Clear Sky with Scharnhorst – World of Warships

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Player: GhostGTR2
Map: New Dawn

User Description:


got a very cool game yesterday. , High Caliber, Dreadnought Fireproof… i just love my Scharnhorst for ranked games. Even some people think you have this smoke meta…i really like it when my secondarys kill DD´s and with the manual you´re just no match for most the CV players 😉

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  1. 1st for a change …

  2. Carriers give me so much trouble in just about every match. This was beautiful to see.

  3. juste nerf this ship look def AA over power omg

  4. Westward Photography

    Lol 12:55 “Schar has terrible AA” from one of his teammates XD

  5. teammates cap and PK goes right for the carrier – dastardly and set the whole game – best PK aggression I’ve seen!

  6. WTF!!!?

  7. can you tell me what mod!?

  8. anything on this AA is weird, i have scharn with AA/sec build lvl 19 captain and nearly no AA who is so good. AA looks like he has AA def skill what he cant !?

  9. Thx for the upload 🙂

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