Carriers Managing 8.5 Changes – World of Warships

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Sharing a close game in the Midway in 8.5 where I discuss what resources to use at different points in the game and windows to exploit. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X American Carrier Midway Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. Hey Wargaming Bring back the Ju87 Stuka on the graf zeppelin!

  2. So do you mean you “swap” your whole plane to basically spotter plane.
    Use fighter plane to help you DD they said. Nope they are spotter plane and not to help your dd

  3. Yep, change captain skills, change the effectiveness of them, and don’t give us a free reskill. Makes sense.

    Also, WG needs to rework the economy system, if the carriers main job is going to be to scout. I can give my team scouting, get team play which oh wait, loses me credits.

    • its crazy, like wtf are they even thinking. i will not play cvs anymore. i will enjoy all the aa damage ill do coz thats way more fun than playing those ground-nerfed-paper-planes

  4. Notser, can you try out Audacious and Hakuryu, and the other 3 premium CVs? I’d like to see your opinion on those. I’m getting a bit tired of you playing Midways almost every CV vid

    • No need, let me tell you. For Haku, Ap bomb suicide squad is the way to go. Sacrifice 9 of those thing to kill any AA cruiser dare to go alone.

      Audacious not really get affected by this, but at the same time it still the worst CV out of 3.

    • Midway is the worst T10 CV.

    • Ceronia haku is my first T10 ship. Do you have any suggestions for it? I originally wanted to stealth torp with it but I just found out WG removed the long range torps once I got my hands on the actual ship

    • ​@Rainbow Ho-Oh the steath torp is still there, but it got nerfed to the ground. But lately i see people using it again because the new AA change.

      I personally still use the 2 torp planes because they are more tanky and hit more reliable.

      As about advice, all i have is to be smart about thing. Haku planes are just paper, they drop from just a slight touch on the cheek so only go for 2 ships when you really need to. And use sling shot whenever possible. Otherwise just go around spotting.

  5. The changes were nice I guess, but the fact that they change captain skills and give no reset at least for the CV ones is just…

  6. Now I can see why WG aren’t releasing Indomitable.

  7. Musanix - World of Warships

    the problem of those CV changes is that you are way more relying on your team than before, and we all know that in this game, it’s a very bad thing
    Spotting for your team is sure a good thing but you won’t get any spotting damage if you happen to fall in a team full of potatoes…

    • @Sweet WildCat “That Yamato just detonated that Iowas forward magazine and now over 1500 sailors are dead. More news for you at 6:00.”- Midway News

    • @MadCourier 6 like the news perspective thats the funny part.

    • @Sweet WildCat Agreed. It’s also boring because the surface ships don’t have manual AA. A minotaur decimating a squad of fighters should be exciting to watch…but there’s no excitement at all because there’s no skill involved! The minotaur didn’t do some brilliant play, it only happened because the CV decided to attack it. This is why CV gameplay is both boring to play and boring to watch.

    • Sweet WildCat Agreed. Plus, you don’t even gain any credits or do for it. Hardly any. So what’s the point?

  8. I don’t think Notser understands that you should have been doing this kind of spotting dmg (assuming you had an intelligent team) prior to 8.5 and you should have been doing 100k+ at T10. Moreover, this was an optimal CV game given that it lasted. Imagine the game snowballed like they usually do. Notser would have been guaranteed to have been bottom of the team.

    • However Noster was a major reason the game didn’t snowball, the number 1 reason games snowball is because one side spots well and the other side doesn’t . Notser had 172,000 spotting damage his spotting was a major reason this was a victory.

    • so, basically like a DD Blizzard, they (well, most of them) need a long lasting game too for high damage numbers

  9. 98k and the elite badge calls for 130k. This new AA system, as I’ve been saying, took it too far. They can’t ever swing the pendulum properly and that game play change to wait all game until you find a solo ship is absolutely boring. I’m glad I didn’t take out any of my Tier Xs and tested the waters with Saipan/Graf, un fun and thats cause CVs are my least played ship class and type by leaps and bounds. I understand it was kinda weakb efore but this is now too strong and for all the CCs to be like “This is fine” when WG promised a hotfix and i guess all we got was meager HP on a plane is laughable.

  10. all i got from this is spotting simulator 2019.

  11. 5 minutes and 30 seconds in the game till u made dmg first time…. who in god’s name with at least 1 brain cell functioning will play this for FUN?!

  12. 55 planes for 98K in 20 minutes . . . 10 minutes which was flying in circles mostly. . . not fun or engaging. . 16K in fires and only 15k in torpedoes and 27K in bombs….And you were effectively deplaned despite the amount of time you wasted spotting…. no cool

  13. Now do this in a tier 8 CV in a Tier 10 game….

  14. Tobad spotting doesn’t pay the bills… without Premium, you were in negative 12k credits for that match.

  15. Wonder how many games he played to get a decent CV game.

    • I wamt to know how many he played to get the game were he was the only t8 and every one else was t6?
      I guess he enjoy a being a bully now. Do what I say or else

  16. Who the hell wants to fly around and just spot, its like watching paint dry.

  17. I really feel sorry for those that bought cv bundles.
    I striped defensive aa from all ships and use hydro now.

    Also yes this was so boring.

  18. They just corrected it. No CV in clan brawls.

  19. This makes being a CV player not attractive at all…..I spend half the game flying in circles to keep enemies spotted?

  20. Fighter Plane Purpose IRL: Kill enemy aircraft
    Fighter Plane Purpose WoW: I think I would like a spotting plane here aka (vision ward is you play league of legends)

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