Colbert Impression – World of Warships

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Impression on the new Atlanta style ship for the French Fleet, Colbert. Discuss builds, strengths, weaknesses, and overall feel. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X French Cruiser Colbert Replay – Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. I wanted to see a closeup of it, the ship of death 🙁

  2. this is nice. In real life, this ship would use up its ammo in like ten minutes

  3. Someone's Youtube Username

    It’s nice but I’ll stick to my Worcester. It has “enough” DPM on the guns and I like my hydro + def AA + radar + heal combo. Just way better consumables.

  4. Donald Wrightson

    By the time it makes it’s debut in game it will be nerfed to death.

  5. Missed the opportunity to call this video Colbert Report, shame….

    jk good video Notser

  6. Only good thing about this ship is watching a Worcester get out Worcester’d.

  7. Oh boy, yet another ship for mouth-breathing IFHE spammers. How very fun and engaging.

  8. “Hey this is not Syrian” Good job auto-generated caption.

  9. Not sure how to bb anymore. In my GK I’m getting burned down every single game, it’s tiring. This ship is just joining the party

  10. More Two ships for end with fun in aleatóry battles

  11. 5:20 “2 or 3 salvos in 10 seconds”

    Harugumo: Am i a joke to you

  12. Historic French post-war AA cruiser, must have this beauty !!! ;D

  13. ThatAussieBloke

    woo more HE spam, lucky I don’t play any more after CV rework

  14. atlanta , worchester or this ship, same same. lets see this ship vs minotaur. haha

  15. Michael Gimenez

    Hey Wargamming there is too much HE spam in the game.

    WG: “Dont worry i got you chap!”

    That thing should never see the light of day, if you think this will make the BB to push for points now you are dreaming in color

  16. Sam Manganello Jr

    Of course Noster you know these ships will be nerfed before they come out to the public so I’m not getting too excited about it yet

  17. Wargaming: deliberately nerfs and handicaps British ships to be primarily light cruiser and DD hunters

    Also wargaming: gives the best light cruiser and DD hunter to the French…

  18. oh, I thought you meant a Stephen Colbert impression?

  19. Augustuvi Primce dea.V.

    Colbert is an escort+++ ship, not cruiser(individual sea control)

  20. It’s a good thing too, could you imagine if DDs weren’t instantly vaporized every game?

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