Community Catributors: A World of Warships Podcast (Ep.17) – with Yuzral

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00:00 – Intro
00:40 – Torp bug 2.0, Missouri guns, mouse input bug, ASW mod
18:41 – New map visuals vote
30:30 – Back to the bugs
37:57 – WG’s review of the latest clan battles season
52:06 – Game improvements & things we’d like to see
1:19:06 – Patch 10.9 PTS news
1:30:01 – 6th Anniversary event
1:36:35 – Canarias announcement



  1. Always enjoy these community catributors 😉

  2. Destroyable environment does nothing for the gameplay and would delay the delivery of new maps even more. For years we´ve had the same stale maps, same modes – and convoy has no subs, ewwww dang. A random map-generator would be great, it would do away with the same camp-spots etc.

    Forget the auto-pilot, it´s garbage. Let us steer the CV with arrow-keys while flying with WASD. So easy and doable. And I don´t know by whose standards WG is judging us, but I would be perfectly capable of doing that.

    Storms are -dumb- confusing, yes. I can not see the ship in 13km distance but I can see islands in 20km distance just fine. That makes no sense. Make visibility generally reduced to 12km, that way the perma-zoom-Bobs will have to learn to read the minimap. And accidentally become better players.

    Overmatch has to go. With all the 457mm guns around nowadays it is suicidal to play cruisers. BBs don´t have to aim for certain parts, just point&click in the general direction and overmatch will do the blap. No amount of skill can counter overmatch. And then people ask why cruisers sit behind islands, huh. And soon we´ll get more 510mm guns, yeii.

    One of the Canarias-cruisers sunk/captured 32 enemy ships during Spanish civil war, so that was quite a successful ship. A spanish DD-line is possible up to TX with real ships. (Oquendo-class being on par with Gearing).

    A pleasure to listen to your opinion-exchange gentlemen! And I too think WG is trying to get better in some aspects.

  3. PHJ, Whittaker’s now have peanut butter and jelly chocolate. I’m pretty sure that counts as a war crime.

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