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  2. ㄗ丹尺Kモ尺尺工匚卄丹尺刀


  3. “I have a great idea! Let’s sail out broadside to a Moskva, and when he shoots at us, we’ll keep on sailing broadside, he’ll never expect that!”

    • Zao Captain: silly there vision is based on movement if you sit still brodside on they can’t shoot you.

    • +TheCrankyCow *their you illiterate

    • +Nick Dunki Jacobs Here let me fix that for you. @TheCrankyCow It’s “their” and not “there”, glad I could help. Hope you have a great day. Because being an ass just to be an ass is part of the problem with the world today.

  4. Big shock…moskow cruiser…

  5. Seriously WG, lower Yamato’s citadel. This kind of stuff looks ridiculous.

    • +iFartz In my Yammy, I try to avoid brawling, but sometimes you end up at close quarters. And if a CA, like as shown in this vid, can consistently citadel me through my side armor, it’s ridiculous. Realistically, they should have to aim at superstructure. No other BB in the game can be taken out so easily by such small caliber guns.

    • +demoskunk “small” caliber guns you say? You do realise that the Moskva is a bit of an oddity when it comes to CAs, right? 220mm guns with something near 1000m/s muzzle velocity. Furthermore, yes, a Montana would’ve been just as screwed. Republique possibly aswell even though it requires slightly more precision.
      From what you’re saying here, I’m tempted to say the “issue” is not so much the Yamato’s citadel, as the Moskva’s guns.

    • +iFartz Yes, I know Moskava has pretty big guns for a CA, but relatively small to a BB’s.
      And when Montana’s and Yamato’s belt armors are designed to repel shells almost as big as the ones they themselves fire, it seems flawed that 220mm shells would just punch through that easily.

    • +demoskunk Well, you’re right that they were designed to repel shells more or less “their own” size, but only at certain ranges. If you wanna make armour thick enough to repel a 16 inch shell at point blank range, that’s gonna get heavy.

    • +iFartz Good point. At close range those smaller shells will pack more punch.

  6. In the words of Jingles: That’s a paddling.

    Honestly some of these idiots deserve it…

  7. epic noob enemy team…

  8. these new russian bb’s are awesome! 😀

  9. I can only imagine that whenever he scores a citadel there’s at least one crew member going “Cyka Bylat”

  10. impressive 13 outta 18 on the mush

  11. OMG this constant zoom in zoom out gets annoying real fast!

  12. Never, ever, plan ahead expecting that the enemy will do something stupid.

    Nooooow, if that said enemy really is, nothing stops you from changing the plan accordingly …

  13. Unreal when you play with humans

  14. Wow! Great battle

  15. When a Moskva and a Moskva go against each other, there’s always one that deals no damage and one that keeps hitting the enemy in the citadel

  16. Ohannes 31 mi 😀

  17. Aritz Rodriguez Bilbao

    dais asco…..

  18. Broadsider…broadsider everywhere

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