Casual TOTAL OWNAGE – World of Warships

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I got asked an interesting question that lead to a whole convo, while kicking the absolute crap out of the entire enemy team.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Lol I just got a casual ownage of my own! Snuck Shima behind enemy lines, found their CV and sunk him in the first five minutes. The dream of all Shima captains

  2. tamas lapsanszki

    I wish I had the mental power and resilience to still play this game. I burn for playing something with warships, but WoWs is way too taxing for my mental health.

    • Kamlesh Shankar Das

      It really is :'( . I’ve stopped playing too. No matter what you do, it’s never enough.

    • If you want a single player game, Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts on steam is decent. Still in early access but it’s kinda fun to just build WW1 to WW2 Era ships and watch them Duke it out.

      As far as multi-player, idk man, I suffer through WoWs, cause there’s nothing “quite like it” know what I mean? Steel Ocean 2 is coming out and there’s Warthunder but nothing really feels the same pace or just idk…something I hope you get my meaning lol

  3. Nice story about your experiences with teaching. Thanks for sharing. Interesting how things work differently in other country’s. Nice ‘Kwakkun’ by the way :). Greeting from a fan of your work.

    • Roland Hellmann

      To be fair, he just explained out system also.. it doesn’t matter if you can teach as long you can the persons happy that are giving the notes. 1+ students aren’t good teachers, they just know how to please the university.

    • @Roland Hellmann What?

  4. That was almost 6 kills by accident… just chatting about school and philosophy, while wiping out the other team in the background. Casual Ownage!

  5. “I love teaching but lost interest because the system makes no sense” – Like looking in a mirror.

  6. Hey Flambass, your experience about teaching is very similar to us Aussies as well. Too much people in power with zero interest in knowing what makes a teacher. And they look at all the people LEAVING teaching and go, ‘what the hell is going on?’ You wonder why people aren’t interested in teaching when you have low pay, constant revisions to your teaching material to the point where you have to learn what you are teaching, little material or moral support and bureaucracy by the truckful.

  7. The Lightning Count

    That went from a competitive game into a ruffle-stomp SOOO quickly near the end.👍🏿

  8. As a teacher, your rant about the education system was soooooooooo relatable. I know exactly what you are talking about.

  9. Like most things I see, a good competent player makes a “crap ship” work. A bad player is blaming anything but his lack of knowledge. The unicum players will own you with a crappy ship if you let them.

  10. Easy->hard to do. I have been around many businesses. I have watched executives in the play zone. They are not working, they are playing all day. They are the most productive people in the company, but their hours! Holy crap! They were playaholics. I watched a marketing officer juggling 3 cellphones and the one on his desk and me made a multimillion deal like a warcraft guild taking down a boss monster. He wasn’t ground down by effort, any more than anyone else that has found that spot in life. It is not “The Passion,” it is not “The money” it is finding that spot you just fit and somewhere between 1 and 5 percent ever find that.

  11. Outside of the game, I’ve heard you mention teaching before. Awesome to know you are a person who had chosen to give back. Went to school for secondary education here in the states and like you after understanding the system, the pay, the BS that teachers go through I dropped out of college and joined the military.

  12. Firefighting Guy

    Flambass just be slappin’ the shit outa everybody left right and center. Also Flambass I’m glad that you realized you didn’t want to be working under that bureaucracy before you started teaching for a couple of years.

  13. I am a History Teacher also. In today’s world it is extremely hard to teach because the bureaucracy is more interested in indoctrination and pushing a political agenda rather than teaching history as it was. In trying to teach my class the true origin and meaning of Facism, I was almost fired. Good game by the way. I do follow you on Twitch and enjoy your videos.

    • And maybe it’s just my imagination but I don’t remember when I saw some good factual documentary about ww2 created by US or European countries, which actually explains history moments, battles, and why they have occurred etc. The only ones I watch now are either old ones or Russian ones( pretty interesting ones) a good thing that they are still doing em… young generations can watch and learn from it… I’d love to see that in the US and UK etc. instead of some marvel movies or fictional ww2 battles which shows a captain America type guy destroying whole army of enemies…

    • @Victor_2199 Old history channel has those documentaries and you can still find them. How many times are they going to cover the same stories though?

    • @martin P yep exactly, that’s the sad part. That’s why lately I have been watching “star media” historic shows, very interesting topics like eastern front etc which will never be shown by hollywood

    • @Victor_2199 yeah, they are to proud to admit America did not « save the world » alone. And it would not make as much money too

  14. Very true with that ” some are natural born to be teachers” but as u said “the system” actualy works against any direction of that

  15. And now red pilling with Flambass. My parents were teachers, my dad fought that bureaucracy. In the early days he was able to take inner city kids out to national parks, and some of the students had never seen big trees before, changed their lives.

  16. In the US standardized testing became so important in education that many schools don’t teach history or whichever subject, but instead teach students how to take and pass the standardized tests. As to your comment at 6:44… “Spreadsheet says you’re learning.”

  17. Incredible video Flambass, love your content. Just a casual 6 kills like there aint anything to it lol

  18. I’m always amazed by how flawless his English is. We have native English speakers in this country who don’t speak nearly as clearly.

  19. 15:19 Damn the evaporation of the Z-46 was awe inspiring.

  20. Interesting discussion on teaching – we homeschooled our children for this exact same nonsense here in the States. If we could get the ivory tower types out of the way, we could get back to real education.

    As for the general discussion of your day to day activities – priceless. I write s/w for a living, and I’m an old fart. I am completely ignorant of how “streamers” make money. My youngest son would know, but I truly appreciate the glimpse into the real work of what you do.

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