Closequarters GK – RIP YAMMI 288k DMG and 8 heroic awards || World of Warships

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  1. Grosser Kurfurst is truly a brawler and a CQB monster.

  2. basically all damage is citadels

  3. Brokages_over_Hokages

    Deutsche Qualität

  4. one Smolensk couldve stopped him with one smoke duration

  5. The same movie again…👎

  6. I have 1 question though… Can i do this with my FDG?

  7. go KAP go 🙂 🙂 schönes Video 😉 Gruß Rabauck

  8. I have sent 2 replays i dont know if you got them but one is with bourgogne where i did 343k damage and the other one is with giulio cesare where i did 220k damage!

  9. one smolsnk with just using one smoke can prevent her form brawling is stupid.😂

  10. … they gave you soo many openings omg
    Why the hell do your guns actually damage ships and over penn every fricken time? WG gots to fix this issue in the game ASAP.

  11. Wheres this kids math at lol. He’s like… “oh common 2k away from 300k damage” but he’s sitting on 288 😂

  12. Никита Китаев


  13. Turned bad when he blundered right in to those torps at the start.

  14. Should have been on top of using the repair skill. I use it as soon as i can to get as many off before sinking. As a BB player you should never sink with any repairs left.

  15. 7:41
    GK: omae wo mou shindeiru
    Yamato: naniiiiii?

  16. Fallout 4 Nuka World

    Der Kurfürst kan richtig gut austeilen und seine Sekundär ist der hammer.

  17. Roadrage 🙂

  18. Lmfao that midway drop at the end!!!!

  19. 5:07: fire at will commander!

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