Casting Aluminum World Of Warships Logo with Epoxy Finish

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Download the game here : and use the code: PLAYWARSHIPS2018 for a bunch of awesome freebies!

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  1. Any other game logo’s you want to see me cast? Let me know in the comments 🙂

  2. World of war tanks

  3. Can you do infinity gauntlet?


    Ak 47 gold??

  5. Nice paintjob on that furnace !

  6. Really you are amazing bro 💕 💕 👍 👍 👌

  7. Amazonwarrior 15

    How does the degassing work?

  8. Verboden gras te sproeien he ben 😉

  9. Great job on that! Can’t wait to see the bigger furnace melt. Does that mean bigger castings as well 👍🏻

  10. Kakaknya Si Ocong

    Csgo logo pls or dota 2 logo 😁

  11. TECHNO TAMIL - டெக்னா தமிழ்

    Preestube is boss of casting word

  12. Not gonna lie I kinda want you to cast all the pokemon badges…

  13. i love aluminium casting more than brass casting. but both are awesome.

  14. Cast your YouTube logo

  15. Cast a 3D print of your face

  16. i understand that sponsors are a big thing for youtubers and it helps financially but i am gonna get honest every time i hear a youtuber start talking about their sponsor i skip those parts cause i honestly dont care

  17. Vishwadeep Sonawane

    When is the face reveal?

  18. Can you make the Triforce of The Legend of Zelda?

  19. Contact fortnite and ask if you can make a logo of the word fortnite that would be a video I would watch

  20. Why dont you try to make a giant bullet with casing?

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