Christmas Containers – World of Warships

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Sharing what I received from Santa containers and discussing which I’d try to target. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time! – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. Got the Anshan off the second freebie crate. So yay me I guess.

  2. I opened 40 mega containers… received one ship… good luck and spend your money wisely ..

    • Ultimately recommend nobody buy these containers, the two I received were camo and another 15 I purchased were all camo, no credits, no dubloons, no ships, all camo.

    • I opened 5 mega containers… 1 x T61 and 1xZ39…

    • 5 and got the Eugen seems alright

    • +General Cartman Lee The formula for calculating the possibility to get a 6 is 1-(1-p)^n while p is base possibility (1/6th in this case) and n is the number of your tries. for instance: 1-(1-0,167)^20 = 0,97 So your possib. to roll a 6 in 20 tries is 97% or in other words it is 3% to roll NO 6 at all 😉

    • i open 40 mega and got 11 ship 15000 doublons

  3. I bought 6 of the Black Friday crates, got all 4 B model ships…. I believe I have used all my RNG up for the next two years….

  4. Me gets 20 mega containers also me only gets coal and camouflage

  5. Yay, I was waiting for this… No idea why, but it’s fun to watch the CCs get great or shit RNG. Not that I’ll buy any… I don’t play warships any more…

  6. Someone's Youtube Username

    I don’t gamble without at least knowing my odds of winning and WG doesn’t provide those.

    • If I remember correctly.

      20 small crates give you a 45% chance for at least one ship.

      20 big ones is about 90%

      And 20 mega has about… 76%.

      Dunno why the big has a higher chance than mega, but eh.

    • I’d say its just the same RNG as getting a SC .. but if you are looking for Flags ,Camo ,Coal or Free Xp then you are on to a winner the majority of the time .
      Happy Shipmas Captains

    • +Grease Monkey The camo rewards are just too low amount to have big value imo, especially the small boxes, 50 flags can last you 50 games, but 2×200% camo is almost nothing.

      Big/Mega boxes have the better Camos, but still only 5 of them, despite being 3 or 5x as expensive.

      Might as well buy permacamos directly for true value.

    • +Jason Chan wtf…..that’s very odd.

  7. Avg 2-3 ships per block of 20 mega. T-61 is beast! Kii good as well.

  8. Got a Warspite out of the free container, I’m not complaining!

  9. Just a public service announcement – what you see Notser get is not representative of what you’ll get. He has all the ships. If the game can’t find a new ship to give him (one he doesn’t already have), it seems to default to T61 or Monahan for mega containers, and KKs for big containers (it isn’t 100% though). If he didn’t have all the ships, it would have given him a different ship instead, or a supercontainer with a ship.

    • Алексей Быков

      Interesting 🙂 I have few premiums, not all of them. But I got T-61 and Monaghan too from the gift containers. Looks like the probability of getting these destroyers is higher comparing to other premiums.

  10. It is nice that they call gift something that you pay with money.
    It is a total wasting money also this time, they illude to win ships and so big treasures… in the reality they are only deeply greedy people. 30 flags in a big!! so much!! come on.. they are ridicolous and so tired of them

  11. 100 crates total. 80 Big crates and 20 Mega crates containing 14 ships (the Missouri Haida Mutsu Blyskawica Ashitaka Monaghan Krappy Krym Molotov Duke of York Anshan Huanghe Aigle De Grasse Perth), 25k doubloons, 405 camo, Hundreds of special economy flags and about 35k coal. Oh and every ship comes with a 10 point Cpt. I spent $262 and received around $900 worth of premium stuff. Very satisfied and saved all year.

  12. Yet another CC promoting gambling.

    • nah isnt gambleing as long as u WANT the flags, the nits a good deal, just expect flags and be happy if u get something else

    • Gambling implies you either win or lose. In all cases with these boxes you are getting value for what you spent based off the regular prices in the store. You of course can potentially get much more value than you spend if you get a ship or two.

    • +Pskov So you think every crate A) gives you something you want/need and B) gives you greater value for the cost of the crate than buying it normally?

    • +Holly It is the very definition of gambling, you don’t believe me check ANY online dictionary.

    • +Holly Flags are at least decent amounts of them, but you could end up with 2 or 5 camos too, which last so short, that permacamo is almost a better investment without RNG chance.

  13. Got 17 ships from 20 mega and 80 big containers so I got all the ships I was missing including Nikolai, Gremy, Belfast, Kuttuzov and Missouri

  14. I just bought 10 Christmas mega crates and got the Atlanta, Kutuzov, Murmansk, Okhotnik, Monaghan, T-61, 2000 gold, 12,500 coal, 30 Scylla flags and 20 New Year Streamer camos. So I paid $40 for about $180 worth, super pumped about the Mikhail Kutuzov and Atlanta!

  15. Tony Duffy, Ring Finder, Games and More

    I was mainly after the premium time, but that’s not included this year unfortunately. I had very bad RNG with the mega containers I did buy. 20 and a single kryspy krem.

  16. So nice that Notser sped this video up. The videos from the other contributors are at least 20 minutes long.

  17. So…. I got a SueprContainer from the Resources crate! I did not know this was possible, got 14 days prem account also! Is this rare?

  18. honestly though, all things considered i think the black friday containers were a much better investment, with very high chances of getting three good ships (or asashio) and i’m honestly pretty sorry i decided to wait for christmas rather than just buying a handful of those

  19. I got lucky and received a Perth from one of the free Santa boxes =)

  20. Good call on the fast forward mate. Best of all these container unboxing vids. Wp

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