Community Catributors: A World of Warships Podcast (Ep.27) – with Drachinifel

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This week we talk about Italian destroyers, French CV Béarn, and the probable origin of the announced Pan-American premium battleship Atlanticó.



  1. What? Nazario Sauro does not have the same armament as Curtatone, Curtatone has 102mm Sauro has 120mm.

    Drach comments on Luca Tarigo and the Navigatori are just, wow, there were 2 lines of devolpment of italian dds during the 1920s, scouts and destroyers, and Navigatori were scouts, so no there was no “going back to 2×2 designs” after the Navigatori, since the armament increased in italian scout designs after the Navigatori class, the Giussano class scouts.

    Adriatico is not taking Tashkent and putting italian armament, Adriatico is an earlier design, a 2800 design wich was not built beacose the Capitani Romani were built instead, it was later modified for export, wich is Tashkent.

    Capitani Romani were not classified as CL in their original design, but as oceanic scouts, they were reclassified to CL beacose of a 1938 naval law on the displacement of ships and their nomenclature.

  2. I wish you guys would put this out on a podcast platform.

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