CITADEL MONSTER || World of Warships

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  1. Hmmm, a Battle Cruiser to play that offensive and slaughter BBs?… Me thinks a tweak is in order.

  2. What kind of ship is that to shoot flames out of its stack? 6:10

  3. This is a bad violence against Battleships
    Stop it >_< ¡ Respect Battleships

  4. GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. This almost never happens tho. As a bb player i never disrespect a cruiser cos i know what they can do. But they were all judt giving broadside like idiots

    • And with the proper angling the torpedo belt of an Erie can bounce those 460 mm shells. Few people realize that cruiser, especially German, in cqc scenarios is just as lethal as anything if not more.

    • In real life big shells like that never bounce unless they are hitting comparable battleships. BBs have been seriously nerfed in game compared to real life

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Golden Eagle
      It’s the game mechanics
      Wows has 60 degree autobounce
      14.3x overmatch

      Wot has 70 degree autobounce 3x overmatch

      WOT is mathematically correct WOWs is not.

      Wows should be 60 degree autobounce and 2x overmatch. Or 70 degree autobounce and 3x overmatch.

      If it was that way in game.
      T1 Erie and her 88mm belt would be overmatched by battleship calibers – in fact even by Cruisers with 152mm+ guns.

      German Battleships will no longer be citadel proof – not a single ship is citadel proof.
      Bow tanking is dead every ship can lolpen each other’s bows.
      Citadel deck penetrations exist – now ranged engagements are significantly more lethal.

      And Cruisers get their armour overmatched from any angle and get citadeled from any angle by battleship calibers and even Cruiser calibers.

      Pick your poison – citadel proof meta / passive bow tanking meta
      Cruisers being a dead ship type getting nuked from any angle by Battleships…

    • +Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer real world, even a deflected bb she’ll hitting the water below the waterline would kill a cruiser. Use of hp shells against soft targets like cruisers would detonate in near misses. Cruisers had speed to avoid battleships.

  6. 460 mm shells doesn’t care about angling: Denied.

  7. Sure 1.8 sigma AP and 2.1 sigma HE deals no damage to Moscau

    *460mm HE*
    what kind of tards shoots sth Yammy HE?

  8. Nice angling you got there

  9. Poor yamato gave up in fighting against Moskva

  10. Wow wow wow, just wow. What a bunch of noobs

  11. At that distance, and giving broadside to Moskva…? and how many of shells from those BBs actually hit that Moskva? those behaviors will make WG think more than twice for tweaking…

  12. I thought animal abuse is banned Pasch ^^

    dont worry guys I also play BBs 😛 really like them

  13. fighting against potatoes isnt hard

  14. literally every ship showed broadside and didnt fight back

  15. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Not Stalingrad?? Gulag!! The citadel monster should be Stalingrad xD

  16. Bitte cute deine Videos

  17. The Moskva was VERY VERY LUCKY but it was a good game

  18. Ok, im at half of the video and nothing happened, no damage, nothing. So some really fast action must come…

  19. 3 min into game and it became obvious the shima and fletch r noobs……

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