Chieftain Reacts to Submarines | World of Warships

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Chieftain confirms subs while eating a sub in front of a sub. Be sure to sub to our channel!

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  1. LOL I think I just died of laughter

  2. Vulgarr the Viking

    And that’s that

  3. Generalfeldmarschall Horst

    And it happened. XD

  4. CHEERS ????

  5. Okay He took it like an man

  6. Improve match making bullshit !
    eh wait a minute !! You just said “Never say never ” !!!!!!

  7. World of Warships Official Channel

    Chieftain confirms subs while eating a sub in front of a sub. Be sure to sub to our channel!

  8. Well to be fair, he doesn’t represent all of WarGaming.

    This is still longer than Asashio’s Armada video ???

  9. I will try and if it changes too much the game dynamics I will stop playing it.

  10. Ya, as if we needed MORE torps in the game.

    • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: BB’s “Historically” hit a lot harder than in this game BUT hit a lot less often. A Tier 10 BB should hit 2 times harder but have 3 times the dispersion that it has now, having said that the secondary batteries of all ships should have 50% more range and 50% less dispersion then they have now. That would be more accurate historically.
      I wish Wargaming would open up a Historically accurate server. I would not care if it took an hour or more to play one game, I would play it.

    • John Parrish The part that would really turn certain players off to playing that server would be no torpedo reloads on destroyers.

    • I don’t mind the torp reloads being in the game, but it should take longer and torps were never that accurate or reliable. I wish they could do something with the Smoke Screens. All ships can make one, Hell you make enough smoke at max speed to double your detection range (that is something that needs to be in the game) its the way WG does it that bothers me, ships don’t vanish, they fade out of sight. A sharp eye in the Fog of War and you just might see him.

    • Just dodge my dude

    • @josh well sorry to say your not getting your way, life does not revolve around you and what you want

  11. Does that sandwich have Crow in it?

  12. We need subs like a bullet hole in the head ?

    • I’m confused. Why do you think you don’t need them? Did you try them before or what? I must’ve missed the testing for them. All I know is that they were extremely balanced and had an important role and niche to fit in Steel Ocean.

    • Because we already have an effectively invisible torpedo slinging class in the game, and they’re the loudest screaming bunch of self-entitled screenagers in the entire pathetic circlejerk that is the Digital Fighting Elite.

    • +Evan Ulven I presume there will be heavy changes happening to DDs now that subs will be added. Lowering their torpedo capabilities while giving them depth charges to try and switch them to a more anti-sub role, while making the subs the torpedo anti-BBs that DDs currently are.

      If they do it right by switching the niche role of DDs and subs, it can actually be extremely healthy for the game.

  13. There so much sub text in all of this, good ships, good food, good museums, and even the weather has been good lately.. For that completionist feel be sure to watch again with sub titles

    As for the setting…

    Welcome to Fishermans Wharf San Francisoc Not just any submarine,but the USS Pampino (I forget her exact class.. Gato I think) The ship you see behind it is I think the Jerimiah O’Brian which is an honest to goodness Liberty Ship, you can take tours on the bay with it.. putters about at a leisurely to 8-12 knots.. Victory ships were much much faster. There’s one of those, Red Oak Victory across the Bay at the Port of Richmond (same ship you open crates on in game!) And not terribly far away to the Chieftains right (about a 10 min walk) is the San Francisco Maritime museum..consider it an absolute must see if you ever in the bay area.. some great stuff there! but emphasis on Maritime not naval..Still plenty more for ship fans here about. U.S.S.Hornet (The Essex class not the original, she got sunk you’ll recall, and there are other ships about the bay here and there.)

    Pampino made the news a year or so back when she sprung a leak (she’s like a 60 year ship that mostly salt water.. things corrode!) No turists were aboard at the time!

  14. Never! Never!! No. No subs. it won’t work! Nah! Nein! Nein U-boots! And that’s that.

  15. ruins the game

  16. The fluffy bear gaming

    Chat: The fluffy bear gaming died from laughing too hard.

  17. if designed historically they will be useless in the game (too slow) but then we know by now WG has never let to facts get in the way of a ship they can sell lol

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      They will get:
      – Engine Boost (increases the ship’s top speed by 300%)
      – 2 km surface detectability range & 0.5 km air detectability range (only hydro can spot it underwater)
      – 30 secs torp reload time (can be sped up with some upgrades & captain skills)

    • Load the Skill rounds

      If they run on the surface they can move along not to bad but when submerged they were slow, balancing feature built right in lol

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing Wrong. This isn’t confirmed to be permanent. Everything you just stated may or may not be changed due for game balance and that’s if we get them. The halloween event is a beta. Let’s take things one step at a time

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      I put */s* on the end of my comment because it was sarcasm. But yeah let’s wait to see if subs will only be for Halloween or new ship class.

    • Bear in mind historically ships weren’t limited to a small patch of ocean, in a confined space versus a submarine any large surface ship of the time would be toast…

  18. Top ten anime betrayals.

  19. Never say Never? Irony. It takes a brave man to admit he’s wrong. However others have put you into that position. Best of luck to you Chieftain.

  20. I assume you folks tried to be funny with this video?

    you failed.

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