Cheeky Kleber plays – World of Warships

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  1. A fast firing AP cruiser had no chance against a DD. Sounds fair

  2. 4:44 activates Hydro and spots the DD
    4:55 where do you come from !?

  3. Destroyer ❌
    Light Cruiser ⭕

  4. this ship is annoying ı cant play in dd against him

    • Out spot it so that your teammates can kill it. Don’t get spotted yourself. Well, sometimes French DD will go to the general direction of DD who spotted them so that they can spot enemies DD back and kill it.

  5. I love this ship!

  6. Adriel Gonzalez Centeno

    And that boys a girls 10:00 is what is called a “tactical Notser” right there, perfect timing.

  7. 10:00 that sand hit saved him from being salvoed. XD

  8. “Kleber girl…”

  9. I had today 21 citadel battle on my Kleber. Got the Smolensk and after that Midway. It was ranked battle, crazy one.

    • Do you have radio skill on your commander?

    • @Faisal MaTs no , I prefer IFHE. DM from good distance can be obliterated. Did that many times on CB and now on ranked. But Smolensk has such easy penetrable citadel by French DDs (cause BBs overpen it) so sometimes you can get surprising results. Especially on French and Russian DDs. Hopefully on Italian DDs too in the future.

    • @SebaX Wha 4 points skill do you have on your Kleber Commander?

      I’m waiting for Italian BB with SAP so that it can’t overpen CA like what AP does.

  10. Nice video, but the first 3 minutes he was moving that damn sight around almost made me seasick!

  11. really enjoy kleber replay 🙂

  12. Am I the only one who doesn’t actually play this game, but loves watching replays of it?

  13. I’m surprised his ship can go so fast with balls that big

  14. Ok das was du mit der Mino gemacht hast war Mobbing…

  15. Wow, never expect that one of my replays would make it to youtube. XD

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