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  1. Yeap and POBEDA is even better with the rocket planes. 12k-15k strikes and multiple fires on BBs from rockets is very ”fun”…

    • That’s the funny thing, for as nuts as Chlakov is, once you get the hang of the super long lead time Pobeda is IMO the more powerful ship.

  2. Wonder what they’ll add next missiles or mine layers.
    Kind of surprised they have never let DDs lay sea mines. They were very common in WW2.

    • Torp bombers with homing torps Kappa

    • DD already are the most unrealistic craft in game. Do we really need sea mines to give them even more advantages?

    • I’m expecting a premium captain that can launch tac nukes by the end of the year. Next year they’ll announce satellites, giving players accurate info for the entire map. Of course this will include the location of submarines, because Wargambling.

    • @skribe I..think I have to disregard you. air craft carriers and jets are hardly impossible. This was the age that birthed Jets as a vehicle. Don’t overreact. many of these vessels in the game, the real ones, existed within barely 2 years of each other on average. Jets being in the 3rd for 1945.

    • Nukes will be the next weapon.

  3. Few days ago I got enterprise in a free container. I couldn’t believe it.

  4. So you expected anything else? Carriers are toxic to the game by nature and everyone knows it. …just saying

  5. Well, I only play CV when I want to ruin someone day after I got kill by a CV in the previous match.

  6. I would love to play this game in the pre2019 era. But now it is just unplayable, unenjoyable cancer. Sadge

  7. Why are the planes a lower resolution then the rest of the game??? So hard for WG to make the planes the same resolution as the rest of the game????


  9. You could cut the damage output of those planes by half and it woulda still be strong

  10. how to loose 500 karma in one day?
    easy,just play cv for the afternoon and watch the rage

  11. The normal bombs suck though. Die to tier 6s and never hit where I aim. But if rng likesyou they can hit more on a dd than a bb and nuke them. Still avg like 120k

  12. I feel like I’m the only person that dosent like there enterprise

  13. fun police on patrol

  14. broken as Enterprise? Maybe the old Enterprise. The new Enterprise is weak, and you see her very, very seldom…

  15. Boring to play, awful boring to watch, disgusting to play against. That is some mighty fine design.

  16. Carriers look like fun class, maybe I should start playing this game with such

  17. Pathetic clickbait. 78K dmage, 1626 base XP in “broken” ship. Really?

    • + spotting damage + wrecking basically a full health dd, but you are right if somebody does only 50k but its all dd health thats the same as 50k on a bb 🙂

  18. 78k dont seem that broken to me … this is so stupid x)

    • 🙂 I love how people always forgot about the part that killed basically a full hp dd without a lot of effort 🙂 and the spotting damage 🙂 but sure if you want a 200k game i will only farm bbs for you 🙂

  19. CV play is so boring. Ugh

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