Chiefmate. iChaseGaming: Snoflakes and Missions in 0.7.12 | World of Warships

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There are many Christmas event to choose from in the Update 0.7.12, that it is easy to get lost in them! iChaseGaming for the rescue!

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your
first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    Warships, warships and MORE warsheeps! Did you catch that last one?
    You can find more content from iChaseGaming on his own channel:
    What else do you want to hear about?:)

  2. Woohooo here we go!

  3. Perfect way to spend my weekend.

  4. How much is that campaign to buy?

  5. Well done explaination

  6. Can’t play any T8 ships, game crashes when I select any T8s.

  7. Thank you, quick and easy explanation.

  8. Spamming that COOP for steel/////

  9. Pay to do missions now. WG is becoming Bethesda, EA, Blizzard.

    • Random Gaming Content

      +Nichol Shim agree, if wg dont use the directive mode (open new mission weekly) i can catchup for the campaign.

    • +Nichol Shim Same here, I couldnt get Graf Spee and cause of family interests i didnt get Aigle eventho i had all missions done except the last one :<

    • I think its a trend now for the video game industry, disappointing.

    • Considering that Warships is F2P and NONE of those other companies have a single F2P model. I don’t really have a problem with buying a campaign…. even if i don’t want too. I’d rather buy something from a free game, that i like, than from one where i had to pay for the game (and any potential DLC’s *Cough* WOW *cough* Blizzard *cough*)

    • +Seluecus1 Yore right abut blizzard. I am just afraid that WoWs wil be a second WoT with p2w model. Have a nice day, im going to sleep cause im frin cebtrak Europe. 😉

  10. what there will be even more snowflakes now xD if the game didn’t have enough I guess

  11. Very clear and helpful Chase, Thank you. Happy Yule tide!

  12. Augustuvi Primce dea.V.

    finally, just hire some community contributors, they can do the job much better

  13. Now wargamming is going to SELL us a Champain. I am not sure I like where this maybe heading. Thanks for the Info GG Chase!

    • its heading the same way as WOT…just quicker! (its like they started using the same marketing team – “Profit =#1…Actual game & player base – meh!”

      Merry xmas from War Gaming All…”that comes to the grand total of…”

    • No one forcing anyone to buy anything. This is to get more steel if you want it. This not a normal campaign, they didn’t have to do it but they are making steel available to those they may not have the time to put into ranked and/or clan battles.

    • Not all about profit but hey they need to make money too to keep developing the game, paying employees, server costs and ever so much more.

    • ​+Timothy Beeler I couldn’t agree with you more about the need to keep developing da gamez n pay staff etc etc.

  14. Call it pertty if you want but needung to play every day and log in is getting a but tiresome.
    I have started to play less and less in part because of the pricing.
    Free to play seems to be very expensive.

    • You must a be a bad player.
      There is 3 way you know. Loooong grinding for free every day. Buy it. OR Play like a skillfull player and do it fast.
      Like xp.
      You can earn 1500 xp on 3 way. You go a battle with premium account (original WG one) do 1000 base xp, and get the bonus, OR do 2 or 3 battle where you earn 1000 or 500 base xp. Or play one 1500 base xp battle.
      Same with the ship. I did the mission marathons in the last 2 years too, had many time even bored myself before the next pack released sometimes, and get both ship and even did the bonus campaign for the T6 ships and the camos.

  15. Game is becoming WOTs full of trash and greed

  16. With this increase in the pay to play game structure… *_I’m starting to lose interest in investing my time in this game…_* ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  17. So you pretty much have to buy the ship to stand any chance of getting the camo.
    I’d need to play a metric ton to be able to do all that and probably have premium and get lucky.
    If anything I have less time to play over Christmas.
    It’s a sneaky way to try and get people to buy the ship.

  18. Do the snowflakes refresh every day?

  19. The nerve of steel mission is teasing free to play players. And the last directive requiring 4000000 credits per nation is challenging than the North Cape mission.

  20. That is if you can get the game to work cos WoWs doesn’t bother fixing the bugs, NOR do they care if you ask for help, they ignore you, on FaceBook, they suggest if your game doesn’t load… to LIKE the post…. a really low down scummy way of LIKE farming on other peoples misfortune, and if you complain on the forums, they ignore you… and if you keep complaining, they ban you for a month. yeah, this WAS a good game. They hire people like the author of this video to fool people into thinking its a good game still, its not.

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