Citadel Guide & Overview | World of Warships Legends PS4 Xbox1

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Overview and guide to hitting citadels in World of Warships Legends (WoWs Legends) available on PS4 and XBox 1. Where to aim to hit citadels, what are citadels and how to hit more citadels in World of Warships Legends.


  1. Very useful thx for sharing

  2. yOu sENt coMmAndS tOO oFTen

  3. Great video , really useful for everyone and hope people will actually practice this info in the game.

  4. The problem is people don’t Rtfm. As I pointed out on Facebook to a guy who said that your material is for advanced players, he should watch your guides first…but instant elevation from potato isn’t happening!

    • I try and make content for all levels, but I’m willing to bet I have the most that is specifically geared towards brand new players. You can always send them the link to the beginner’s playlist, that’s where all those videos end up

  5. It all boils down to rngesus. Recently had a battle in jb where after 36 hits at broadside bbs I couldn’t get 1 citidel.

  6. Surprised that an Omaha was on the receiving end in a video about citadels.

    • Why? Most of the Omaha players don’t realize you get ONE extra gun for showing that side ..
      But it’ll cause em to end up back at port ..

    • @TheyCallMe 47 It was a toss up between the Omaha and the Danae, I guess the latter won out on account of its comedically vast size. To borrow from TBull himself, you could citadel that thing whilst “parked on the moon” (while looking through your Hubble telescope).

  7. Well some of your facts are right some are wrong

  8. Have you checked out the thread on wows facebook..They was talking about youtubers..Alot of feedback..I think it might be on the community thread..Look for them talking about Athenian34..

  9. TBull discharging loads in people directions. Lol

  10. Good video…. now we just need a damn armour viewer in this bloody game like the PC version has

  11. when you say you should aim top hull for further distance shots to get the shells to drop through the deck, at what approximate distance do you alter your aim from water line to top hull? I noticed you usually did that at around 8km+?

    • It’ll vary on the caliber IMHO. But between 8-10, sometimes 12, the angle of the shells as the fall, still allows them to make it to the citadel.

    • Thames เทมส์

      I read it in wiki, the AP shell will 99% richochet if it drops on deck unless the distance is super far like 20 km+ (but appererantly not possible in Legend). You always want to aim at waterline for citadel.

      Aimming AP above waterline at 8 km+? , I believe this is when he aimed at Battleship right ? that is because Battleship armor cover citadel is impregnable for crusier small guns, that is why he tried to aim above citadel where the armor is lessor and still able to do some dmg.

  12. I only know how to Citadel Ishizuchi and IOWA. And general under turret, waterline areas. I was looking for specific answers like how to Citadel Bismarck and all t7 BBs of each nation.

  13. I seem to cit the iwaki with he a ton in the kberg.

  14. Yeah, that one you might it at an odd angle at long range once every thousand hits or so. Very good turtleback armor protecting the citadel

  15. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it happen above tier 3. Just a handful on extremely lightly armored cruisers that it can happen to

  16. Hi Tbull, had a Montecuccoli AI game the other day , didn’t get much done, bad positioning or whatever but I somehow got 9 citadels on only 7 shots, no torp hits at all….how does that happen?

  17. Good info tbull thanks

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