Community Catributors – A World of Warships Podcast (Ep.2)

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00:00 The Totally Professional Intro
01:21 Patch 0.10.5 News
33:10 Submarines – What do we think?
44:25 BBCV Ise
54:25 CL HMS Tiger (’59)
01:06:10 The 1st WoWS Auction



  1. Wait, you do podcasts? oO

  2. Aloha; well done!

  3. Thanks for your catributions. I enjoyed most of them. Cute cats btw.

  4. New drinking game, everytime patch notes require a ‘maybe they need to think that one through ‘ comment ‘ have a shot.

  5. There is a secondary boosting consumable on console already so it would be a easy port to PC. There is also a ” spotter plane” consumable that boosts main battery accuracy for 30 seconds or so that the plane is airborne . I haven’t played console much for a while so I’m not fully up to date on it but there is some interesting aspects that might benefit the PC game

    • PointyHairedJedi

      There are quite a lot of interesting things going on in other versions of the game that hope the PC devs at least take a look at.

  6. Jedi! Wow! First time I’ve ever seen your beautiful face. Good to see you 🙂

  7. About Tiger’s name: I don’t get why they didn’t just name her Blake, no other ship relevant to the game period was name HMS Blake, and it would obviate the year in brackets in the name…

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