Community Catributors: A World of Warships Podcast (Ep.20) – with ChaosMachineGR

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00:00 Intro; Patch 10.9 new stuff (German BCs., etc)
34:21 Dev blogs – Submarines coming to Randoms & more
1:09:57 Transformers collection; tech tree swaps in 10.10
1:26:15 Superships & tier 11
1:46:05 Drop rates coming to WoWS!
1:56:05 WG St Pete’s CEO strikes again



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  2. Unbelivable zis!

  3. Solution:

    -Remove Homing Torps
    -Remove Pings
    -Make the default Torp damage higher
    -Remove spotting from them
    -Reduce Torp range

    Making them close range ambush ships that can be dodged rather than long rage homing torp menaces that 1 shot everything.

  4. Such an amazing fellow, ChaosMachine. So full of energy and joy. 👍 Thanks for making and sharing !

  5. 35:40 can confirm, the Dutch DD Groningen has ASW. Throws the bombs out on the front.

  6. Sub spots did dd gets focused by 10 ships dies insta

  7. With subs and cvs and DDS only playing now there’s not enough HP to make a profit so why play tier 8 or up

  8. And radar still sees through solid rock as well as hydro is line of sight really that hard of a concept

  9. I’d wager money that the two actual reasons they don’t want to go any higher than 12 versus 12, is that one, their spaghetti coding would come unraveled, and two, they’re too bloody cheap to upgrade their servers.

  10. It will be the I 401 arpeggio of blue steel sub so players can finally use the 2 arpeggio commanders they got Iona and Chihaya Gunzou. Gotta finally be able to sell the main arp ship (sub). Just my guess.

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