Clan battles, terrible meta | World of warships

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  1. Ah, competitive….the joke mode of world of warships.

  2. TWO Aircraft Carriers, in a 7v7 format……Wargaming is clearly in capable of Logical thought. Seriously 1 carrier SURE whatever he can only be in one place, but 2 can basically cover the entire map. Like i can count the AA ships capable of killing all those planes on 1 hand.

    Edit: Awwww, baby owl 🙂

  3. and as a hidden bonus to make game even more shit our clan fresh in storm was matched with guys from typhoon , very epic moments they didnt loose one ship

  4. They added double CV to clan battles and it sucks? Woah who would’ve thought!

  5. Baby owl is more enjoyable than the current Clan Battles meta right now.

  6. I don’t know how many times I’ve committed sudoku. I’m really bad at it though, can’t figure out all the combinations. Makes me want to commit seppuku.

  7. On top of the pandemic and personal loss, the current format and meta of this season of CB triggered my anxiety disorder. Yeah. Nope. Played the first week and not once since

  8. You want a tinfoil theory? Soviet CVs will enter early access right in the middle of the season, with pretty much 100% guarantee that WG won’t make any additional bans by then. Imagine getting dropped by 2 of those.

  9. World of We-Don’t-Play-Our-Own-Game. Surreal is the new real.

  10. easy fix, run 2 aigles, 1 t61, 1 pef, 1 ark royal and 2 huanges

  11. In this format even one CV per team is too much. Boy am I glad I deleted my Wargaming account.

  12. Manjunathan Ulaganathan

    you do a great commentary man!

  13. Yeh when I saw the double CV thing announced a month back I was like o fuk no, 2 Ryojo cross threading torpedoes

  14. I got into a random fight and died to HE spam in 30 seconds 🙂

  15. WG : How to Fix our poor balancing decision ?
    WG intern Boris : Ban this, also this, that and a little bit of that too

  16. I really wonder if we play on the same planet. Our clan is about to reach storm in 1 rating & mid gale in the other, 80+ games and 0 double cv games , 9/10 were double BB and they slaughter any cruiser they see due to the pathetic armor they have, if anything I feel bad for whichever cruiser gets shot at.

  17. Players: using smoke-cruisers.
    WG: “need to sell a radar-ship at T6”.

  18. 7:15 Why would the enemy commit Sudoku? Because they are so bored they need to do some puzzles to not fall asleep?

  19. I’ve always had that question. Do CV mains love this Clan season?

  20. Cant wait for those 2 pepsicolas eventually being replaced by 2 submarines in later versions

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