Cerberus – The new ultimate hardcounter to submarines – World of Warships

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  1. It looks like the St Louis with turrets rather than casemates

  2. RN County class cruiser lines.

  3. Either this thing is going to get nerfed or subs buffed again. Cant be joining a game actively wanting to hunt subs. Simply not allowed on the spreadsheet.

  4. zao sat at the back crying

  5. Almirante Grau is the only ship with AA worth a damn, in fact an excellent ship for tier 8. This looks good mate, well played.

    • @backroadblast6603

      Not tier 8 but the new super Illinois at tier X has pretty killer AA as well. Not that it matters a huge amount in the current state of the game.

  6. ive been wanted the one that strong aginst SS

  7. The powercreep goes on…

  8. You can buy this ship after the next patch for 20k dubs.

  9. @zenonsplawinski9436

    Classic British WW2 County Class heavy cruiser hull shape with tripple 203mm instead of dual 203mm inthe the four turrets.

  10. That’s quite a ,ahem, package. Good armor so hanging with the lower caliber enemy BB’s and a long duration crawling smoke. The guns look easy to use, nice arcs and long range torps for a cruiser. The asw looks solid I can see why you like this ship Tren. GG!

  11. Powercreep; the cruiser

  12. @erikwellerweller8623

    I can hear the nerf hammer banging from here

  13. it looks like huge Devonshire. I like it.

  14. They put this on Zoa too right? The sub radar I mean

  15. @micheljavert5923

    Oh cool. Now WG can make a ship that specializes in hard-countering CVs too

  16. We need the hedgehog installed on the British DD that was the Bain of subs in the middle of ww2

  17. @thesaltysergeant4103

    I might actually like this one when it comes out. Thanks Trenlass from a Viewer in Canada.

  18. Looks like the HMS Devonshire, with different features?

  19. Icebreaker under the water to ram subs?

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