Changes to Submarines in Update 13.2

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Remember when we recently talked about making changes to submarines? Well, we’re still working on it! In Update 13.1, we started making some changes, and now we’re implementing even more in Update 13.2.


Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website:


  1. So….when will we get Cruise missile update for submarines?

  2. @WorldofWarshipsOfficialChannel

    Captains, from 3:26 to 3:36 the wording does not describe the change well enough.
    The correct phrasing should be:

    Balance changes have been applied to all alternative torpedoes and to the acoustic torpedoes of the British submarines in Tech Tree.
    The damage of alternative torpedoes has been increased by 15%, and damage of acoustic torpedoes for British Tech Tree submarines will be increased by 5%.

    We apologize for the inconvenience!

    You may read the full list of changes on our portal.

  3. As Sub player : I have bad feeling about this

  4. I’ve read it in the dev blog, but really? you buffed the damage for unguided torps? I can understand the slight buff for homing torps, but you didn’t have to buff the unguided torps.

    • @WorldofWarshipsOfficialChannel

      These changes were aimed at combating shotgunning, but at the same time we needed to keep submarines at the same level of effectiveness. Also the buff for the acoustic torpedoes is only present on the British Tech Tree submarines.

    • @@WorldofWarshipsOfficialChannel But WG was adamant about shotgunning “not being a thing” for the longest time. So why do subs get all these buffs to compensate for something that was not supposed to be a mechanic in the first place?

    • @wandererthelost6303

      “but at the same time we needed to keep submarines at the same level of effectiveness” Why? they need to be less effective since they are too effective as is at spotting and survivability.@@WorldofWarshipsOfficialChannel

    • ​@@WorldofWarshipsOfficialChannelIt looks like your super testers are potatoes, when giving feedback.
      Either unable to hit with unguided or finding it too easy to shotgun. Hence you boost the 1 and take away the other.

    • @@WorldofWarshipsOfficialChannel But why *should* submarines be kept at the same level of effectiveness?

  5. So kinda did something about shotgunning but then increased torp damage by 15%?

    • @WorldofWarshipsOfficialChannel

      Torp damage was increased by 15% only on the alternative torpedoes in order to maintain the same combat effectiveness as before the change.

    • @@WorldofWarshipsOfficialChannel make it 100% if at max range for even one hit.

  6. @rustysimonds5011

    The easiest fix is to make torps launched at perscope depth only, dble lock can only be evaded by dcp, single lock can be evaded by manouvering, single lock keep going till they run out even if they pass the target, double can turn back if they pass the target, torp damage reduced by 20% however any torp hit causes flooding, any 2 cause 2 floods and 3 causes 3 floods, damage rate the same as fires, can either time out or dcp to reset. All surface ships have a additional consumable called noisemakers or cavitators, tier and class depicts how many, each torp launhed a locked target uses RNG to determine if consumable attracts the locked torp or not, consumable is unlimited but cooldown is 90secs low tier , 75sec mid tier and 60sec high tier and only works if activated at spotting distance of tirps

  7. @phearalstormrage

    None of these changes have anything to do with the worst aspect of your submarine implementation. Having to use repair party to clear a ping is perhaps the single worst decision Wargaming has made. A sub is able to ping harass from great distance, often well beyond the response range of the harassed ship (air strike). What are you doing about that counter play issue? What are you doing about the issue with a sub being able to quickly and easily reapply a ping to a surface ship, who then is lacking a repair party to deal with fire and flooding? These are obvious and often asked questions that for whatever reason Wargaming has refused to address.

    Why is that?

    • @WorldofWarshipsOfficialChannel

      We do not see “spam pinging” as an issue, rather try using the Repair Party once the torpedoes are close enough to remove the ping. Further we advise watching some great guys on how to play and counter submarines such as this one by Yuro:

    • ​@@WorldofWarshipsOfficialChannel
      and that Yuro also said Ping remove by DCP is nonsense.

    • ​@@WorldofWarshipsOfficialChannelyou also said previously that shotgunning wasn’t a thing….yet here we are.

    • I agree with WG here. Complaining about a sub pinging you is like complaining your sibling is breathing on you… Mommy! He’s breathing on me!!!

    • @phearalstormrage

      @@WorldofWarshipsOfficialChannel you do not see the issue with your reply? The disparity between ability to remove a ping, and the sub’s ability to repeat not only the ping but torps more often than I can remove a ping? Not to mention that doing this affects my ability to combat fire and flooding?

  8. @timeforgottenprince8271

    You could give the torpedoes an arming distance instead of reduced damage; you have such a mechanic in game already.

  9. Gato will now have 20k alpha torpdoes, giving it 120k alpha when shotgunning.

  10. Nerf periscope depth speed

    • @davidwhitfield6025

      Agree on this one although I suspect many sub captains who know what they are doing will slow down at periscope depth anyway when closing on a ship to avoid getting to 2.9 km too fast. Shotgunning seems to happen successfully when the sub was under 3km (and my experience under 2km – damn Gato’s!).

  11. @nonameeither6804

    Variable damage on torpedoes based on range…yeah, that makes sense…even dumber than the ping mechanic, or the fact that subs can’t stay under for more than a few minutes, or the fact that these subs go way faster than any subs prior to nukes…ffs what’s next? Flying saucers?

    • Sure, but other ships are also unrealistically maneuverable – battleships and cruisers swingingsuccessfully to avoid torpedoes – not in real life.

  12. It really needs to be a limit of 2 a team. 3 a team the other night and I just gave playing for the day.

  13. you r really masterminds… how the hell should I fight other subs now? or close combat self defese (against dd`s)? 4 torp hits less then 2000 dmg…

  14. There are submarines that last all the time, invisible underwater, that’s not fair or they give more air attack with the submarine bombs, the faster reload time for the battleships

  15. Have you guys at Wargaming noticed ,that only 5 to 7k players are on at any given time on NA server lately?

  16. Good Video, changes going in the right direction. Please rework the sonar moving in certain direction indicator. It is hard to judge on the surface, when you don‘t have asw-planes and you are not able to look from above.

  17. How do sub’s counter ships that are within 5kms now that torps do 10% damage

  18. It still takes up to five minutes to charge your sonar

  19. You should look at adding night fights into the game. Using star shells would be interesting.

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