Casual Friday -WoWs with Thor and Chris. “You can buy world of warships?”

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We are introducing Chris to World of Warshops! a good guide for you new people!

next week we will do more discussion stuff but this time! its all about the noobie ships!


  1. I am *not* terrible , I’d have you know! : |

  2. You seem to be an expert on virginity IK? ;)

  3. Ik. Would you please cover the meaning of life!

  4. Pancake people …… one up from potato people…… lolzers IK i fell of
    my chair laughing so much. Your videos are just brilliant mate keep them

  5. hahahahhahahahaha, you are great Ik, greetings from Denmark :-)

  6. I wonder when they will release the armor zones all these ships got.
    i spent 10 minutes dueling a saint Lewis with my dd the other day.
    Managed to land plenty of long range shots. (don’t rely want to knife fight
    that guy within torp range.
    Saint Lewis makes Russian troll armor seam like nothing. that think ate my
    shells for breakfast and nothing but low damage on both AP and HE shells.
    Odd that my own saint Lewis dose not suffer from magic armor.

  7. Press the mousewheel and you shoot 1 turret and it goes onto the shellcam
    and ap is good to with lower caliber guns on weak armor ships.He dose
    always dmg but ap can distroy them realy fast. Zig zag to avoid shells.
    Always keep mind the consealment range on your ships… turne of the AAA on
    lower tier DD. I think i did miss something maybe… maybe not

  8. seems like you feel right at home in this viking like ship game, huh? :3

  9. omg gib beta code :O

  10. Love your vids ik ke up the good work

  11. Norsk is such an OP language… :)

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