Channel spotlight! // Ognevoi / “Love on the high seas”

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World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sigh up through:

Want to see me playing live?


  1. nice one 🙂 looking forward to Priceie’s stream :)

  2. JointyPairedHeadi. Hello.

  3. 12:00 What?? There were carriers in this match??? Doh…

  4. Thank you very much kind sir, for the plug and the replay cast! Maybe you
    could join me on Saturday for a chat/game or two if you’re available, you’d
    be more then welcome! Was a real shame I couldn’t finish of that carrier in
    this game, that would have been my Kraken and probably put me over 150k
    dmg, but hey ho, I guess I did a little bit too good a job of pressuring
    the cap during that game lol. You know every time I play that map from now
    on that island is going to be referred to as ‘Natasha’ lol

  5. I could never get into the Ognevoi, I want to love the Kiev too but it
    seems to be one of those “cursed” ships where I’m doomed to forever be
    matched with the most inept teammates in the history of online gaming. I
    think it’s those two turrets you lose one and you’re buggered really. Torps
    are too close range I still think the US DD’s are the ones to beat
    currently until the German ones come in curious what their national thing
    will be.

  6. Caption Guy felt a disturbance in the force! ;-)

  7. I never liked Epicenter. With how the mode works the teams I see (both
    friendly and enemy) tend to favour hanging behind islands and not doing
    anything. Anyone who tries to push gets nuked by either destroyer or
    cruiser torpedoes. Battleships do what all battleship players do and snipe
    from 30km out, carriers are not too effective because everyone’s AA is
    clustered together.

  8. Good video, was nice to see you in game today as well trying the Ger DD’s.

  9. Well played game, very skillful, but I wouldn’t call it entertaining.

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