Caught them in a Crossfire! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X)

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  1. Baltimore… love it

  2. Good evening Spartan

  3. Spartan I still haven’t seen you in a game since cross play went live…and that makes me upset. I wanna sink you Sunshine!!! Lol

  4. We need more Baltimores in game cause i barely see any and they are good

    • Sucha powerful cruiser but you gotta be careful getting caught by BBs you rarely get overpenned she’s got enough armor that BBs tend to do citadel damage or at least full penetrations rather than overpens

    • @Spartan Elite43 in all honesty i wanted to be able to master angling as for why i went to grind out BBs first. but i played the new Orleans and i loved the ship

  5. I want a Baltimore!

  6. 7:35 “ me and this tirpitz to my right…….”
    (checks to see if it is a tirpitz)
    (sees it’s not a tirpitz)
    (continues to call it a tirpitz)
    It’s the small things that make me love spartan 🙂

  7. because i'm batman 5702

    I’ve got my Scott level 16+3 so grouping is ?.

  8. Thanks Spartan! I found that the US cruisers are really fun! I upgraded my Phoenix and now it’s a great ship. And this video encourages me to go and grind for Baltimore!

    • If you like Phoenix you’ll love the Omaha Just dont give broadsides as you only get 1 extra gun on target than you get over the bow! Use Scott as your commander and set it for AP and Dispersion and laugh at everyone

    • Spartan Elite43 thank you very much for the help!

  9. Now that’s a Kracken well deserved!

  10. Working on getting the Baltimore. You’re videos in it keep building my anticipation level!!
    Keep up the vids Spartan, you’re a fun player to watch and I always enjoy your commentary.

    • It is a great ship just gotta watch out BBs tend to Citadel rather than Over Pen but the Amazing AP and ability to hit them back hard and fast make it a lot of fun.

      I once got into a fight with a Vanguard who spammed HE at me we were spitting distance apart and I Citadelled him to death before he could kill me. Would have been a different story if he fired AP he’d have easily killed me. Im sure it is in a stream VoD somewhere but might have been on Bullvyis stream. Was a lot of fun though.

  11. Theokolese The Shadow Of Death

    Awesome job with map awareness, positioning, and situational awareness. Great game play sir.

  12. 8:24 Hey Hipper hold these 233mm for me is what you meant 😉

  13. I one shot 2 cruiser back to back with Baltimore lol this is a mini bb

  14. GG!!! I’ve got the Nawhlins so far and the Baltimore is my Goal!

  15. XENOmorph ALLdayEVERYday

    My favorite ship to shot at is the British teir 3 cruiser(forgot the name), i love getting sididle after sididle after hit to criticals on it because it is SO satisfying to obliterate enemy warships!

  16. Would like to see a match with you using the pensacola if possible ? i know it loves to be citadeled but would be interesting to watch. Solid match ?

  17. Good game in a baby BB. Baltimore is nice. Wait for it…

  18. Baltimore is practically a Cruiser-sized Iowa xD

    GG though. Congrats on the Kraken

  19. “HE GONE” Tbull tribute!!! Haha, Great video! Cheers

  20. What pisses me off is having to pay to repair my Iowa that took me ages to get?

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