Clans 101: How to | World of Warships

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How to earn even more resources in World of Warships? Join or create your own Clan! Here is how!

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about today’s video?
    Do you have your own clan?:)


    • Please add USS Enterprise CV 6 in Naval Legends because she is one of the Legend in History of not only Combat but combat Tactics, she is the first carrier to make a Night Bombing and Night operations, she is the First carrier that sunk an enemy ship in WW2, and she is the most decorated ship of WW2 and the first Carrier to lost a Crew when some of her crew is on the Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attack it, and also she is more Legend than yamato, not in terms of design but in terms of Battle record, please ad USS Enterprise and make the video long because her Service and honor to her country and other allied country is more legendary than most of the ship, please add USS Enterprise, because she might be a museum now but I know you can restore her history and story for the other people to know. ??

    • @Clyde Picar
      You deserve a video due to your message

    • @world of warships official Channel.

      yes we have an active clan( Pnavy ) on EU server, and we regularly play Clan battles. We ended up in Typhoon in last Clan season
      Currently recruiting Players with WR more than 55% and having t10 ships.
      Interested people can contact us ( commander or recruiters ) via in game messages.

      Good luck to all for upcoming Clan battles


  3. *shows DM without camo in a cb*

  4. SonOfAB_tch2ndClass

    How to clan wars… pick Russian because they are all OP

  5. Any new steel ships?
    I’m waiting.

  6. Clans 101: how to

    Grind the easy directives and recieve an invitation. If you are too slow you get banned from the clan tab for one update

  7. some new features for the clanbase would be nice

  8. 0:18 oh look it’s AxelRamm if anyone still remembers him from sea smackdown 8

  9. Wish they’d update the console version more ?

  10. I want HowToBasic series

  11. An unimportend SIDE NOTE they forget to tell :7
    you get also A 3 DAYS BAN, where you cant join any new clan…,

    so HF and ENJOY the GAME!!!11111 [:]

  12. Wer noch einen Clan sucht: Wir (BAFLO) suchen immer wieder neue Mitglieder! 🙂

  13. Thanks guys, i stop after watching 23 seconds.
    Too fast, too annoying voice, too much bombast. I see who you are catering to.
    We, 2015-veterans with interest in historic ships rather than achievements are not interesting to you anymore.
    Even tho i spent 1000€ on your game since then.

    • It’s all about selling overpriced ships like Payto Rico now and catering to whales or grind-fests. The historical ships and content has taken the backseat, sadly.

  14. I’ve experienced clan leader corruption, the leader took everything earned from the clans vault for himself. And you lads, any other story alike?

  15. 春节活动呢?

  16. I literally just unlocked clans… literally like 7 hours after this came out… thank you

  17. In short,
    Cashgrap mega updates

  18. Sad Clown Drawings

    Funny, you like samurai swords… I like baseball.

  19. JOIN CN_70


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