Citadel Giveaway – 332K – 22 Citadels AND 6 Kills || World of Warships

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  1. Distribution Of Citadels and Citadel Welfare.
    Karl Marx would be so proud.

  2. 10:25 is why there is a map border.. those bastards are trying to go to the next continent lol

  3. Russian Super ships. I can’t even watch these vids.

  4. player *knows* when to push ??

  5. Please help me, I can only choose one USS GEORGIA or YAMATO

  6. mazayyi zhefranie

    Why all of enemy team boardside ??? … she is lucky

  7. broadsides everywhere… nice aim but sry its lame game

    • sblofrz lopscutrzxc

      Brokengrad has a bb armor

    • WG nerf broadsides plz.. I like when clueless noobs cry out to nerf the ship which i just bought after 2 years of steel harvest

    • First get one yourself. Then ask again.

    • @sblofrz lopscutrzxc stalingrad’s arnor is completely useless agsinst a good alaska/ des moines player

    • @Jozsef Toth yeah because you purchased something with steel, it is lawfully OP huh ? Bourgogne is more expensive and not as stupidly OP. Just look at the Yoshinos in this game, getting citadeled 17 km away and angled for one, 20km and broadside for the other. But hey, so newbish from them to not pay attention at a broken ship a map away from them… ridiculous.

  8. ahh, 4 citadels from 14k on a Yamato from a cruiser. Russian tanks are the best tanks here we come.

  9. damn broadsides everywhere, must be my teammates

  10. Even with same aiming like this I couldn’t get a citadel in battle ship, balance crusier I ever seen

  11. Pichuquito Pichuquito

    Weak enemy team, but the way he takes his time to choose and shoot the best target is really impressing !! gg M8

  12. hey…. really?

  13. World of tanks all over again. Fake op russian ships. Russia sucks irl

  14. 殺了菜鳥。NA T10 ship = ASIA T3 SKILL

  15. Glorious Bastard

    How to see post battle results in a replay?

  16. What the lucky noob there !

  17. They forgot to check the options:
    *bot is moving*
    *bot is armed*

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