Clear Sky with the Bismarck – World of Warships

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Bismarck with full AA build: AFT, BFT, Manual AA + 20% AA range upgrade


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  1. “Year of the Carrier”

  2. German

  3. This time spamming the bismarck with planes doesnt work to sink her 😀

  4. Going C…

  5. I outfitted my kurfurst with AA and it’s working wonders now

  6. I would imagine a Lexington to murder him in a 1v1 scenario. We have either the world’s worse CV player or just a super silly AA build on the Bismarck.

    • Trades46 it’s gotta be the super silly AA build ?. If I’m a CV player meeting a German BB with AA build like this bismarck, I swear I would actually be pissed XDD

    • I think as for aa build this guy just has manual aa and AFT for secondaries plus aa, nothing more

  7. I em not a scared boy

    I wish they would add a red stripe on the bow and stern of the Bismarck with at least the German cross on it or an X on it. This would be a cool addition to the premium camp for Bismarck. 🙂

    • T K In wwii it was the swaztica, to help german air force be able to recognize their own comrades, which was quite dump in my opinion cuz enemy planes can saw that too.

    • Yes I know – same reason there are stripes on the Italian ones. Of course once the war started, the Germans got ride of the swastikas since they realised it was a perfect target. The Italians actually bombed their own navy so they decided to keep the stripes.

    • T K the german use Fritz X radio control bombs and bombed the Italian ships, one BB sunk. Me hoping that someday Wargaming while add acoustic torpedo to german DD. One top per launch is not OP, and the DD in the oposite smoke get rekt, that’s real german tech.

    • That would be cool – but I imagine it will be difficult to adapt in the game.

    • I em not a scared boy

      Minh Khoa Nguyen I think if they at least put just the red on with out the cross it wouldn’t be identified as easily. Or if they would have just at least made it lighter to make it harder to see.

  8. So, 7 bullets, 5 pen and 2 over-pen, did 19k on the bismarck and did 21k on the carolina. For once the turtle armor is useful?…

  9. Meanwhile, in real life, Bismarck couldn’t even shoot down Swordfish.

    • Xiaonan Liu the captain : “these planes are sooo obsolete. open fire at 500m range men, we will show them the power of german tech”
      5 minutes later captain: “why did I even said that! now rudders are gonel”

  10. Very good game. I haven’t seen a Bismarck game in a long time.

  11. Useless build + Stupid ennemy cv…

  12. Hey! Whats your build?

  13. Manual aa and NO click to torpedo planes ha ha 🙂

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