Citadel City – 319K Montana Personal Damage Record || World of Warships

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  1. Why this Montana can get Germany bb citadel easily ?

    • sengyean koo German BBs have strong citadel armour

    • Monti has really good plunging fire, so from a distance it happens more often than you would think. Also, since the last update the developers have changed the way AP “interacts” in their words, with armor, and people are getting more citadels on German BBs. Like a lot more. It is a good thing.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      ez there is a code error in wg’s new penetration mechanics during the 0.72 update… the code error prevents, water from stoping shells, after a few metres, meaning the shells can plunge deeper into the water, catching the low citadels of German and British Battleships… But this also means battleships will overpen cruisers and destroyers a whole lot more, as the water, won’t help reduce the speed of our shells at water line shots, causing fuckton overpens on light targets.

      Honestly I wish they never fix this code error, as it actually means we get to punish idiot broadsiding German and British Battleships a whole lot easier, especially at range and is a buff to the cruisers and dds (especially considering DDs are getting annihilated from BB AP)…

    • I may be wrong but I think this change was intentional. They do list the change to AP mechanics in the patch notes though they do not specify as to how the change was implemented. Correct me if I am wrong please.


  3. We can gawk at his damage total all we want (it is astounding), but lets not ignore the fact that in the game’s opening minutes, he was the only ship towards B, acting as defacto tank for half the enemy team, while his fleet captured A and C. That alone is good team play.

    • thank you mate – that was exactly my idea and I was a bit surprised I got no torps goin on me from B. Might have been a different game if there were and my preemptive dodge was not enough to evade them.

  4. Citadel killer Jayda

  5. I have a serious question: With the mechanics changes, my own experience and others have told me the same, is that citadels on most ships are HARDER to get now since 7.1, not easier. While it’s true, it’s easier to get them on Germans than it used to be, it seems like everyone else, with some exceptions for all turtlebacks, are getting an increase in overpens. I’ve been over overpenning battleships with other battleships. Cruisers that I used to obliterate with japanese superguns now just shrug it off like a Khaba used to. And oddly, I just got citadeled TWICE in 3 seconds in my Okhotnik, a ship I’ve never been citadeled in before, ever.
    I just don’t understand it and don’t know how to adapt to this new change. Occasionally I get cits, but it’s so rare now.

    • ravissary79 Uhh, since when did the DDs get citadels back?

    • exactly!
      Maybe I’m mistaking that sound for “heavy damage” for “citadel damage”, but I don’t hear that sound when I get torped, or when hit by BB guns that take off 1/4 of my life. Indeed I rarely ever hear that sound in my Okhotnik. I either take light hits or I get nuked to death. But in the past, it always seemed like that sound meant, usually, that you got citadeled.

    • Nah, it’s just the heavy damage sound in the okhotnik (I’ve heard it a few times while playing), just means they got a few really good pens, or that it would have hit the cit if you had one.

      I am getting annoyed with the changes to shells and armor, it seems that angling means you get citadelled while being broadside means you get over-penned. Might help cruisers who aren’t paying attention stay alive for a bit longer, but it’s pretty annoying for angled cruisers (that die) and BBs (who can’t kill anything).

    • right, exactly. A few outliers got over reported, like being able to cit Conqueror and GK and everyone hailed this as a grand fix for some unknown evil no one cares about, all the while the subtle reality is that the basic mechanics don’t feel better, they fell really capricious and off… like nothing I used to be able to predict in my own abilities seems to happen when I carefully plan and execute them to happen.

      edit: here’s a little counterpoint to my previous point though: I just ran 1 run in Alsace, and got 4 citadels relatively easy… no idea why it’s been so irregular… just RNG running amok?

    • Had a few runs in my Richelieu, got a lot of over pens, and only got citadels when they angled a little. It feels so off recently…

  6. Yah… don’t show a broadside to that guy: he will spank you.

  7. Why the range of Montana change?

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