Charles Martel Lemonnier Build | World of Warships Legends Console

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Gameplay replay of the Charles Martel, the tier 7 French in World of Warships Legends (WoWs Legends) available on PS4 and XBox 1. Martel Lemonnier Build.


  1. French ships op

  2. So would you recommend this ship? I can do pretty well with a hipper and an Atago, and I’m thinking about getting this as my next cruiser. It looks interesting with a DPM build.

  3. Internal detonations are always preferable to external ones. For that, you need P E N E T R A T I O N.

  4. Great showcasing and positioning of the Martel
    but sometime the center area is infested with enemy destroyers that keep you detected during all the battle and out of position. in this all the CA do not perform very well

    • That’s why I was shooting at them early on. You’ll hopefully either kill them or scare them off

    • True plus people keep underestimating this ship but once you get the guns upgraded then this ship can deliver more DPS than any other cruiser plus the torp range is fantastic for hit and runs and just finished developing her and been burning battleships alive. Doing the same thing with this ship and with the rest of the French cruisers with Lemonnier only since i bought the DeGrass when it came out for the first time. Need to level up Roux but i love the Martel and been calling it Oberyn Martell’s naval brother ever since. My Lemonnier is R11L1 btw.

    • cc409
      I hope we will get a premium liker her
      She is costly

    • @Jawad BENSALEM We do have the Charlemagne but she’s just a stock Martel but for tier 6. The only exception is that she’s pricy for tier 6 at 15k but later this month she’ll get a 20% discount for a limited time only.

  5. Lem is nice on charlamagne especially with the camo.

    Still working through my french lines then onto japan

  6. Now i see your point about CA can carry games effectively

  7. Lemon is savage and I mostly kite with him. Did 175k yesterday with him on the same map with 6 kills and would’ve done more but time ran out. I think you choose the captain that best fits your play style. There is no wrong answer when it comes to captain’s

  8. Very nice! I like the French cruisers, and now, after finishing the grind for the Hipper, I’ll be working on this.

  9. I love it! Glad to see some cruiser vids out here… I’ve been considering going down the French cruiser line just cause I have both the captains you speak of. I’m more of a Japanese cruiser captain myself. Love the video man. Can’t wait for more!

  10. I stopped using Roux long time ago! Lemmonier is the way to go

  11. I have Lemon at rank 15 level 1, VERY handy to break contact and continue the fight on your terms, 2nd half of match gets juicy.

  12. I think it wouldn’t hurt for this thing to have a heal like the other cruisers simply cause its powerful offensively but still vulnerable therefore it would be ok with a heal

  13. I like to play open water, dodging style, and with double steering I can run Lemon and get the range benefit, as well as AP pen boost.

    Of course, I don’t play that much, and got Roux as the next to last Commander of the entire game, so maybe I’m just making the best of it…?

  14. Finishing up the Lady Gaga grind, looking forward to getting this cruiser in the next week or so, glad to see another CM vid going up, will check out the Roux one also

  15. as I tried all cruisers I would say top 3 for damage are the 2 JIN cruisers and the Charles Martel then Baltimore and the hipper it’s just inconstant because of the weak HE shells.

  16. Wow…Martel looks strong! Haven’t played French cruisers much, only up to Emile. Seems like you weren’t targeted much, but when I play cruisers everyone remotely in range is shooting at me.

  17. I’m going to wait for your final opinion on Lemon or Roux. I have been wanting to Legend Lemon. I’m partial to the French line. If a player can learn to Survive in the French line he or she can play any other Nation with success. Great Content

  18. Great vid 0ld chap, sometimes it’s just as useful to know when your doing something right as to when your doing something wrong.
    the Charlie marty is my favourite cruiser, listening to your thought processes over which captain, build and equipment to use puts my mind at rest, at least I know someone sees things my way and as its you that helps a lot.
    As to tomorrow’s vid with roux, I’d be amazed if you don’t rate him really highly too, for me it comes down to game play style, roux is very good and I love the ingenius perk but lemon gets it for me, the quicker reload and extra distance and better pen gives lemon the edge in my opinion
    All the best

  19. I have that ship unlocked but being a F2P player I just can’t get the silver up to buy it lol

  20. I played my first game in this ship today & enjoyed it commander L7 but still managed to get 131k dam , 69k HE dam to a yamoto lol & survived the match & won.Did not get chance to try AP as the HE was going so well hehe.After watching this video I swapped to the reload mod like you & added madden as inspiration and reload is 8.6 sec, cant wait to reach com L11 or higher. looking forward to the next vid. Cheers..

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