tapering off since this rework.

    • I saw 1 in 3 games had a CV, now about 1/2 or 2/5 have games with a CV.  But, when the rework went live almost every game had a CV.  You see?  It’s the rate of diminishing newness.  Copyright, Stompey :).

    • Sorry but your wrong on both. There are WAY more CVs being played and the number of players in general has gone up.

    • So to be more specific, because the way I write in these chats gets confusing:Playing RTS, you would see a CV in 1in4 games.Then, the new CV release it was every single match (for like a week).Then they hot patch fixed the new CV, and then I saw it drop down to 1 in 2 matches.AND now, I get a CV in about 1 in 3 matches.It does depend on what time of day you play this game.  I noticed there are more CV players at other times of the day.  This was true in general for all CV version releases (even RTS).  Mornings, you can generally find more CV players.

  12. After 2 weeks, I’ve stopped playing.

  13. Just remove the spotting ability from the fighters consumable and make it “lock on” and attack almost instantly against enemy planes or remove the “red circle” so the enemy CV does not know where you dropped your fighters until they will start attacking him. The spotting is more beneficial simply because the AA is too murderous if there is more than 1 ship crossing their AA fire (unless that 1 ship is a Mino or Wooster which can hold on its own). *PS. Oh and Notser you whine about the CV’s spotting ability but do not notice the pathetic damage that a tier 10 CV does now during whole 20 minutes?*

  14. Notser, the enjoyment of the CV players is the least of WG’s problems.

  15. Do you think a lot of the issues with CV’s could be addressed with larger maps? With radar and planes all ships but especially DD’s can’t be stealthy, but maybe the problem isn’t range of radar or speed of planes…perhaps the issue is small maps that can easily be entirely covered by both. Double the size of the maps with more objective points. While this may cause more quiet sailing time I think that’d be balanced with more tactical play.

    • yes i wrote to wargamimg about that you a right its how you fix the majority of issue in this game balance

    • or reduce aircraft speed … but since you have only one squadron to control now, that would make for long fly time without action which WG does not want. they have painted themselves into a corner with this rework. the crucial objectives were not achieved except one: reduce the skill gap … and that was only reduced by virtue of removing options …

    • One key word in these modern times, pacing.

  16. My DD gameplay is ruined, i am spotted all the time. My low detection range is totally useless now, i am not more than an easy target without armor…

    • Spineking Jørgensen

      Dodge that shit and stay with the team. Yes you cant go everywhere you want and feel safe but perhaps games will be a little slower now that you play with the team so you can pull back to them in case of danger.

    • I’ve played my Sims and Gaede a lot this weekend and 1 CV is entirely manageable… It’s one single squadron that has to get within 3km to spot me and even then with proper sectoring or if your team is close enough they’ll get rekt quickly if they hover around… As soon as they leave that 3km bubble, I press P and poof I’m undetected again. I don’t like CVs much and I’m glad they’re dropping again in popularity but they’re very much nerfed right now especially at mid tier.

    • as a former cv main i must say in the times of rts cvs a smart player keeps an eye all time in the enemy dds….so i think that changed much, the only thing that changed in this aspect was the increased numbers of cv players

    • @markus1701

      You have to think about the effective AA bubble on your team, not just yourself. This is a huge shift in gameplay, but it is the reality of having CVs like they are right now.

      It means a lot more teamwork that most people are willing to give in these types of games..

  17. Watch Notser on 1.5x speed, thank me later…

  18. Here are my ideas for mechanics that would improve CV’s:
    -Altitude manipulation: planes flying high would have much worse spotting, but be safer from AA; i.e. if you want fly low for striking or spotting, you have to deal with tougher AA (could also make it affect striking by implementing bomb/torpedo velocity)
    -Manual aim for AA flak: if you’re firing your main battery at ships, the flak system would auto-fire like it does now, but if you want to, you have the option of aiming your flak cannons, giving some skill-based counter-play options for surface ships (would also make dual-purpose guns much more realistic)
    -Plane fuel: would force planes to get out and strike in a time-sensitive manner, restricting their ability to just fly around and spot for forever (when planes run too low on fuel, they would auto return to the carrier)

    • Altitude manipulation would require another complete rework. Manual aim for flak AA would not work especially on high rate of fire ships, people have problems already with just switching the AA sectors. Also balancing it would be even worse nightmare. Plane fuel is not a good idea because the maps are already very small. Just limiting the boost that it does not regenerate in-flight would be a better idea.
      Oh and its not like CV’s do any real damage anymore after the nerfs, people mainly complain about the DD’s being spotted (like it did not happen before rework with CV’s). So, *just nerf the manual fighter consumable so it cannot spot sea targets and make the “red circle” where the fighters are dropped invisible to the enemy player or / and buff the lock on time of fighters.*

    • I like the concept but would limit the manual aim to ships with dual purpose main guns. ships designed to be mainly AA. like the Akizuki, Minotaur, Atlanta.. could be a third shell type. that wouldn’t be too complicated. there would be a trade off cause those same guns are now firing at both air and ships at the same time now. they would need to focus on only one if this happens.

  19. Buckeyefan31x Go Bucks!

    The whole CV rework is nothing but a disaster compared to what we had with the RTS format. The RTS was far superior than this garbage. Atleast RTS was fun and alot more engaging.

    • Fuck off. It was fun for the CV not anyone else.

    • Ill be nice.  It was fun for the CV mostly.  However, there were counters for ships that worked and sailed together.  The loan buffon that sailed alone, deserved what he got.  The CV premiums Zepplin, Saipan, and the other (escaped my mind) were way overpowered.  Single strike eliminations were common among those, when they were the Top tier.   Now, the CV is reduced to spotter and DD harasser.  No fun for either now.

    • 99CCFF756e6b6e6f776e6578696199CCFF647072746c646b

      I didn’t like the RTS format too much. I think this TPS format idea is good, but WG released it too soon without polishing it enough.

    • I respectfully have to say I liked the RTS format better.  It allowed a more sense of control over the battlefield, at least it seemed to allow the CV commander to see what was going on.  This, one could argue, since it is a video game, was over powering, however to plan strikes, they were usually one and bring back to ship.  This allowed a chance for the DD or Battleship to escape or breathe.  Now, a DD will be harassed constantly, and the spotting thing hasn’t totally gone away.  This CV version is World of War Planes at Sea (striking ships and not planes), and to me this is boring as all get out.  But again, some like to fly around and spot and harass DD’s.

  20. The only thing carriers do right now is make the game not fun for anyone else. It’s not enjoyable to be spotted or targeted by them and it’s not rewarding to shoot down their planes. They will only spoil people’s games, that’s it.

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