Clear Skies in 6 minutes – Des Moines – World of Warships

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Player: PorscheRacer14
Map: Hotspot

Skies in 6 minutes

User Description:

spec doing Des Moines things like radar such. Clearing skies and seas the pesky things 🙂

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  1. Anything 8km of a Des Moines is a permanent no-fly zone. No exceptions.
    If you are in a CV (even Hakuryu) and see a Des Moines in a certain area,
    just do yourself and your pilots a favor and attack something else.

  2. high quality wie immer 😉 LG

  3. That was probably the most passive CA i’ve seen so far

  4. That CV player is worse than a bot. I ran into him on my team today. Right
    when we were about to win, he charges and got himself killed and lost us
    the game.

  5. That was a close game ;)

  6. Now I Have a Question. I have Yet to have a Clear Sky medal (one of 4) I
    feel confident in my NC AA build. I once was placed in a game with a
    Shokaku who kept sending planes my way. Ended with 41 downed planes. I
    understand the 50% and minimum of 30 but do you have to shoot down a scout
    from a ship also. That’s the question. It’s just worded funny. Thank you!

  7. the grind is real got the baltimoar … but i want the des moines so hard

  8. That CV player must have been drunk?! Didnt he realize that all his planes
    were just murdered that he sends to C?

  9. why is sb not using the range module on the floating citadel called Des
    Moines?! it would have been much more dmg…..

  10. FTB의 도라에몽

    Is that Essex AI?

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