Colorado Battleship | World of Warships Legends Console

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Taking a look at the Colorado, the tier 6 American USN Battleship in World of Warships WoWs Legends Console, the free to play game from Wargaming available on PS4 and XBox 1. Going over general American Battleship tips, tricks and strategy in a Colorado.


  1. 0 views and 0 likes/dislikes…. The last time i was this early i was born…

    • ? the video is probably still finishing uploading so the video quality might be a little rough. Should improve in a few mins

    • @Tbull no your good im restared yesterday playing the Colorado and the jarvis

    • @Tbull the hardest thing to learn is the when too shoo and angles to shoot shots.

    • @DemonLord OTRT there’s a lot of little things like that in the game, but once you get the hang of them you’ll have a big advantage over those who don’t take the time to learn about them

    • @Tbull ya i know i gotten 6 citadel as the norm on most tir 5 cruiser with the Colorado eather 1-2 shots.

  2. The update adjusting the timers has been postponed due to the Xbox errors that were on going. These errors have now been resolved, so Xbox players should be able to get into games now. There will be a bundle in the shop to compensate xbox players for the downtime.

  3. Classic Dev vs Player conflict. No dev ever got paid for making a “fun” game. They get paid for making a profitable game. Capture points were changed to make games faster. More games played = greater success = bonuses paid. When they pushed the spawn back 10% they figured games would last longer on average, and were in danger of missing targets so they changed capture points. Now they’ve hit target and earned their quarterly bonus, it goes back to the previous values.

    Any Free to play players – open your containers now while you have the 2 days free and take advantage of the increased RNG premium players receive on crates.

    • You’re probably right, but in the end if the game isn’t fun then the games played isn’t going to be hitting any marks, so it’s in their interest in that regard

  4. can u do Kagero next Bull??

    • Have it unlocked in terms of xp but don’t have the credits yet. Once I get it up and running I’ll be sure to get a video up on it

  5. Anyone who plays both PC and Xbox WOWS noticed that the Antialiasing on the console version is far superior to the PC. the flakey oceans looks terrible on the horizon on the PC version, and I have the graphics maxed out on PC.

    • I never played the PC version but have watched a fair amount on it, and I’d agree, overall I like the look of the console version better

    • @Tbull Also, the wider field of view on PC makes the enemy ships looks small and not very detailed compared to how nice the larger ones look on console.

  6. Lol as an Iowa player I find it offensive lmao of course we are gonna sit on the moon and throw rock to earth I feel like we just got judged lol

  7. Map Awareness, map awareness, map awareness. I’m glad you mentioned that. Many players don’t utilize it enough. I think it would be a great idea to repeat this as a mantra on all of your videos. I think in given time all of your viewers will focus on that more. They would be hearing your voice in the back of their head during each game. It’d be awesome to have more teammates who are more situationally aware of the overall picture. On the flip side it would suck to play more players who are situationally aware, especially as a destroyer player.

    Having great map awareness made made my individual gameplay drastically get better. I’m constantly telling myself to check the map, especially in a heated firefight.

    • It’s probably the most important skill to master to becoming a good player. I’m trying to think of a way to do a map awareness training video, hopefully will come up with something soon

  8. Hi T, just got the Colorado myself so looking forward to putting all of your advice to use they are superbly informative.
    Regarding commanders you really have been hard done by but it is a poor system. I think you should be able to buy commanders and promotion orders with commanders xp otherwise it is pretty redundant.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Yeah I’d agree. I have heard that they are considering tweaking the commander system, so something along the lines of what you recommend I think would work well

  9. Your opening thoughts on Wargaming are my position aswell… Wargaming does listen to feedback and makes their best effort to make adjustments.

  10. Just voted for you, your leading!??

  11. Just voted for the “He Gawn Don” btw.

  12. Which is better for a battleship in a near spawn point-
    Full speed forward while turning away.
    Or immediate reverse.
    Upon start

    • It’s a great question, and if you get it wrong you potentially could take a devastating strike right off the bat. I’d prefer to get up to speed going forward and then turn rearward, which will give you more speed and control as you slowly kite, but if you are on a map that you will get spotted right off the bat it’s best to reverse and go from there. Hopefully with the further back spawns you should rarely get spotted before you can make a turn

    • @Tbull I always take the full speed and turn away.
      I see people start in reverse but then am to busy to see how it goes for them.
      Maybe some backwards drivers would chime in, lol

  13. BattlestarPegasus

    That poor Queen Elizabeth guy 🙁 That would be my luck if I played on Standard games, which I don’t.

  14. BattlestarPegasus

    I just used my Deutschmarks to buy two commander crates Tbull, I got Franz Von Hipper and and Karl von Muller 🙂 I already had Reinhard Scheer of course, and Erich Bey. Have you managed to get any new ones yet? I know you were getting miffed about duplicates 🙁

    • Nope, the commander crates from the deutschmarks were my best bet to get some free commanders, now I’ll just have to wait for the weekly commander crates to start producing something other than duplicate Deweys ? Glat to hear you got something juicy out of yours!

    • How do you Acquire deutsche marks? Confused

    • BattlestarPegasus

      @Tbull Sorry to hear 🙁

    • BattlestarPegasus

      @Mr E From the current campaign I think.

    • @Mr E you can get up to 20 per day just by playing, there are missions involving gaining xp and doing damage. They are awarded at different stages throughout the campaign both on the free and the Admiralty Backing branches

  15. Great job bro !

  16. Don’t thank us, I thank you for these tips. They’ve made me a better player. Oh and Sims is 100% better for battleships got damn it ain’t even close. I feel your Dewey pain.

    • Haha, the people in my discord have been talking about their high level German cruiser captains all afternoon. It sucks looking in from the outside ?

  17. Fuso is my favorite tier 5 battleship.

  18. I just voted for u. Looks like ur the winner.

  19. That Queen Elizabeth was the victim of not closing the range quickly enough…the outer edge of her immune zone is pretty close, due to her being designed in the early 1910s when battle ranges were expected to be close…as a result, great belt, weak decks…getting caught at long range in these can be painful…

    • They definitely do better approaching medium range, but had it been angled properly it would have lived for at least another salvo ?

  20. Is there aircraft carriers yet

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