CBT Anti Aircraft Gunfire – World of Warships

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Reminisce on how the - used to look in . This is the way it should be and gives a more exciting feel to the game.

Also, remember that two tone camo? That was measure 22, something I miss as well. Let’s take a trip down memory lane.


  1. Yep. Bring it back! It was awesome.

  2. mike b (Fugenchutenz)

    It’s typical WG, did you expect anything less. They start off awesome and
    work their way towards shit once they sucker your money out of you.

  3. Really miss Measure 22 schemes on US ships. I’m sure WG got rid of it when
    they realized they could make some money on camo

  4. NoZoupForYouGaming is in the pocket of BIG AA.
    Imagine the ammo bills!


  5. I for one am right there with you on the AA and the camo! WG needs to bring
    them back

  6. i totally agree about the AA

  7. Plz bring back Kitakamaymay

  8. CBT was better balanced aswell compared to half-assed crap WG put in though
    the months that only made world of warships more frustrating to play if
    your not a cruiser/destroyer.


  10. “And im running AMD” whats wrong with AMD?

  11. I want them to put back my Cleveland back the way it was. Zoup, please do a
    video on American destroyer game play. I am really trying with the Faragut.
    But I basically just die. I have last stand and the extended consumables.
    That gives me more smoke, speed, and repairs. I have not made it to level 5

  12. ive always been a big cruiser player and always dreamed of my AA eating
    planes for lunch like back in my CBT DAY but now i am sad that i just hear
    it and dont see it.

  13. Calamity_Stryker

    Man that old paint and AA were so great, I remember hunting planes just so
    I can watch the fireworks.

  14. God, I miss the old AA. Watching a collection of ships open up on incoming
    planes was a sight to behold, and it truly made your AA-fit cruiser or
    American battleship feel like it was throwing up a wall of lead and

    Maybe one day we’ll get it back…

  15. You know what else needs to die?

    Bland-ass alphabet hulls and all-caps ship names.

  16. I loved how explosive and crazy the AA was. Especially when you got the
    combined AA of several ships together, I always ended up laughing
    menacingly as a beautiful show of firepower lit up the sky. Now it’s just,
    “small shot”. wait a second. “another small shot”. wait…

  17. Amen to that. That was the only fun about my Yubari watching the AA fire
    works. Now its gone…..

  18. those were the times… i dont even know when they patched it out, it was
    just one day that i noticed waiiit a minute, where the heck is my AA?

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