Community Catributors: A World of Warships Podcast (Ep.11) – with iChaseGaming

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00:00 – Intro, DevBlog – Gibraltar, Tulsa, Bearn
14:45 – WG Dev Q&A 3



  1. Nice one once again 😉

  2. My favorite WOWs youtube series now , PLUS iChase?? Happy day! Its telling that you have been able get so many old school WOWs CCs to join in for this series. Almost as if there is a groundswell of jaded discontent perhaps?

  3. can anything good for our game come from a High Speed Homing Torp…..
    and its all a last minuet change…….how can this end well……..pfffff…

  4. Stieglitz & Things With Wings

    Basically Ichase was the star of the show. Inviting him was a very wise decision in terms of enriching this otherwise rather dull round with some great observations and valid insights.

  5. Here’s a funny thing I thought of while listening:
    Wargaming and Gaijin compete like ISPs and power companies in the US.

    AKA they just so happen to not completely overlap their games enough to interfere with each other.

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