Chieftain Talks: The Battle for Poland | World of Warships

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Battle for Poland is the first in series of talks from Nicholas “The Chieftain” Moran, covering the start of World War II in September 1, 1939 — the day when the German armed forces invaded Poland.

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about the new episode?

  2. Pleeeeease do a Naval Legends on the Bismarck, Yamato was a success so Bismarck is possible

  3. Poland can into space ! (UK)

  4. “The most globe-spanning and bloody conflict.”

    Media: It was caused by a videogame player who sucked at Art Simulator, and in his rage he installed Command and Conquer: Origins and became the violent dictator he always roleplayed to be.

  5. Adding some sketches draws of this story will not take so many work and should be better 😉

  6. I like Nicholas Moran, but a few months ago I noticed he was doing and covering more World of Warships content. At first I was not sold on this idea, but I must say it has grown on me and now I think his switch over to World of Warships was a brilliant idea. Please continue the episode and all that he does in general. “The Chieftain” has become a everyday staple, must watch or at least see what’s new on YouTube, for me almost daily. Carry On sir and I do like the idea of this format. Does anyone have a link to the “News Reel/Propaganda” footage of the German BB in Danzig, at least I believe it was there or maybe another port, blasting away with all it’s weapons up close and personal?

  7. Omg 80 years. It’s already 80 years.

  8. SMS Schleswig-Holstein
    =The Ship that signaled the start of 2nd World War.

    Uss Missouri
    =The Ship that signed the end of the 2nd World War.

  9. Thank you for this episode. I am not a gamer and so tend to ignore this channel .
    However a while back I stumbled across an episode on the bofors gun then the 20 mm orlicecan . Hence the subcribe. Working my way through your stuff there is some very interesting episode’s​.
    Having been an arm chair historian for many years . Your content like this I find is refreshing , and informative with some also adding new information to what in some cases I have forgotten. Also a new context in some cases.
    Well done ,and please keep it up looking forward to your next presentation.

  10. Can’t wait for him to cover the Norwegian campaign

  11. Oksywie is part of Gdynia, not Gdańsk. Besides that, and some minor mistakes in names very interesting

  12. Thanks Chieftan for another great video, we want more 🙂

  13. Poland is underrated

  14. This was on outstanding video. More please

  15. I look forward to more. The Free Poles fought with insane courage, and deserve recognition.

    • Thank you for your kind words. Shadows of the past are still present in many polish families.

    • @hmL When I was growing up, all I knew was that the Poles got rolled over by the Germans and held them in disdain. As I’ve learned some history and saw Solidarity stand up to the Soviets, I realized how awfully wrong I was.

  16. -Why no mention of the Russian participation in the invasion of Poland????

  17. Mag. Peer Scherenberg

    An excellent in-depth historical naval warfare discussion. Most interesting story of submarine Orzeł.

  18. It’s “Sęp”, (vulture), not “Semp”

  19. Love how he is buchering Polish ship names :D:D:D Wicher and Burza

  20. Did you have fun with the Polish pronunciations?

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