Citadel after citadel after citadel 😎

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Thanks to Eagle_union_commander for submitting this clip!

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  1. Yama The Dietsch Stadhouder

    Hanz guided shells

  2. After this match there was no more citadel hit with a Hannover, too much dispersion

  3. PC players be cheating so hard being able to bullet cam so you can look over mountains and smoke.

  4. Waverley Journalise

    Really, really fun playing cruisers in World of Warships 2023.

    • I don’t play cruisers at all, I just never understood what their purpose and strenghts are. Like generally why would you pick a cruiser instead of a destroyer or a battleship?

    • Its not that difficult that napoli was just a dumbass, it can bow tank that

  5. sebastian wegrzyn

    Citadels on british cruisers doesnt count

  6. are you aiming at the waterline?

  7. Chirac Ultrainstinct 3D

    You mean Wargaming abomination ?

  8. What ship is that ?
    Thank you.

  9. I remember years a lot couldn’t get 1 shell in from 2km with German ships

  10. World of warships, stop posting videos that are 2/3 black. They are useless on TV.

  11. @bajabret60 yes I am

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