CBs with my Fan clan xD – World of Warships

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So it was past damn time I played with my fan clan in some CBs.

They were kind enough to let me join them in this season and farm some steel.

If there’s 1 thing I don’t get from WG, that’s steel and I do want them steel ships.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Awesome video thank you for it

  2. I don’t know who was speaking at the start, but does he happen to be dutch?

  3. Their full health JB and Riga sat around doing nothing while the rest of the team got killed. I’m sure that was a *very* pleasant team chat they were having. lol

    • It actually wasn’t. Basically I made 2 mistakes that battle: First I send Alaska too early to hold the cap and doing so he ate those 2 torps that got him killed. I think we could have gotten the flanking DDs if Alaska was alive. And second I didn’t repositioned JB and Riga in time. I kept JB there because I thought he had shots on the enemy BB. Also my decision-making was affected by having Flambass in front of me: It’s harder to make the good decision and no mistakes are forgiven.

    • Where have I seen that before? I feels familiar somehow :s

    • The mod doesn’t update if the enemy ships aren’t in your view range. So really, you can’t tell how much HP they had or expended throughout the game.

    • a clan where the JB and the Riga were the only ones responsible of deciding to reposition would be a joke, if they didn’t move it’s obviously because the team thought they needed them there

    • @Pelotudo47 Yeah I guess I agree with you. There’s some tension between “doing exactly what the caller tells you” and “recognizing the team’s needs in the moment” but yeah. The thing that really decided the game was that Alaska taking two torpedos (and then getting lit on permafire) which is kind of RNGy.

  4. very fun to see you play clan battles again flambass!

  5. Me realising i watched it on stream

  6. oh great, we show our pepega stuff on youtube as well now 😀

  7. so thats how the game could be…awesome

  8. Yet again, another interesting game, rather than run-of-the-mill random. Thanks.

  9. Why you stopped playing with Monkey?!

  10. One thing I’ve been wondering since I started this game is, why don’t teams use voice chat in Randoms? It must make a big difference.

  11. I love watching these CB’s as there is a little edge and seriousness to it mixed with fun, cool stuff 🙂

  12. Man nothing more that I love than the lethal talk of teamwork in a division. If only all randoms could be like this.

  13. 10:53 gotta love voicecracks

  14. Missouri uses radar, with substantial team talk regarding its use.
    1 minute later
    Flambass: Missouri you have radar?

    • But his attention was somewhere else, and even if he knows he used his radar, knowing if theres 20 seconds left on cool down versus 40 seconds matters. And most clans prefer over communicated vs under….like that was a pretty normal clan interaction.

  15. Are they your OnlyFans?

  16. Flambass’ fan clan tag is “FFS”. Is that “Flambass Fan Squadron” or “For Fucks Sake”?

  17. Rembrandt Shadows

    Who is the party caller? He sounds like a German admiral.

  18. I love Circle!

  19. That is one dedicated team! Next level teamwork❣💪

  20. Proper Geeky! I mean i enjoy playing Wows but some of these guys.. geek fest!

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