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As you know, we’ve changed the damage mechanics of Battleships AP to Destroyers. Some of the players found it difficult to understand. iChaseGaming for the rescue!

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  2. Make some more Potatos.

  3. DD’s are supposed to be vulnerable to BB’s…this change makes BB’s even more worthless than they already are. At higher tiers Cruisers eat them up as it is.

    • Teoretically the game was designed around the idea that DD wrecks BB and not viceversa, BB delete CA/L, and cruisers melts dds and planes

    • Lorenzo is right, that statement is completely wrong. Initially this game was a sort of rock paper scissors. BB’s beat CA/CL, CA/CL beat DD’s and DDs beat BB’s. Im excluding CV’s cause well.. we all know how that goes…

    • I agree with you mate…
      Playing BB is becoming a waste of time now..
      They want bb’s to push but its no fun if your always on fire…being continuously torped by planes and dd’s…
      It obvious why they sit back and snipe!

    • True but the whole point was that the dds could Stealth fire (or fire from behind islands or torp and kill the bbs from stealth and kill the bbs) the skill was in NOT being spotted and if you were/are and got hit (not easy!) then you died….

    • +Tom Riley thank you thank you that’s exactly what I was going to reply is that the skill of a DD player was their appropriate use of a sneak attack not having a Nerf bb gun that lets them get away with stupidity because we all know the way BB guns work their accuracy and hitting something like a fast-moving Destroyer leaves much to be desired. The biggest problem I have with wargaming is they don’t look at it from a true balance perspective, instead they look at it from a profit perspective

  4. So British BBs get nerfed AP rounds to help them not over-pen light targets, but they can’t take use of it against DDs because lol 10% damage only.

    And people wonder why folks in Conquerors just sit around spamming HE all day…..

    • +Morten Tardo So people need more than… 1, 2, 3 reasons to spam HE in a Conq? 4 reasons is okay?

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      British BB AP is mostly a joke. They still overpen a lot against light targets. And if the shell hits a “quite thicker” armor, it just shatters. In my opinion, only Warspite & Nelson that have useful AP.

    • British AP is fine.

    • Jacques Braga Szmelcynger Jr

      British BB short fuse AP is weird, almost useless, it’s hard to citadel BBs with it, even at close range/broadside, combined with the somewhat bad dispersion, the HE alpha is more consistent at long range.

      Against a DD i barerly get any full pen, now, the USS BB AP is total BALANS, already deleted a gearing with my NC in one of the last effort, and it was at 10km, 4 full pen.

      This issue isn’t very common at lower tiers, but at tier 7+ it becomes more visible, also, some DDs suffers more from it like the Gearing and the German DDs.

    • Thing is HE is by far the most reliable ammo for a Conq. While back was shooting a broadside Monty at about 8/9 km. AP salvo was a Pen, Over Pen and 4 shatters. Promptly went back to HE and got better results. Pretty much use AP v cruisers or very close BB only now. This change will effect Conq less than most us HE is shell of choice, switch to AP and not vice versa which it is for every other BB – or at least should be.

  5. Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

    This change actually makes Banzai Charge easier. Although BB with secondary build is still punitive enough to counter this tactic. On the other hand, there are fewer BB with AP as main ammo since then. I actually got saved from being nuked to zero on numerous occasions.

    • I’ve done successful Banzai charges in my IJN DD and I how did that was a little thing at the back of the ship called a RUDDER.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      +Aguiar Ed I mean this change actually prevents getting insta-killed by a well-aimed BB AP, especially if you try to slip yourself between the shells by bowing-on while approaching the target. This change might also allow the Russian DD to do the same since some of them are the fastest in their tiers (Podvoisky & Khabarovsk).

  6. apologetic video for wargaming. got it, moving on. dislike.

  7. And regarding risky plays :)))))))))))))) what a joke… If i know in a t10 DD that i’m only gonna loose 40% of my HP in the worst case scenario i will always charge a BB… point blank range so he cannot dodge the torps … And regarding secondary builds… I do not remember last time those were effective against my Gearing (and I play like 3 games in it each day)

    • exactly… lot of yolo plays will start but to be honest it should mean only more cruisers in game and i dont see nothing wrong about that 😀

    • +AndrejD303 If they are Worcester level of retard i don;t think its good for the game… Radar for DDs and immunity to being citadeled do to overpens …

  8. Its nice and all that they addressed the issue of single salvos wrecking DD’s, however a Atlanta can be wrecked by a single shell to the ass end of the ship, yet alone a citadel hit.

  9. why cant you just buff all BBs 2ndary for DDs only, like if a dd came to your 2ndary gun range it will have 70% accuracy firing at a dd compare to BBs and Cruisers.

    • Greksouvlaki Gaming

      Because the point is not helping Battleships, but helping Destroyers with the random salvos that penetrate and do too much damage when they shouldn’t. They just want to give more stability and ease of risk calculation to DD players

    • +Greksouvlaki Gaming Why? DDs are already the most OP ship type in the game. And before you call me a BB potato I have 893 games in the gearing alone

    • ​+Greksouvlaki Gaming It is not random and they have he best WASD hacks to avoid getting the salvo through the stern. React in time and turn to show the broadside so that all the AP overpens.

      But, I agree some times this cannot be done and it is usually when you as a DD have to gtfo because of radar, in which case the problems is the stupid radar which has screwed the meta.

      This pen mechanic was a general rule established since the beginning, and now it is leading to problems??? FUCK OFF WG, it is the stupid radar which everyone complains about, not general mechanics well established.

  10. MAN if a DD only pay attention the way a BB has to agents a target that they CAN NOT detect untill there on top of him!!!!!! but that punishment of yolo torps is nice!! SO ONE SIDED!! OH WAIT! one torp and damage control down for a min and ur flooding guess ur DEAD!!!! YEP just like that AP round!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. At the start there were words about improving cruiser AP against dds… right now it looks like noone should shoot AP at destroyer especially no cruiser… you bounce or overpen and mostly nothing between… how about changing this stuff when cruisers are supposed to kill dds or something like that…

    • But dd players will complain about this as well then until it gets nerfed

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      That’s what the whole British cruiser line actually gets in most situations. Even Minotaur actually struggles against any decent DD players since most of the shells will either bounce or overpen due to angling. The only way to deal real damage is to either hit the midsection perfectly or the deck from longer range which is difficult.

  12. nice, so thena re they going to limit the amount of torps a dd can fire in a given time? After all if a DD is worried about one hit death, BB shouldnt have to worry about a one torp barrage death

    • +GenSphinx Same argument can be used for destroyers.

    • +Egill Holm When radar lights you up by a ship you can’t even target because it’s hiding behind an island and you die to the combined fire from the entire enemy team for being a scout the rudder doesn’t help much.

    • GenSphinx Not unique to DDs.

    • +GenSphinx Thats got very little to do with Ap doesn’t it? You’re talking about the radar mechanic, that’s a problem, ap isn’t.

    • +Egill Holm problem with AP is it has dispersion, a weird shell can hit a DD for 1/4 of its HP even under extreme maneuvers, hell, Many DD players sail broadside to get as little penetration dmg as possible. This change is a welcome one, the only difference is that with CVs being reworked the DD BB meta might skyrocket (or not)

  13. Am I missing something, or is this going to shaft people with Graf Spees?

    • +Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing Scharnhorst is a battleship, so it’s part of the target group for this nerf. Graf Spee is a cruiser, and cruisers are supposed to be destroyer killers.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      +Dafydd Flower But Graf Spee is pretty much a ship that doesn’t fit in any classes, both in game & historically. In game-wise, Graf Spee is literally a gimped Scharnhorst. And I think WG only designates the light cruisers as the destroyer killers with few ships of other classes are being the exceptions.

    • iChase specifically mentioned Graff Spee because of its large caliber guns. Will affect Alaska too

    • Graf Spee was already pretty bad against DDs, so its not like this will have a huge impact

    • +Eagle262 yeah you will go from at least having a chance to do damage to being completely unable to defend against.

  14. Another needless buff for a class that is already too ridiculously decisive in the game. Extreme Stealth, tons of Damage ( direct and Dot ) and spotting capabilities. Now there is no more consequence for bad plays. Sorry what else? Maybe reduce their visibility further, or give them ridiculous AA ( Oh wait, Hello Gearing! )?.

    DDs need to pay for that, reduce their Torpedo DMG or finally introduce duds and glancing off torpedos ( a torpedo hitting parelell to a ship would simply glance off, not even triggering its fuse. ) So how about bringing them down a notch for that massive buff?

    • +Duncecap64 I just see as part of the game.

    • Radar has made DDs almost unplayable, most die in the first few minutes or circle doing nothing for most of the game. If you’re regularly getting hit by torpedoes in a BB then you are a terrible captain, if you’re regularly getting hit by torpedoes in CAs you should give up.

    • +spoddie really so crusier player your ads because I the dd whiner says so. Bur I the great and powerful dd god NIW has to whine because it is hard to play
      Everyone ela you suck but for the dd whiner its radar go. Everyone go away.
      And you wonder why dd playee base has become disgusting entitled and shit. Read what you said amd come to any other conclusion.

    • +Jerry Glaze dude, don’t post when you’re drunk/high

    • +Jerry Glaze Im stil trying to read what YOU said…

  15. Day by day the game is becoming potato proof. If dd doesnt watch the incoming salvo and come into stupid situation why punish bbs for it
    Its funny that now a dd can rush a full hp bb and delete him and survive: just bow on rush and bb will miss u. But ur torps wont

    • Well in this case a Potato is actually punished. Why is the BB alone with no Cruiser help? Because the BB is a Potato. Why is the BB sailing to spots, where he can be ambushed by a DD? Because the BB is a Potato. So why should the DD get punished for trieing to kill a Potato BB while he is driving the class that is supposed to counter BBs?

    • +Timformers Because MM, because late game, Because stupid cruisers that suicide… want more reasons ?

    • +Cosmin Lesutan and because — unless you’re divisioned cruisers don’t stick with bb’s or the bb drriver stays way back — and camps — fun and engaging
      so agreed.

    • Plenty of reasons a BB can be alone. I’ve been bow rushing them and deleting them with glee. Exactly what I thought would happen. Thanks for the adrenaline rush boost with a couple over pens

  16. Not liking the change. The whole game is about positioning: You position poorly, you get punished. BB/CA/CL goes broadside, he gets punished. The opposite used to be true for DDs: DD goes angled, he gets punished by BB AP (although actually hitting a maneuvering DD reliably with BB dispersion is no easy feat). Now, DDs don’t really have to worry about positioning at all against BBs. They take the same damage no matter their angle.

    I think this is going to make DDs considerably more survivable. And because DDs are already by far the most important class in the game in terms of influencing game outcomes (cap, spotting, smoke, etc, plus area denial with walls of skill), I think this will make WoWS into WoDDs for the foreseeable future (even more than it already was…. they had to cap them at 4 per team recently, as I recall).

    • But now it revolves around skill of the BB player as well. If the BB player actually uses both their ammunition keys and are good at the game, they still win. I see BBs using HE occasionally now and that’s a good thing. meaning people are changing their ammo type based on the situation.

    • *C R U I S E R R A D A R E X I S T S !*

  17. So…, reinforce bad BB behavior so that rare occurrences will no longer happen. Right… Look, I’ve played my Yama a lot. Yama is one if not the most accurate T10 BB in the game. At 12km firing at a DD, I’m more likely to miss with ever single round than I am to get a penetrating hit on them. If I’m deleting DDs , it’s at 7-8km or less and they’ve screwed up some how to get spotted by the blind Yama. This “Oh no, DD just got deleted by 1 BB salvo!” worry almost never happens unless a DD has made a dumb mistake. This is entirely an overreaction and makes me question the value of CCs towards the game (it seems like a majority of them supported this change).

    • Exactly my feelings. The only example iChaseGaming uses in this video is an Asashio in an attempt to avoid getting hit, turning length ways on in the middle of the salvo, providing more of his ships length to arm the shell. If he knew what he was doing, he would’ve stayed around a 45 deg angle to minimize the target while still only providing an overpen value for the incoming shells. The only people getting regularly punished with full AP pens were dd’s dumb enough to charge a bb with its guns aimed at it from close range without wiggling as they approach torp range. Do a little wiggle on your way in and it severely reduces the chance for the shell to arm.

    • I agree, I’m a dedicated IJN DD and when the rare time I get deleted by a BB – fair cop, maybe he was smart enough to anticipate where I’d appear and had his guns ready.

      Now BBs won’t bother wasting shots on DDs.

  18. Nice video iChase, but I despise this change. It’s super gamey. The reason DDs were taking massive damage is they were presenting more of their ship for a BB shell to travel through. Angle a little and you only took over-pen damage. Charge straight in or run straight away and the DD is presenting enough mass to arm the AP shell and thus KABOOM. DDs (and I play them) should learn WASD hacks.

  19. These changes dont make any sense. The amount of times a dd gets hit for a full penetration is very slim for a multitude of reasons, and when it happens its deserved.

    Should the game also change AP shells for battleships so that when a cruiser is showing full broadside they always overpen? All you’re doing is protecting players not willing to learn the game mechanics. As a DD, watch the incoming fall of shot and adjust course so you don’t take a shell through the length of your ship and its next to impossible to have a full pen.

    Battleships are by comparison to any other ship in the game horrifically inaccurate. as long as you understand the role WASD keys play on your ship, its incredibly difficult for a BB to hit you at anything but point blank range. Even still, if the BB has done a good job being aware of his surroundings and identified that DD threat, has his guns aiming in the right direction and fires accurately, he could have 4-5 shells hit and not kill the DD. We’re talking the about the same 4 shells that would obliterate a ship twice the DD’s size (any cruiser in the same situation). It just doesn’t make any sense.

    A dd’s survivability is supposed to be based on its ability to to be seen or not get hit. Not on its ability to tank direct hits from shells almost as large as their bridge.

  20. アレキサンダー 佐藤

    *_That moment when you realize that BBs are become increasingly useless with these patches…._*

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