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Checking out Kuznetsov was introduced in 8.4 for the Soviet Navy. Show off the Will to Victory Passive activation and discuss my thoughts on it. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X Soviet Kremlin Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. i cri i dont have enough time to get him

  2. That Seattle was driving me nuts in chat. People who backseat like that are infuriating sometimes, especially when they obviously don’t know what they’re talking about…

    • Yes, I thought it was funny when they told the Salem to radar the DD at the end when 1) it was already spotted and 2) it was out of radar range anyway. Also earlier in the game I think they were telling players to take a cap when there were still enemy ships in it.

    • Ditto, about half way through the video I had to go back and see how he died. While Notzer’s division and others players are are kiting, the Seattle charges to the front line, sideways on to half the enemy team, then retreats after he’s already doomed, followed by the chat blowup. Must have been a WOT player in a former life!

  3. I like the guy at the end telling your Salem how to play, and they clearly have no idea how the Salem’s mechanics work.

    • how do u play it? i find its heal to be pretty useless…most of the dmg u take is AP which the heal doesnt repair much of.
      the heal is only really useful for fire dmg as u usually got way more heal power than u can use.

    • Think the same, Salem heal is nearly useless because u take mostly OvErMaTcH AP dmg in this Tier u can’t repair.

  4. He gets will to victory…

    Sounds like enhanced Russian Bias in disguise.

  5. ?Khaba khaba khaba khaba khaba with Kuznetsov ??

  6. Good maths thay 15 crates is about 66% of the credits needed.
    Also 5 weeks to earn the credits that are only in game for 4 weeks.

  7. I’m sorry but I strongly disagree with you Notser. As soon as I saw that each time you pass the points margin for the event you’d only get 8 provision tokens, and for someone like me who’s average at 50% win rate that’s too little for what it’s worth. No one has the time to sit in front of a computer screen playing the same game for hours on end. Maybe if they bumped it up to 20 or 25 at the higher ends and 12 or 15 for the lower thresholds that would be more reasonable.

  8. So it only takes 5 weeks to earn enough tokens in a 4 weeks event. Nice ?

    • i played almost every day and sometimes even 2000 points…and im not even close to the captain.
      i hope there is another way to get him

    • General Cartman Lee

      If you only choose the team with normal difficulty and go for the 500 points you are able to get 450 tokens (25 days, 18 tokens a day).
      However on high difficutly you can get 27 tokens and on very high you can get 33 tokens a day.
      With 2 days normal difficulty and every 3rd day maxing out high difficulty you already get more than 500 tokens.
      Yes, as usual with any marathon or daily mission grind it requires playing a lot. But it is not impossible.

  9. I don’t even feel like grinding Soviet BBs before i get this Cap , he feels too important

  10. I’d put mine in the Khaba. The khaba sustains damage and extra heals and extra consumables will benefit the khaba greatly imho

  11. They should have the Will to Victory be announced by the captain giving speech, would be fun. XD

  12. You mean Admiral Earl Grey….Hot ^_~

  13. Just wanted to clear some things up. In the service of the motherland containers offer 25 provision tokens, not 75 and those are only the premium (black & gold) ones. The red and white ones are the free ones that do not offer any provisions tokens.

    Wargaming has confirmed on the website and the NA Forum that you can get the commander for coal later on in the armory as well:

  14. keep on doing the great videos and streams 🙂

  15. Balance in Progress: can they shoot through island, yet?

  16. 5:55 Just to highlight how arbitrarily fabricated this is, I wish that any shells fired would leave the enemy ship and fly 180 in the opposite direction. I mean, if you’re going design a mechanic that ridiculously hokey, I say go all the way! This isn’t like a concealment module where it’s tied in with visibility and supposed to be more difficult to “see.” How exactly are my guns less accurate because someone else is low on health? If this mechanic is logically sound, WG could rationally make my armor thinner to the enemy while he’s repairing. It’s utterly stupid! Make the ship do something beneficial on it’s own, in a coherent way, rather than randomly and illogically effecting other ships.

  17. This Commander is made for Stalingrad: OP Ship (i know, i know its not OP ^^) meets very stron commander. hmmmm

  18. Funny how they added this guy in right as they are adding so many more daka daka ships.

  19. Totally agree on the UI improvements needed for the talents working.

  20. The new RU capt. is basically a jedi????

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