Community Catributors: A World of Warships Podcast (Ep.12) – with LordZath

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No timestamps this week, because it’s all pretty much the one topic!



  1. People say it all the time, but Ive never clicked a vid so fast given everything that gone on in the last week

  2. JEDI.. YOU HAVE LONG HAIR????? I am in shock!

  3. CatLover JerryGarcia
  4. What ? Do they use Google translate for all their work?

  5. The problem is that the huge majority of players won’t have even heard of CC’s or have sought out YT guides/Twitch streamers so this walkout is kinda playing into WG’s hands. CC’s have done their job and are no longer needed. The playerbase are oblivious and carry on anyway.

    • I highly doubt that. because of the many Premium ships, captains and modules you can throw your money at. People want to know, what they buy and will find wargamings descriptions vague at best, and misleading at worst. they will inform themselves on YT. where the CC’s provide additional info.Buyers guides are pretty popular.

  6. WG’ing made their bed.
    Let them rot in it.

  7. WG cant hide behind the “communication” shit shield, WG cant screw one of the best CC’s (LWM) and expect not to get bloodied. Word is getting out, they better do something and not expect lip service to fix this.

  8. Best of respect guys, keep it civil, hope you are all okay

  9. The only thing they’ll hear is wallets closing

  10. I would be curious to know what the player base that is not plugged into the drama in the CC program think about the current iteration of the game?
    Do they feel that Wee Gee views these players as a mark?

  11. Decisions on buy / no buy given that some people are making these decisions with OPM (other people’s money) is a lot different when it’s your own funds.

  12. Co op sub games are a drag when all that’s left on enemy team is subs. It adds 5 minutes or more of wasted time searching and sinking the sub.

  13. LOL. Failure is not an option on subs….

  14. Convoy mode

  15. They are indifferent to player population as long as the $/Player rate adjusts to compensate, or they would’ve appreciated the power of player retention & premium time subscription to attracting new casuals. Jim Sterling took up the flag for Foch Gate, as far as offering to solicit legal representation for him — he declined, but the libel case was cut and dried. Something similar has to be done with gambling crates … the walkout won’t be felt without a ratio-ing social media, were people so inclined. Crew 2.0 gave this good momentum going into this. The time’s ripe.

  16. Do you ship cats same day? Does that make the cat a Captain too?
    WG will make it “premium commander”. Special skill: “Instant can opening” After Meow’ing twice, every salvo will auto citadel the most unlikely target. No matter where you aim.She also gets a bonus for capping, Once she enters a cap circle, the ability “my sofa” applies. The cap changes instantly. For “historical accuracy” reasons.
    WG should stop filling the cat litter box with cc’s. Just saying.

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