CHOPPY SEAS! – World Of Warships with Vikk, Josh & Tobi

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We play World Of Warships. I hope you enjoy!
Check out World of Warships on PC here:
USE CODE ‘ILOVEWARSHIPS’ for bonuses. (Bonuses listed below in description)

Bonuses from ‘ILOVEWARSHIPS’ code.
• 7 premium days
• 500 Golds
• Premium Ship : DIANA
• Free Garage slot

Sidemen Clothing:

My capture card:



  2. Where do I enter the code?

  3. and preston

  4. it’s you I like Rob

  5. changasaurus _rex

    Vikk you should try and convince Simon to play this game because I love
    this game and I love watching Simon’s videos so you should try and convince
    him to play World of Warships.

  6. vik doesnt know he has 3 weapons lol

  7. CinnamonBar McFlar

    I was screaming at him to zoom out, we were always staring at his front gun

  8. That camera angel is so annoying please scroll out, plus torpedoes dont go
    that far you cant sit at the back of the map and just launch them

  9. the guy at the back of the map was an aircraft carrier

  10. Kostya Slobodyanyuk

    Play World of Tanks Blitz Vikk!! Available on Windows 10, iOS, Android and
    Mac! Please do a video on it/ review it!!

  11. :D

  12. how do you use the code

  13. mathew heninghem

    hey vic i’ve been playing wows for a little while. would you like to play
    with me sometime?

  14. plat world of tanks

  15. This is so cool play more!!!

  16. More

  17. not world of tanks?

  18. true he is the best

  19. That was amazing! So awesome!!

  20. Awsome! Please do more!

  21. Valdemar Hvidberg


  22. sidewalk_begger

    The code expired

  23. Vikk can you improve the FPS on this game? It seems like it’s running at

  24. Joshua “The Bird” Romer

    Of course he had to cut out the round in which they lost.

  25. Imsorich16 Cool

    Vikkstar123 is amazing

  26. Brandon Pacillo

    Looks like he has leaches as eyebrows.

  27. Anthony Garrido

    Where’s Geoguesser?

  28. Yo this was too awesome! more please

  29. Vik u should get a rorpedo ship

  30. cool vid vikk can u do more

  31. song at 11:15 plz

  32. When you realize that GTA videos are gone :(

  33. Gta?:(

  34. Am i the only one who noticed the frame rate was a little laggy

  35. Shave bro :’)

  36. LiamPlayz- Games

    is it an invitecode?

  37. LiamPlayz- Games

    the code doesnt work

  38. This was so enjoyable to watch! Please do more! Maybe try out World Of
    Tanks! That is certainly a game for more funny moments with the squad!

  39. Addison Misner (MrCreeper1198)

    play some warthunder

  40. no gta for a week what ????????????

  41. That was awesome

  42. IOS GAMER The Best Noob In The World

    Wow they have bad PCs

  43. 🙁 the code is expired

  44. try the game world of tanks its free on the store for ps4

  45. the frame rate is terrible

  46. FifahMonstar 21

    This game is so laggy

  47. More of this, I had so much fun watching this.

  48. Gotta be a battleship

  49. Vic watch baron von gamez to get some tips on world of warships


  51. Gta5??

  52. Benjamin Hickman

    More Dino hunger games

  53. plz get a new intro

  54. Ca v Ca use AP most of the time
    CA vs DD or BB use HE

  55. More pls

  56. vikk play world of tanks it’s more interesting :)

  57. gta?

  58. I want to sea more!!!

  59. Can you try and do some more H1Z1 with the sidemen

  60. what happened to GTA 5

  61. GTA !!!!!!!

  62. #shipstar123

  63. it says the code is expired

  64. Play warthunder

  65. This video makes me wanna play again lol

  66. Background song is too loud

  67. Vik code not work

  68. Captain Vikk Staroooo

  69. Sick FPS m8

  70. I guess Vik’s favourite weapon is the torPEDOs…

  71. that was so fun to watch vik thx

  72. sorry but the games is baaad

  73. How i can activate this code plss

  74. Vikk the code expired >.>

  75. Wintermamoth Pokemon

    His face at 24 secs

  76. What do u use to talk to your friends WHILE PLAYING PLEASE TELL US.

  77. vik pls do more dota 2 they awesome pls pls pls

  78. more plz

  79. Vikk you should start playing world of tanks too its awesome

  80. venilin stoyanov

    play world of tanks

  81. I’d actually love to see more of this

  82. Can someone please tell me where the GTA videos have gone. Or tell me why
    they’ve stopped. Please. They were my favourite.

  83. Is this game on iOS

  84. Curtis Mainstream

    I hate your eyebrows ngl

  85. Vik use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out while sailing! You don’t have to
    be stuck to that limited, narrow view please!

  86. Vik really puts the paedo into torpedo

  87. Beshr Nakishbandi

    World Of Tanks Or World Of Warships
    Write:Warship If You Like It More
    Write:Tanks If You Like It More
    Me (W.O.T)

  88. It says the code has expired when I put it in

  89. Do more of these

  90. Where do you put the code?

  91. Tómas Böðvarsson

    plz do more world of warships

  92. Fragoutgamer_zak

    thx for making this vid

  93. vincent bormann

    do more please

  94. vikk do another ark survival hunger games pls

  95. Good video,keep going and pls make more of these

  96. This was intense Game
    Especially the music

  97. Vik I challenge you and the sidemen to London 2012

  98. Mantas Sankauskas

    When i see you again…. #GTA

  99. who is vikks favourite basketballer?

    steph CURRY

  100. trolasaurusrex97

    Hey Vikk, if you scroll the mouse wheel back towards you it zooms out the
    view on your ship and you can see a lot more and play more easily!!!

  101. Is it me, or is the game stuttering noticeably?

  102. vik mate, relax your eyebrows and forehead muscles in your intros, it looks
    like you strain them too much xD

  103. trolasaurusrex97

    Play some more warships!!!!!!

  104. loved this

  105. Bill pls change your clan tag on bo2 to IMRG make sure it’s in capital

  106. Why is it so laggy

  107. seahawkjoe07 seahawkjoe07

    gta 5 more

  108. The Savage Gamer

    Play Reign of Kings pleaseeeee ((((((:

  109. I love this game.

  110. play more of this with all the sidemen

  111. Guido Pisankallio

    Where is GTA V?

  112. Vikkstar WHERE IS GTA

  113. That laggy intro

  114. LTmatasUK Playz

    the code “ILOVEWARSHIPS” is expired?! wtf?

  115. more pls

  116. Vikkstar123 do more GTA V videos otherwise I will unsubscribe

  117. Vikk i registered and apparently the code is expired?

  118. arrr mateie shiver me timbers great for VIKK and came you do some h1z1 pls
    like this video if you agree

  119. Joshua Billingham

    more of this plz I like the gameplay

  120. World of warships

  121. Make another wows video

  122. Vikks eyebrows are bigger than my finger

  123. can you also do this for world of tanks please

  124. hey vik you have to do a fut draft it will be sick

  125. FlammableSlayer

    I’d love to see how Simon goes on this

  126. why does it say that the invite code is expired. could anyone plz help

  127. sebastiaan prins

    for world of warships professionals this must be the cringiest video ever

  128. Christ can you change the camera angle next time, it’s the most awkward one
    you could use

  129. hey vikk, I’ve had a look at the company that made this game and world of
    tanks and they have made a game called world of warplanes and is rather
    like the both of these games but of course in the air. please play this
    game it looks just as good as the others

  130. Next play World of Tanks

  131. SnipezZombiesWTF

    am I the only one who came here be cuz m3rkmus1c made a video on rip xbox
    360 and talked about being in an open lobby on black ops with him

  132. Can you play world of tanks

  133. More

  134. How can the code expire after 1 day?

  135. Typical destroyers they just drive in a straight line.

  136. Typical destroyers they just drive in a straight line.

  137. BlackBirdGamers

    it says the code has expired? wtf this video was up for a couple of hours

  138. Lol the ff victory theme

  139. Am i the only one having a sudden Assassin’s Creed flashbacks..?

  140. some of the sponsored videos are really good..I wish they would play these
    even after the contract of the if you agree

  141. Josh: Why you japenese?
    Vik: Coz I have many honour

  142. They get the sick team mates and I get the AFK team mates
    KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK pls dsfghhahsjgkjsnx

  143. how you redeem the code?

  144. do some more of that that was cool

  145. Rhys Fouracre (The emerald Minecart)

    good video on the game with the musiv

  146. This video has so much production value! I like

  147. 30 k come on lads

  148. Everyone get the app called app nana u get free gift cards just register
    then do different things to collect points once you have 15000 points (its
    really easy) input my code for 2500 points my code is j16005162

  149. What happened to GTA V?

  150. U should play assassin creed online

  151. Vikk,you should do more of the *Elmet Boi voice*…its so funny

  152. make more Batellship Videos

  153. Kevin Gennissen

    vikk plz try world of tanks its made by the same company and its better imo

  154. Carmen Hayidakis

    why has H1Z1 dissapperd from the the face of the Earth ?? I enjoyed
    watching the series ?

  155. I don’t usually like these kind of games but this was surprisingly

  156. atleast we’re still gonaa have some war based games that are not set in the
    freaking future..

  157. Rachelle Brunelle-McColl

    I’m Canadian and live in Ontario

  158. Bring the gta series back!!!,

  159. oh,WarOwl’s code gave a 3 day premium..
    good that I procrastinated on downloading it..
    now I can get 7 days premium..

    *goes on the world of warships website*
    *sees system requirements*
    *realizes he has an integrated graphic card*

    Oh,thats why I procrastinated…
    I cri everi tiem…

  160. Please play world of tanks made by the same producers great game

  161. I thought he was gonna say world of warcraft I was like yeeeessssss

  162. Play world of tanks

  163. Mohamed Mahmoud

    how to use this code is it an invite or bonuses code because it didn’t work
    for both

  164. Where is GTA? im missing it *one tear drop*

  165. Try to do war thunder

  166. please play warthunder together!!! PPPPLLLLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEEE!!!!!!

  167. This was sick play again pls

  168. 16 hours to download this game are you royally mad!!!!!!

  169. U should play world of tanks it’s really fun


  171. look at mighty jingles nearly 500,000 subs for advice for world of warships

  172. Please do more

  173. vikkstar do fifa 16

  174. Jessica Weedall

    This is squad 11 yikks

  175. Pls play world of tanks

  176. Louis Blood worth

    My name is Louis and In the game the striped ship is St Louis

  177. play league of legends

  178. Tobedos got Toby :(

  179. y no more gta v

  180. Mário Goncalves

    Vikkstar123 i tryed to go play and it says that the code has expiered pls
    answer and help i realy want to play. BIG FAN BTW

  181. TheLithiumPlays

    Play world of tanks

  182. George Da Cannon

    this was so fun to watch can you play this more

  183. Please Play World of Tanks :)

  184. Bush Ducks (GamingHD)

    Vikkstar is the only one uploading vids

  185. Why does Vick look like a zombie in his intros and he has massive eyebrows

  186. Vikk I want ark survival of the fittest

  187. Seems like the sidemen are copying The Crew, won’t be long before they
    start playing 8 bit armies.

  188. Vikk…use he for destroyers and apparently for cruisers next time:)+ more
    wows pls

  189. play world of tanks with josh and toby

  190. it says the code has expired i cant use ILOVEWARSHIPS anymore

  191. James Rocha Leite

    Play world of tanks

  192. MasterCodPlayer100

    That final fantasy victory music

  193. the code expired

  194. Am I the only one wondering where GTA has gone? Im not complaining, its
    just that the series was so popular and consistent on all of the sidemens
    channels and then suddenly stopped. Am I missing something? Coz GTA was my
    favourite series

  195. Bush Ducks (GamingHD)

    Play gears of war 4 beta

  196. do you remember MERKMUSIC Vik

  197. 1 like=kiss your crush
    1 sub=go out on a date
    Both=snog and love forever

  198. Dawman29 Gawronski


  199. Play war thunder

  200. vikk has played world of tanks before

  201. Vikk try playing world of warplanes

  202. EpicGameplaysNL Elke week games

    play german line


  204. vik plz change your hair style and shave your eyebrows

  205. This was actually entertaining. I want to play this now.

  206. Please do more.

  207. More GTA please

  208. Freddo_M11 MaNtOn

    Good video vik

  209. Samuel Harrison

    HMS Campbeltown
    HMS Warspite

  210. Enough with the face cam zoom ins Vik lol

  211. Lol I just started playing world of warships

  212. Play more :D

  213. Vick do you remember Merkmusic

  214. plz Vikk play more

  215. when versing an enemy ship hold down ALT to see there stats like there
    health and their distance
    good luck

  216. where the gta at?

  217. Nice edits, Vikk? Really increases the quality of the videos! Keep it up!

  218. Пейо Пешов

    Can you try plaing World of Tanks next time ? I think you will like it.

  219. The code doesn’t work

  220. Hey guys I’ve just released a new video and would love some feedback. Sorry
    for self promoting it’s just hard to get noticed!

  221. Vikk do more

  222. Everyone complaining about Vikk’s skill level should just piss off ? I’d
    love to see you doing aswell on all of these games he plays

  223. Oliver Henriksen

    Where is gta???

  224. This was way more entertaining than I expected

  225. i love how he called tge battleship a destroyer so nooby

  226. Multiple Bogies on the north flank heading south through the eastern aisles
    at 20 km per hour changing angles of 13 degrees open fire

  227. is my missile gonna hit him?
    vik it’s ww2 ???

  228. Jared Appslsami123

    The song is so nice


  230. It’s an online game or you downloaded?

  231. Shaykumar Uthayakumar

    can you play fifa

  232. how come you don’t play GTA 5 anymore

  233. How long is the code valid for??

  234. Jamie McConnell

    This videos editing was sick! So much better than Josh’s ?

  235. Video starts at 0:00

  236. Vikk ,you don’t play gta5 anymore?

  237. oh no he so bad why XD why u do dis vikk why?

  238. the code is not working for me.

  239. Harsh Prajapati


  240. i got lag at intro

  241. AnikinSwagwalker

    That guy was not fake is a ac

  242. those side men controllers thi

  243. AnikinSwagwalker

    Where is gta5???!?!

  244. yessss OMG

  245. just waiting for gta 6 now

  246. Do more I love it

  247. So painful watching his so many mistakes

  248. “Imagine if there was just a Megalodon” XD This isn’t ARK Vikk!!

  249. Hannah Frerichs

    Play more of this! I really like it!! Introduce pack members to it also!

  250. ExtaSlash Games

    vikk, the one at the back wasn’t afk, he was an aircraft carrier that was

  251. Do More pls

  252. ExtaSlash Games


  253. Kevin Stevenson

    13,000 views in 2 hours…not bad Vikk

  254. Kevin Andersson

    WHERES GTA?!?!??!

  255. 2:57 Missle…. Really Vik, it’s a shell or a round, or even a bullet
    would’ve been better, lol

  256. do you play Xbox 360

  257. I’m going crazy where the hell is motherfucking GTA

  258. Is this game free?

  259. make this a series

  260. FifthSense Gaming

    Did anyone else who plays this game want Vikk to zoom out? it kinda bugged
    me xD

  261. TheGamingGeeksSwe

    i’m a T-6 american captain, if you gonna play again, use HE against
    Battleships, Destroyers, and Carriers, and on Cruisers use AP

  262. FifthSense Gaming

    Vikk WoT (World of Tanks) is a lot more fun! it’s much faster pace so you
    won’t have to crop as much


  264. GTA man

  265. More GTA 5 plz….

  266. Blazingcreeper99

    Play this again.

  267. I loved this do it some more ?

  268. NoteCrafter Videos

    So, Guns of Icarus in water?

  269. were is Gta 5

  270. Anton Liljekvist

    Do World of Tanks please! I think you will love it!

  271. lol ummm vik wrong intro this isn’t a minecraft video

  272. Krytex1 2Gaming

    Vick the type of person that doesn’t shave his pole hair

  273. he didn’t even shot torpedoes

  274. I got here in one hour the vid started YAY

  275. I got here in one hour the vid started YAY

  276. I love the music with the game

  277. What happened to the Gta 5 series?

  278. Vik Play World Of Tanks It’s way better seriously! 😛 XD Please play it tho
    it’s fun! Trust me. :D

  279. do more call of duty zombies

  280. Luis Antonio Maliglig

    cringing so much about how much they think about the game, when they keep
    calling things wrong and firing the wrong ammo

  281. MTGStandard Man

    Vick totally play more of this love the game and I don’t play it enough
    maybe watching you will make me play it more. 😛 also Saipan OP also
    TURPITS OP also as well long live tha farther lands hermalin kills all. XD

  282. shado hunter (Usler)

    hey vik I’m a big fan but I’m wondering when are you making more GTA IV?

  283. The Crispy Chip

    Great video as always but the editing in this one was kind of cheesy xD

  284. this was actually really cool

  285. vik please help me, set me free i am stuck in the gta realm b/c you havnt
    been uploading gta, i cant see your others videos unless gta is uploaded.
    As of now i my fokin spirit will try to survive the gorges, vicious,
    brutal, murderous, violent dimension and world of gta. Plz vikk

  286. vik is so adorable?

  287. Hi guys it’s me PedoStar124

  288. Nathan Al-Khafaji


  289. you need to do that farther away camera angle from your ship. like josh did
    in his vid. makes it easier to see everything

  290. where is GTA 5 at?

  291. play world of tank

  292. Where is the GTA?:(

  293. The Sidemen and The Pack have the greatest banter.

  294. the code doesnt work

  295. Joshua Frederick

    These puns are pun-bearable

  296. more

  297. #THE GAMER Call of Duty master

    Love the vud

  298. More of this plz!

  299. Fightingshadows

    Watching my favorite youtuber play my favorite game hurts for some reason,
    idk it just killed me a little inside. WoWS isnt a game vik should play,
    leave it for Jingles

  300. The music made it intense

  301. Play world of tanks on PC it’s is better than the Xbox version

  302. Tristan Brunais

    bring gta back

  303. world of tanks ripoff??

  304. new setup video pls the other sidemen already did theirs

  305. Gaben Gaben gaben Gaben (Sang to the Mortal Combat theme)

  306. Congrats Vikk on 3,000,000!!!

  307. Tristan Kaskoun

    What happened to the GTA videos

  308. Minh quang Tran

    Watching them playing games together is like watching some expert at being
    clown ( the good one )

  309. what happened to the gta 5 videos?

  310. Vikk’s so good with bombs. Hmmmm


  312. I know no one will believe me, but my brother is dating Kim K’s Cousin!!
    Her mom is Karen And she came to our house and Her dog pooped at our house!
    No joke I’m telling the truth!! And I won’t tell u why she came to our
    house, cause its personal so please don’t bug me about it! THIS IS NOT A
    LIE!! Pls pray for our family cause Eceryone Calls her Crazy aunt Karen and
    I can tell u why!!!! Even if u don’t believe me, just pray for me!! Thanks
    and Goodbye!

  313. I want more of this!!!!!!!!!!!

  314. How has this only got 778 likes wtf

  315. Vikk play more of world of warships but get more people from the sidmen or
    the pack plz play more

  316. Li'l KillA Star


  317. liked it but craving more gta so bad

  318. Hey Vikk, you can avoid torpedoes if you change you speed and not just your

  319. You guys need to make a series of this

  320. Cristian Pelayo

    Can you tell me what your username is on XboxOne☺

  321. Lemme think of a joke…. Matthew Satoro’s originality.

  322. CatoF&G Football and Gaming

    Netflix and chill? More like IMAX and Climax ?

  323. Viks eyebrows slowly hypnotize me in every video

  324. Do part2

  325. Do more

  326. HE is good I play this game

  327. Hey Vikk you play an episode of Armored Warfare. Super fun and great with

  328. vik Pl pls pllllleeeesss do more

  329. I love this game so much

  330. Vikk I’m actually Japanese and when you said ‘I have very much honor’ made
    me cringe so much. XD

  331. code wont work…..

  332. were is the gta

  333. please play world of tanks!!!

  334. Aidyn McMurtrie

    Vikk u could say u were a succesful seamen

  335. vik is the best

  336. Series????

  337. Omg i i love ur editing HAHHA XD LOL

  338. Alexander Coles

    this was truly an epic video!

  339. Play more!! This is fun!! Pls play more!

  340. Keep playing this please???

  341. do more of this

  342. Adogebiteme Adogebiteme

    Say the Tuttle in a dirty voice

  343. music sounds familiar

  344. play world of tanks

  345. Jesus And Me Productions

    Mor Plz

  346. I would like to see more H1z1 and Ark please. Keep up the good work Vik!

  347. is this for Xbox 1

  348. more vids pls

  349. where is the gta V??

  350. stop posting videos so i can study for finals

  351. where are the gta 5 videos….

  352. This is actually lit. Do more of these

  353. keep playing this in a group its funny

  354. Does anyone want the sidemen and the pack to do a video together? like this
    comment so Vik will see this pls

  355. YES I LOVE THIS GAME is have a tier 10 a tier 9 and a tier 8

  356. trey stallworth

    BlackWake Is Better Tbh

  357. Isaiah Henderson


  358. Mohammad Ajlouni


  359. jon snow comes back to life


  361. rip gta?

  362. been out for 10 minuets already 230 likes

  363. this reminds me of assassins creed 4

  364. I eat ass like if your vegan

  365. Yasss

  366. Vikk, play World of Tanks :D

  367. vick dont play that **** play world of tanks better

  368. I saw KYR speedy and hova play dis

  369. 80th comment

  370. vikk is the best youtuber EVER

  371. Vikk
    Call zerkka daddy and see what he does

  372. More random games

  373. nathan rasmussen

    do more of these videos I play the game already though

  374. 1 like survive 1 minute
    1 reply survive 1 hour
    1 subscribe survive rest of your life

  375. hi vikkstar

  376. pspisoarethebest1

    fuckin 4am

  377. Thomas Scarlett

    Vik is the type of guy to study for a drug test…

  378. I’m early let me make a joke oh yeah viks sex life???

  379. #notified squad

  380. DarkAsasains Minecraft


  381. thank you vikk. I so needed this. I was having some issues and this made me
    feel better.

  382. 17

  383. Josh, the type of guy to eat alphabet soup and choke on the D


  384. So Vik when are those 2 caterpillars going to form a chrysalis and become a

  385. it’s been out for 8 mins already a dislike?

  386. Lel

  387. Caleb Stevenson

    I am early let me think of a joke

    Preston playing a full series


  389. Who’s watching on June 13th 2050?

  390. Jonathan Gonzalez


  391. Is it just me or is Vikk the best youtuber?

  392. sergiocraftmine


  393. #notification squad

  394. Great video

  395. the best kid ever

    and sub to me

  396. Play more ark plz

  397. hi I’m early nice to meet you

  398. hey vikk ur awesome

  399. hey vikk luv the vids bro

  400. GTA 5?

  401. 50 like !!!!!!

  402. 1 minute

  403. the best kid ever

    good good job Vick

  404. How are you

  405. yoooo

  406. 20likes squad!

  407. Alex Rollins (aroll85)

    hey vikk ?
    ur a great youtuber so keep it up!! ?

  408. Vikk your eyebrows on fleek today

  409. Notifications

  410. hi

  411. Hey vik

  412. 1 min

  413. 35 view

  414. CHOPPY SEAS! – World Of Warships with Vikk, Josh & Tobi

  415. hi

  416. Uploaded 10 seconds ???

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