CARRY Kaga with a magic trick at the end – World of Warships

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Strider86x VII

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    1st comment!!!

  2. Man that kaga captain was a fucking arsehole

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  4. I laughed at that magic trick. IT WORKED!

  5. Kaga is a beautiful ship.

  6. enemy CV…

  7. 3:10 The Sky is yours

  8. 16:55 PERFECT!!

  9. No CV opponent, still lost 2 squadron of fighters? well played. Especially, when dogfight with 1 homeless enemy fighter then lost his squad .

  10. Was the enemy cv afk?,he didnt even try stopping those tbs who destroyed him

  11. Wow,this guy was so mean to his div mate

  12. Or was it to geade?

  13. Please, please, please….. highlight the squadrons in replay so we can see the commands the cv player gives. Otherwise the replay is a bit dry for me. Thanks.

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