Community Catributors: A World of Warships Podcast (Ep.14) – with Yuzral

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  1. Ahh Kitty Cam!

  2. Abusive relationships ? That’s who WG are.

  3. For which currency will the Carnot come to the game in your guys opinion?

  4. This was fun, you CCs never do seem to run out of chat? None of those awkward pauses so well done you all.

  5. gaijin has enlisted and crossout

  6. mynameiswritinwater

    top content and highly amusing – pls pls keep this going, especially in this combination^^

  7. You guys really should turn Yuzral into a regular participant and have an additional guest from time to time. Possibly WoT coverage or WoT becoming a segment might attract more audience so switching to a broader WG centric discussion whilst clearly, you should advertise this podcast format more. Anyway, was nice and interesting so thank you guys for your time and dedication.

  8. Hello Jedi 😛

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