‘CHURN’OBYL – World of Warships

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Sorry veterans.

The award given to Lesta CEO Malik Khatazhaev for Record Revenues shortly before he declared Puerto Rico a ‘gift’ to players – https://www.rbc.ru/awards_spb_2019

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  1. After the Pr f2p grind of like 150+ hrs I lost my desire to play this game. I have been playing WOWS since alpha and just lost my taste for what they have done. It wasn’t a single action but the culmination of multiple issues. There is only so much I could tolerate and I even tried to be understanding about cv’s. WG only cares for money and if they tell you otherwise they are lying.

  2. We’ve known this from the end of CBT. When out of the blue, they nerfed, and continued to nerf the Yubari. From a plane swatter to a port ornament. Then they changed the game mechanics, so the Sims was indirectly nerfed. After the CV rework the same tricks were played on the Atlanta, and so it goes, as it was in WoT, endless power creep, so called “balancing”, and now the Soviet super navy, so secret no one ever saw it, ever!

  3. I started playing during the closed beta test so I guess i’m a veteran player.
    For me the problem is a steep decline in skill and rewards in the game. The armour rework has removed the need to understand angling as shells will pass right through most ships broadsiding now. the current meta is HE spam so there’s no need to learn what ammo does what, just shoot HE = profit. Most of the really legendary Tier X ships have been power crept or made basically obselete with recent ships or updates (Montana’s AA and Yamato having the biggest gun calibre for example) so why bother grinding new lines if they will suck in a few patches time? CV’s can attack so called “AA ships” with basically total impunity. Battleships have been rendered basically obselete with their now pitifully awful secondaries and the upcoming submarines with magnetic torpedoes, and honestly. it feels like the number of ships I earned for free by just being okay at the game has slowly nosed down to the floor as WG became less focused on a fun game and more on a game that could just pump out magical make belief paper premiums to sell based on some whacky gimmick.

  4. I log in to claim daily bonuses and whatnot, but I rarely actually play any matches anymore.

  5. I’ve played over 15,000 games since I started playing this game. In the past year, I’ve played less than 100. It began to feel like everything was designed purely to extract cash, rather than to be an enjoyable game that happens to be profitable. Ongoing balance problems and a seeming never ending deluge of new, but half finished content took a lot of the original enjoyment out of the game. I can’t see myself ever going back to playing as much as I did, unless something changes drastically.

  6. Well that’s a shame. I finally get a stable income as WG almost completely abandons any amount of competitive play.

  7. How could you possibly criticize how WG takes feedback when you were canned for because you you took feedback so poorly you trolled people as a result?

  8. I thought you did a fantastic video on this topic. You didnt describe WG as evil greedy monsters or take a moral approach, just simply stated the reality of why they are doing what they are doing. I thought the key insight was the attempt to create habits, to use Best Practices from the mobile industry to get players to develop actual habits to login. Once again I thought you did a great job of not saying this by itself was inherently “evil” or the like (I dont want to get into a wows versus WT tangent but i am aware gaijin has hooked me into logging in every day like a poorly trained seal, and I am fine with that, because it actually feels good to get my little pellet of reward. I cant explain the difference, but it feels like a daily reward not a daily homework. — i do admit its an addiction they have intentionally created/fostered however).
    For me the killer is not CV reworks making it simpler, or subs to lure newbies, but just the economy in general, and this is also why i am starting to hate wot as well now. Imagine for a moment that WG gave every player ten trillion XP as a gift (in essence they are with various “gifts” like x5 weekends and boosts/flags). How would that help me? It would not, XP is easy to get now and NOT the gatekeeper to new cool toys – cash is! **The core mechanic of the game is now effectively worthless**, because with infinite XP, you now need infinite cash to convert it to spendable XP, then infinite cash to turn gold into silvers to buy them.
    Again im not trying to compare ethics of WG v Gaijin, but the recent release of patch 1.99 for WT really drive it home for me, as I had said I would not spend money on either WG nor gaijin products ever again (im still salty over my total war arena purchases vaporizing as well by the way). Yes they added a bunch of stuff for high tier players, but they also added a TON of low-mid tier content, and historically accurate prems that have same stats as the base model. I dropped $100 before I knew it – I am having a blast at grinding and collecting all of these new toys – none of which are flashy or OP or end-game. They gave stuff to grind for low mid and high tiers. It turns out, liking the mechanics of the game and being comfy as an old time player, *thats all i want* – give me homework! I now realize I will grind grind grind (if there is no timer ticking cough PR) and pay for useless (non-OP) prems as a collector.
    Some of the things happening in WG-WoT back you up as well – the removal of any way to obtain credit boosters (even w gold!) shows they have realized a way to extract money in a more obfuscated way. Instead of charging you $50 for a tank/ship, I help you get the XP for it in a rapid fashion, THEN let you discover you cant afford it unless you buy $50 in gold and convert to silvers. Its a great mental trick – in the 2nd scenario, you **earned it on your own**… and then bought it. Its a clever but critical distinction.

  9. are people at Lesta laughing at idiots like us who tried playing this game at a competitive level?

  10. Michael Kavanagh

    As a veteran player, and one who’s spent hundreds (if not thousands) of pounds on this game, I 100% agree with everything you’ve said. At the same time though, I’m somewhat bothered by this video; for some time you, iEarlGrey, were the face of Lesta to us plebs, and I don’t have to remind you about certain missteps made while being “that guy”. I’ve subbed you, I always liked your content, and I look forward to seeing more. I am REALLY pissed off at this game right now. I’m in a very good clan, I have real-life mates who play every day, and yet I have barely logged in since lockdown started.
    You know the problems, I know the problems, all my mates and clanmates do. I wish we could go back about 3 years in dev time. Subs are a symptom, not the disease.

  11. I am glad to know I can be as toxic and honest I want to be in feedback forms, because I know my feedback matters as much as dogshit. I am quite sad that you are right. The competitive community who actually remembers what the game was might be the biggest threat to lesta making money, because we actually know what once was and can give honest criticism.

  12. Hard to comment on this, you said it all. Wishing I hadnt come back after uninstalling the game. But after watching this I think Im going to devote more time to playing low tiers making sure those new players dont stick around as long as WG had hoped.

  13. As a player of the first day myself, I can definitely share the oppinion about the game. I still play, and regained some motivation again, after some friends began to play again after changing to War Thunder. In the last half year, I wasnt playing much, did only my Supertesting things and the competetive things like CBs and KOTS, nothing in the direction of grinding or regrinding ships. Since I began to play more now, I can see the issues more than ever with declining skill and knowledge of the game. The difference between good players and poor players are getting bigger and bigger and in very few cases those good players are actually some newer players. I have seen the game from nearly every perspective, as a newcomer, as a progressing player, from the standpoint of a streamer and decently known caster in the german speaking comm, also I see the game in the perspective of an ST and a competetive standpoint. I can still say, the game has some aspects, that are still fun to me, especially playing competetive (even if the meta is shit), but the switch to a casual game is a progressive change, thats going on since years now sadly, that why I can understand the old guard slowly disappearing, like once well known players form OM, WGP2W, …
    In conclusion, I can say, I still play the game, because of the love to playing the game competetively and playing with friends, but my last big payment to WG were the traditional xmax containers every year

  14. Your analysis Earl seems spot on which is bad news for us veterans from beta. The main issue for most is a lot of us have collected ships (premium) like myself and don’t wish to walk away from our investments….ships like the Belfast and Warspite+ in my case….its disappointing when the t10 clan battles are so frustrating with cv’s. PS Thank you for this honest assessment 😉

  15. CBT player here, Very much a whale, over 150 premium ships in port so yes a veteran Player.
    It really saddens me where the game is going, and the devs dont give any shits….

  16. For the Trolls in this comment list . I’m sure IEarlGrey doesnt owe WG anything. Secondly I don’t blame the dev’s just those directing the direction of development. Its a shame that the direction is to ignore us and follow the money.

  17. I’ve been asking why all the new decisions seem like economic suicide, this seems to explain a lot, it’s left me feeling like a Prise Idiot.

  18. I once considered myself to be a friend of Earl’s. Hell we even played Euro Truck Simulator and other games together before he became a legend on Twitch and gained Godlike status with a new job at St Petersburg, and he was a lousy driver in ETS2 by the way. Being a cold war warrior myself I did on more than one occasion state that he should expect bullshit and propaganda when he moved over to WOW’s. So to be honest guys I do actually like the new and repackaged iEarlGrey with the edgy comments and the cutting videos etc. Watching Earl go off to Russia to work for Wargaming was similar to watching my pet puppy being led off to be neutered. Yes I knew it was necessary, but there was something deeply troubling to me about going through the process.

    So my message is simple guys. Give Earl a break, and try and recognize the fact that he can now speak his mind (more or less) freely, and he is doing. What I see is a poacher turned gamekeeper going back to poaching after experiencing the heady success of becoming an insider and finding many things distasteful and/or dishonest. It’s easy to kick someone when they are down, but life is really about second chances. So to all the negative comments in the column I would say give this story time to unfold before you make hasty judgments.

    Earl won’t recognize the name I use here on YT so I doubt he will be able to identify me from that. In fact I’ll eat my f’kin hat if he does suss me out. I just hope he starts streaming again on Twitch, and that he becomes a multi game streamer instead of putting all those eggs into one basket. But that is wishful thinking from me, of course.

    Best wishes to all. Just spreading the love here.

  19. Lord of the Noobies

    FINALLY someone has said it out LOUD… new player role: get milked
    Veteran role: get dropped, after milking…

  20. Uninstalled this morning. Lesta can laugh at someone else now.

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