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  1. Des Moines pwetty pwease?

  2. Who’s up for some DES MOINES gameplay ?!

  3. Phly! please take the New Orleans out to glorious battle. It also has a
    fancy new premium cammo.

  4. For ur crimes against the Pensacola u must play it now

  5. Do you have any idea what game are you playing and what the hell are you
    talking about???

  6. Use the Atago or I’ll jump!

  7. St.Lois The fire house!

  8. Please play the yamato ????

  9. why U R not using sporting aircrafts? U’ll might spot DD’s 4 the team &

  10. For the next time, play the Tirpitz, but with a German game client.

  11. dose anyone else think that warthunder should add the ju 87 sirens used to
    scare the enemy whilst dive bombing vot this up so phly will see this

  12. I vote for Furutaka! Great guns and speed but I just can’t get more than
    decent result. I have the battleship mentality and that seems to affect my
    cruiser performance…

  13. Hi Phly, Notsir speaks very highly of the “Concealment” skill?

  14. I would really like to see more Fuso gameplay!

  15. How about the bismarck with the tirpitz as baron and of course have an
    admiral hipper for slick bee

  16. that citadel on north carolina was no bug or lag, you can citadel ships in
    the boiler room at mid ship, but the magazines under the turrets are
    counted as citadels too and thats what you hit there :)

  17. i like to use the incomming fire skill, as soon as i see the incomming
    message i start turning or otherwise doing some evasive manouvre, saves me
    a lot of hp

  18. escorts are in front unless you are in trouble and daddy puts you behind


  20. Fletcher…. but sail her like the USS Johnston DD-557 of Taffy 3!

  21. You suck at this game

  22. HAHA, your cruisers screwed the pooch but you should have stayed in open

  23. Khabarovsk… PLS… PHLY…

  24. 4:42, sailing broadside to a battleship, that’s a paddeling

  25. Yamato for the emperor and the Japanese naval army be and honorable soldier

  26. Mogami with 6in plz. Make it rain.

  27. can you take out a #USS midway
    on a ace battle

  28. can you take out the mighty yamato if you haven’t all reddy

  29. do the anime ships

  30. when war thunder frustrates the sh*t outta me, WOWS is where you go to
    recharge :)

  31. Kamikaze destroyer. Would be good to see what you think of it.

  32. Please take out the Tirpitz, the German Battleship.

  33. Love the intro phly

  34. Just curious, do you have to use battleships to get to the next tier? I’m
    on the South Carolina and I can’t wait to get to the next battleship lol

  35. PlyDaily you can mute go to tab right click

  36. In my opinion, the Iowa is the sexiest ship in the game!

  37. Love the way you said, “gotta pop that pepsi”

  38. Take out the Montana next phly!!! I love the Montana please use the Montana

  39. The reload for those 16 inch guns is faster than the reload of my 88 in war

  40. Jayden Tate-Anderson


  41. Play the Izumo (shaka emoji)! Mahalo Phly!

  42. Phly play Admiral Hipster

  43. Phly I want to see the tier V Japanese Cruiser Furutaka, It’s not ona
    single vid on your channel or Baron’s and Slickbee.

  44. never mind akagi how about ships w/ terpidos?

  45. akagi pls.?!?

  46. Give the midwest some more love with the Missouri

  47. The Erie ?

  48. Yamato please

  49. take out the Montana or walk the plank

  50. How can we get the camo on our iowas? It looks like the one on the arkansas

  51. What’s a press account?
    It’s free for you?

  52. Play the YACHT BOAT!!! (Hermelin)

  53. Derpingames NOT FUNCTIONING

    Come on and get celebrate the reload with gearing!!!!

  54. t-44-122

  55. York! German CA. Curious about this ship line. Is it a decent jack of all

  56. USS North Carolina

  57. arizona

  58. Amagi or i’ll eat my entire foot off…

  59. Admiral hipper and tirpitz with Baron in formation

  60. I’d definitely invest your skill points in Ship Survivability. And, as
    well, you should take out the IZUMO!! Tier 9 IJN Battleships!


  62. The Iowa would wreck the Yamato irl, fire control would destroy it before
    it could shoot back

  63. can I get a shout out for my channel please. I need more support.

  64. Nagato in secondary build! Plz plz let’s see if a grind ship can have a

  65. A 19 point captain is highly unrealistic, however I solute you sir for
    saying, “fuck it, I do what I want!”

  66. How did you get that camo I can’t find it

  67. If I didn’t know any better that’s the Prem camo the Atlanta gets:

    EDIT–also the AA fit is pretty weird. I mean I know they probably had to
    nerf it bc the CV players pitched a fit but still…the 40mm should all be
    quads and the 20mms should all be twins for the most part. I know USS
    Missouri was fitted with 84 bofors guns (21×4) and 79 orliekons.

  68. kriegsmarine tirpitz

  69. Nagato if you do not mind.

  70. Sail the Yamato or the Montana next!

  71. Zao! Just want you to eat those BB citadels!

  72. I’d like to see some Mid-Tier US DD gameplay. Farragut?

  73. Montana or ill eat my fingers!

  74. Take me down
    to the Citadel City
    Where the sides are broad
    and the hits are plenty
    Oh won’t you please take me hooooome

  75. go phly go go phly go go go !!!!

  76. typical cruisers not paying attention to what’s going on around them.. it’s
    like having ur wife cook dinner for u after a hard days work. yea u could
    do it on ur own, but it’s a heck of a lot better for everyone if if that
    man can just concentrate on workin’ hard for the family. am I right?


  78. Yamato or this kitten will die.

  79. Phly, will you do me the honor of sailing out the tier 10 Montana?

  80. Can we get a upvote for the Cleveland?

  81. That intro gets me every time it’s so beautiful ? ?

  82. USS Midway pls

  83. Could you follow the shots a little more? im totally fine if you wont but i
    just think it would make your videos feel more… cinematic and
    professional. Thanks if you take my thought in to consideration. Love your
    videos man.

  84. MIDWAY

  85. USS Benson, or I am going to eat two of my toes!

  86. play the Baltimore

  87. was that a airhorn I just heard when he ran into that other ship?

  88. Essex for my exes

  89. Do Des Moines full AA set up plz


  91. Plz play the Montana!!!!!!

  92. Can we see The American dreadnought that is over 100 years old and is the
    sister ship of the USS Texas Give it up for the New York

  93. let’s see the “wing-breaker” here comes the Atlanta cruiser

  94. arkansas gets same xp boost and accuracy from camo but for free

  95. World of Warships needs submarines, then everything would be complete. :)

  96. I’ve been on the USS Iowa!!!!!!

  97. Hindenburg, you know you wanna

  98. I don’t know why, but it aggravates me that wargaming got Iowa’s aa wrong
    she never had double 20mms or double 40’s it was single 20’s and quad
    40’s… I don’t know if it was to nerf her or not but still it’s
    aggravating (80 x 40 mm/56 49 20 x mm/70) read many books about the ship :P

  99. or do the tier 10 sovit ship

  100. do bouge do bouge the teir 5 carrier for usn

  101. Murmansk, mahan, or aurora. if you take out the aurora compare it to the st

  102. Play the Turdpitz!

  103. USS Des Moines

  104. Clemson Fly

  105. essex pls

  106. Play the Hindenburg here 10 German Kooser

  107. Do Kitakami



  109. Man, take out the “Struggle Bus”, the almighty Colorado.

  110. The Mikhail Gorbatsjov. USSR cruiser.

  111. Zao would be just insane to play as it comes with torps. Please do it. Just
    do it.

  112. USS Lexington

  113. fletcher class destroyer unless you have alredy done it

  114. ki 83?

  115. I like when Phly leaves his editing mistakes in :P

  116. Phly, try out the Nürnberg… The better Cleveland

  117. lol my torp get that yamato

  118. lol what the hell kind of commander skill setup is that!?! 2:05.
    No Detection ability
    No turret traverse increase
    Fire prevention (Utterly useless and notoriously underpowered at actually
    reducing the chance of a BB bursting into flames when its hit by a DD pea

  119. That intro is glorious.

  120. Do the Fletcher Destroyer or i will Eat 50 uncooked eggs

  121. angry_mike_riley_26

    AMAGI…or i’ll sam pepper you!#ItsPepperTime

  122. World of warships and more

    Yamato lets go

  123. Gearing….I will fuck you up Phly if you dont play it…and not in the
    kinky way -.-

  124. if its not my computer,, I started having audio problems toward the end of
    the second battle.
    the audio became very scratchy at the end.

  125. do north Carolina

  126. Please use the atago

  127. Use the Mississippi or I’ll stab myself! (If that even is in the game.)

  128. Use midway

  129. Phly just turned French in the intro…

  130. Christopher Rodriguez

    play the Atlanta class cruise next

  131. Same camo as atlanta, u citadeled a atlanta, now have some revenge with
    atlanta. Go for some dd annihilation with mighty atlanta!

  132. Shaunjr Grossnickle

    phly use the t1 ship you you have a good time with noobs

  133. um… 1080p 48fps? Rip

  134. Shaunjr Grossnickle

    Notice he said Hangar not port. I think he is use to War thunder

  135. how to hide ui interface on port??? please tell me

  136. Des Moines or I’ll kill a little girl

  137. Atlanta plz

  138. Pensacola for next ship!! I want to see if it’s worth it

  139. Play the Gearing!!!! Do It!!! Just Do It!!!!!!! (Please)!

  140. Phly just a little tip, if you “restart” recording your commentary make
    sure you delete the parts you got wrong
    this time you got it right on the third try but this week you released a
    video where you restarted at least 5 times and cleared your throat 3 times,
    we had to listen to all of it

  141. Hey Phly just a tip you need to do more editing. In almost every vid we
    hear u you say something and repeat it again. During you intros you restart
    and never edit out the 1st time you said something. Example: you say
    “Welcome guys…” *clear your thought* then say again “Welcome guys…”
    again. You did not edit out the 1st time you said something. Just a tip,
    the rest of the game play was good in my opinion. Im still gonna like ur
    vid just would like you to change this.

  142. plz New York because of the Empirestate building

  143. angry_mike_riley_26


  144. German Tier 9 CA Roon!

  145. If you haven’t already, you should take sweet Caroline (North Carolina) out
    for a spin.

  146. Funny thing is, Yamato was only used for one battle where she went down.
    Before that, she was basically a floating hotel for high-ranking officials.

  147. i don’t see you playing carrier, play the Hakuryu next.

  148. still THE MOST AWESOMEST INTRO! great track also by Hans Zimmer!!!

  149. Take out the Nagato Phly!!

  150. Do the North Carolina there is a reason they thought it blew up when it
    fired a full salvo :3

  151. The ferrogot (sorry for bad spelling tier 6 US dd) or the colorado pls

  152. They are coming out with Iowa for Kantai Collection

  153. USS Midway, some crazy torpedus :p

  154. Tachibana, just because its an awesome t2 XD

  155. please play the new york fully upgraded, i haven’t seen any new york
    gameplay yet. please like if you think that too!!

  156. Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!! Y’d u go and use the new skill for the secondaries?!
    Now u have to specifically designate a target in order for the secondaries
    to fire. If u don’t, THEY WILL NOT FIRE!!!!!!

  157. Play some Essex or the highest tier American carrier that you have

  158. There is a way to block players in chat. Open up the ship menu (tab), press
    the button to show your cursor (ctrl, IIRC), then right click on the name
    of the offender, should give you the option to block chat.

  159. Just Curious, Why is it in 48 FPS and not 50 or 60?

  160. phly what button do you press to follow your shot?

  161. phly what button do you press to follow your shot?

  162. PhlyDaily to block a person bring up your mouse and right click their
    name.You can even report for that behavior as well.

  163. I don’t know why, but the intro gives me the chills every time!….

  164. hey phly play with the amagi

  165. hey phly play with the amagi

  166. love the derp Phly :)

  167. Phly, I’m pretty sure you can go to the scoreboard and then just report and
    block em

  168. How about sailing out the gearing class destroyer? I don’t think I’ve ever
    seen you play it.

  169. Atago plz phly


  171. Atago please!

  172. COME ON GUYS lets have phly play the midway

  173. play the north carolina please

  174. How bout the Shimakaze ?

  175. eaeeeeeeee

  176. Montana or I’ll eat my legs and arms off then somehow eat my own head off!

  177. Colorado or amagi

  178. you plhy plus use the enemy of uncle Sam the dresdenXD

  179. waggs “Waggsc10” cole


  180. I Don't Understand Math

    Death once had near-Chuck Norris experience

  181. Warspite, or the King’s wrath will be upon you

  182. I live in Iowa!!!!!!!

  183. Warspite, or the war,ate

  184. Your mistake is following that noob Yamato into torpedo alley.

  185. I love cookies, so play Mogami

  186. The mighty Zao, with fastest torps in game.

  187. howed u get a press account??

  188. Enough with BBs, try CLs especially the 2 that most consider the weakest at
    tier ship in their respective trees T7 Pensacola and or Yorck. thx

  189. Phly….. Dear Phly….. Nothing can beat the Bofors….. Nothing…..


  190. Midway now

  191. Sail the mighty Nagato. Beautiful and as pristine as her sister
    counterpart. Kancolle!

  192. Actually there is a way to mute a player in chat, it’s just next to the
    “compliment/report” buttons. Keep up the good work tho!

  193. the New Olean’s

  194. My Iowas aa is 100

  195. Wait, manual control skill doesn’t actually let you control the weapons
    manually? Fuck it, and I thought the game was going in an interesting

  196. please plane bombers vs anti tanks custom battle WT war tunder ;-)

  197. I have prevail victorious ?

  198. Wow.. That guy in chat.. And by the way, there is a way to mute players.
    Right click their playertag (on the scoreboard) and mute.

  199. how do you have so much free XP and Doubloons o.o

  200. Montana please

  201. what’s the beginning song name???

  202. There is hold down shift then press and hold ctrl right mouse click on the
    player’s name then disable msg’s ;)

  203. use the des moines

  204. I tried getting back into WoWS again, but holy hell the grind. I never see
    myself making it to the decent hulls of the New Mexico, much less the Iowa,
    which is one of my favorite warships of all time…

    Then you have how *insane* the prices for premium ships and doubloons are.
    $41 for just the Atlanta? In a game where matches last 20+ minutes for
    1400xp? No thanks. How far have you gotten without a press account,

  205. Gearing pleasee

  206. Do The Farragut!! Plz

  207. The motser of all DDs… The Gering aktion… PhylyDaily do you have Tier
    10 USSR DD ?

  208. play the uss Essex CV

  209. fletcher class DD please

  210. Play the atlanta phly 

  211. how about nagato

  212. Can you play Gearing or should i say Freedom next pls

  213. Take out the Midway. Gotta love the F2H’s ;)

  214. they should make it possible to sound your horn in the game.

  215. Phly, next time try to play some Ibuki or Zao.
    Guys pls like this comment:)

  216. Take out the des miones. Idfk if I spelled it right but you know. If you
    don’t I’ll chew up my thumb ;)

  217. That sad individual Tyreallxx needs to be perma-banned from Multiplayer
    game like this, any1 useing “faggot” as an insult in 2016 must be really
    insecure irl. Nice Cits tho Phly !!

  218. Can you play the New Mexico next vid?

  219. Play the omaha

  220. I didn’t even know that 48fps was a thing on YouTube.
    why doesn’t he upload at 60fps? he plays it at 60.

  221. i know what ship to do!!!!! any ship your choice!! surprise us!!! :)

  222. Then i want a game with the Des moines or the baltimore!!!

  223. Or maybe playing the migthy Roon! its a great ship

  224. Play the Tirpitz for the fatherland

  225. I mc edited a battleship into my minecraft world. I had no idea what it was
    so I just pretended it was the yamato. but I clicked on this video and was
    hit by a WAVE of recognition. I am living in the USS Iowa

  226. I both have a ship you can play but i also have a idea. The ship is the
    Tirpitz, and the the new german battleships, which are coming. But the
    series idea is if you could find a Team to play in the new Team battles.
    just my thoughts and wishes, good day my good sir!!

  227. That team chat in the first game made me wish i could slap people trough
    the internet.

  228. The kuma

  229. thx for the wows gameplay, play des moines

  230. How about more WOWS in general?

  231. ZAA BISMAK (tirpitz)

  232. Bismarck or else I’ll eat off my grandmas toe

  233. i dont like one shooting ships like he does at the start of the game and
    you just die thats no fun i only play battle ships and i feel bad when i do
    it thats why i hate DD’s and carriers they can end you at the start and its
    no fun to play.

  234. Kiev Tier7 Soviet DD or Gulag


  236. Yes, gotta love the Iowa, and maybe an you play the german Yorck cruiser?

  237. ‫עמית גלילי‬‎

    High tier carriers ! :D

  238. Still the best into music/scene out there. Epic.

  239. I say go full BBrawler with secondaries in the Amagi. Kill those DDs and
    Cruisers with full secondaries meme (?)

  240. yes Iowa I luv u phly <3

  241. ‫עמית גלילי‬‎

    Midway! We never see carriers :(

  242. Notice the Mogami Phly-Sempai

  243. Play any Russian destroyer and use torpedoes only

  244. Play the yamato she is too honorable

  245. Colorado-class please Phly?

    USS Pennsylvania (in game, the Colorado fully upgraded is the closest at
    resembling Pennsylvania in appearance) started World War II at Pearl
    Harbour and survived to the end. Help an old girl out to avenge her
    sister’s death.

  246. phly, can I make a suggestion. if you are in a ship and you know your under
    fire, try making random course adjustments every 5. seconds to mess up
    their shots. I emphasise that I do not play world of warships and that this
    is purely an observation based on how much difficulty you have hitting a
    turning ship

  247. This ship is by far my best, even better when your AA is 100 and you get
    matched up with tier 7 carriers. Its so much fun

  248. The amagi one of fav battleship

  249. i don’t know if its in that game but i think you should play as hms hood

  250. Hast du dir alles selber frei gespielt ?! Oder ne Menge Geld investiert ?

  251. Pls go low tier sampson USA destroyer

  252. The citadel shot in the intro gave me the hardest boner, thank you Phly

  253. Lee Halverston Hayes

    U.S.S Deez Nuts

  254. The HE-111 like. Heck yeah!!

  255. same thing happened to me yesterday i was pushing a cap in a AA spec
    Montana with a DD while the cruisers were 14km behind me

    pisses me off so much, you better believe i called them out on it then they
    fixed their gameplay

  256. Midway or ill eat your foot

  257. Always been a lot of hype about the Atago… and I don’t think you’ve ever
    made a video about it.
    I get as many citadels with that thing as I would with a battleship man

  258. Play the Midway class carrier with as much torpedo as you can! Be smart ;)

  259. they should add in a map thats like the Battle of Lata gulf.

  260. Use manual antiaircraft for even better AA

  261. Please take out the shitty Yorck

  262. Use the glorious true 4 Hosho

  263. Sergeant Major Gray

    Rep the state phly sail the North Carolina!

  264. hashedate

  265. USS Montana or I’ll eat my foot!!!!

  266. Fire prevention skill is useless don’t go with it

  267. I got a U.S.S. New jersey model yesterday and i’m really pumped to build
    it, only got it because one of my teachers said it was a really damn good
    ship in the day. Now should i build it first then paint it (the deck needs
    to be a wood color and the bottom of the ship needs to be red) or should i
    paint it first?

  268. Midway or I will crash a plane

  269. Wait. 48fps? Wut?

  270. zao pls pls

  271. the Atlanta gameplay the ship machine gun

  272. You gotta do that Clemson, the endangered species

  273. Montana plz she’s been getting a bad rap lately and I want you to show
    people that she can still be good

  274. I waited three days for my request to come in. THREE DAYS

    Anyways, I want you to try out the Kiev, since I haven’t seen anyone use it

  275. Lets see some New York action

  276. The chat in the first battle is horrible or that one guy .-.
    But a good video as always :D

  277. Do the xp55 or I will punch Hans in the foot

  278. I really wanna see the Izumo again, such a unique ship (until they add the
    British) and not to mention the designer must have been off his face

  279. +phlydaliy keep up the good work man hope see what’s next ??

  280. Atago-chan!

  281. drensen class Germany

  282. 720p 48fps ?

  283. yamato yamato yamato yamato yamato yamato yamato yamato yamato yamato
    yamato yamato

  284. Plz

  285. dam phly back at it again with wows gameplay

  286. Yamato for the win

  287. Minekaze with torp speed upgrade and range decrease.

  288. Anti-Zionism League

    Phly can you take out the Space Battleship Yamato?

  289. I’m so happy to see more WoWS on the channel. Maybe some Shimakaze torpedus
    gameplay? ;)

  290. Under 301 Club


  292. Play the mighty Königsberg and just have fun,and take the ship upgrade for
    more accuaret shooting, its like having no spread at all

  293. another great video from a great youtuber

  294. Hey Phly. Keep up the good work! Love you and your vids.(Laura might get
    jealous tho ;)

  295. Hey Phly did you ever think about making any more Star Wars Battlefront

  296. Seems the intro is some ms off… sorry about non epicness

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